MAD BLANKEY vs. Jimmys
August 16, 2015

Reviewed by Scott Edwards (VOW Author Page /

Gifted by Mike Spears (VOW Author Page / @fujiiheya / @spearsovationsCo-Host of Open The Voice Gate, Proprietor of Spearovations.

When I got this match, I instantly thought back to the first year I took part in the Secret Santa series. My gift was the Do FIXER vs. Blood Generation match from 2006 and I remember leaving that match amazed. So, I figured I was in for a treat with this.

Now, I dove into this match and what was happening once I learned that it was a Faction Must Disband match. From what I quickly learned, MAD BLANKEY was the top heel faction of the time with the likes of YAMATO and Naruki Doi leading the way — two guys I’ve learned to appreciate in my time watching DRAGONGATE. However, as the match went on more and more, it was Susumu Mochizuki (then known as Jimmy Susumu) who was the star of the match.

As the match kicked off, I was looking for the emotion and blood-like feud that you’d expect from such a serious match. It took a little for me until I could get fully invested as they fought around Ota Ward but once they got back to the ring, I was able to begin locking in.

The back-and-forth action was starting to pick up around the halfway point, which is where my investment kicked in. Susumu was incredible in every way. He hit these blistering Lariats time and time again but he slowly watched the Jimmys around him dwindle more and more. The match reached its pinnacle when all that was left was Susumu against YAMATO and Doi.

When it looked like the end of the Jimmys was upon us, it was Susumu who continued to fight back before the numbers of the heel MAD BLANKEY team came back into play. Then it came to the ultimate emotional moment when K-ness got into the ring and looked to hit his former tag team partner with powder to the eyes. The excitement and enjoyment of the match kicked in when K-ness sided with his former partner Susumu over MAD BLANKEY, allowing Susumu to get the upper hand and win the match.

If there’s anything that this match did for me, it made me want to go back and watch the greatness of Susumu during his prime. One of the most underrated wrestlers of the last 20 years, man. This was a performance pushed by him. When it comes to the match itself, I thought it was overall entertaining and would be all the better if I was invested in the story at the time. Still entertaining and the reason Secret Santa is such a blast! ***¾