Triple Threat Match: Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins vs. John Cena
January 25, 2015
WWE Royal Rumble 2015

Reviewed by Chris Samsa (VOW Author Page / @TheChrisSamsa)

Gifted by Super Joel Cast (VOW Author Page / Super J-Cast)

Given my usual lane in the pro wrestling community, it may surprise some that I am a big fan of John Cena. So much so that my wife and I spent the night of Christmas in 2017 at Monday Night Raw because WWE had announced that John Cena would be there, and I wasn’t sure if we’d get another chance to see him wrestle. I’m not sure why, but I love the guy. I think he’s the quintessential WWE pro wrestler of this generation. After recommitting to my love of pro wrestling via Wrestle Kingdom 9 earlier this January, I was getting back into American pro wrestling during this Royal Rumble event, and as the trumpets began to blare John Cena’s theme. He held up a “Never Give Up” towel, and I was immediately taken back to this era when I was one of the few who hadn’t yet been burnt out by John Cena’s WWE success.

I guess I’m a Lesnar guy, too. When I tapped into the WWE Network, I followed the thread of Lesnar’s return to the company to catch up on the product. His demolition of John Cena at 2012’s Extreme Rules made me wish I had stuck with my pro wrestling fandom and continued attending events at the Allstate Arena, just as I had in the late 90s. Is there anything in pro wrestling better than a motivated Brock Lesnar?

I typically prefer my pro wrestling to be pretty straightforward: two dudes or dudettes who want to beat each other up for a title or pride, but I’m not entirely opposed to three or four or more member matches, and as I watched this match, I often found myself thankful that there was a third person in the ring with Lesnar and Cena here. Rollins played the bump machine perfectly at various points in this match, while Cena and Lesnar played the muscle. My favorite spot of the match stemmed from a tight shot on Lesnar when Rollins suddenly tried to hit a springboard attack on Brock, and Brock caught Seth on his shoulders and delivered an F5 effortlessly. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the camera work and production in this match are outstanding. There are a lot of tight shots that get broken up by the third wrestler from out of the frame, and I think that that type of detail-oriented camera work is a lost art in today’s wrestling.

Eventually, Rollins incapacitated Lesnar by delivering a splash from the top rope through the Spanish announce table, and the match essentially became a 1 v. 1 as Brock got placed on a gurney. Of course, as Rollins was about to put away Cena, Lesnar appeared out of nowhere and disposed of Cena before catching Seth Rollins with a tremendously violent F5 for the win.

This match was pretty great. If it weren’t for the slow period about 2/3 of the way through while J & J security got involved and Lesnar did a stretcher job, this would be a real all-timer. But, as it stands, it was still a really good time, and a nice reminder that WWE wasn’t always the way it is today.

Thank you, Secret Santa, for being thoughtful enough to provide this match as a second option after you tried to give me the 2001 Royal Rumble match to review. I’m going to guess that my Secret Santa is Alex Wendland, if only because he seems nice enough to not force someone to watch a whole Royal Rumble from that era. Merry Christmas!