Maya Matthews vs. Safire Reed
July 14, 2023
Purpose Wrestling: Guerrilla Radio

Reviewed by Jeremy Sexton (VOW Author Page

Gifted by Neil David (VOW Author Page / Eurograps Express)

I’d never heard of either of these competitors before. I’d only heard of the promotion from preparing the Match of the Year voting form. Going in, I really had no idea what I was going to get. Ultimately, I wasn’t overwhelmed nor underwhelmed by the match, but was appropriately whelmed by a pretty good match by two wrestlers with a lot of potential.

The promotion does a really good job of laying out the story of the match going in, even if Amira’s not exactly Meryl Streep out there. It was sort of a double edged sword, where the story package in the beginning both helped give context, but gave me such go away heat with her that it hindered me getting into the match. That would all go away once the match really started, however that wouldn’t stay that way.

The match itself began genially, as the two were friends who are being torn apart by Amira. From there, they did a lovely job of progressing the story of the match from its amicable beginnings to its hard, fist-to-mouth finale. Simple, classic, pro wrestling psychology and storytelling. You love to see it.

When it got hard-hitting, they went for it. There was one John Woo kick that stood out to me in particular that was absolutely brutal. At times, it felt a bit like two people play-acting Ishii spots, but I think it’s just the nature of these girls being so young and new to this. They showed good instincts, but there’s still a bit of a delay between brain and body. That’ll come with time.

It felt like Safire Reed was the veteran in the match and she’s only been wrestling for two years. Maya Matthews, as of writing, doesn’t even have a Cagematch profile yet. They are babies. And wouldn’t you know it? They went out there and had a darn good match. ***3/4

The finish was clever, I will admit through gritted teeth, but I really didn’t care for it. Not after that match was going as hard as it was. It’s the classic tv match thing where if you’re going to have a goofy finish, you make the match short so people don’t get invested. These two roped me in and then you gave me that finish? C’mon…

Make no mistake about it, there’s something about these two. How far will they go? I don’t know, I’m not saying they’re going to be the next Jamie Hayter or anything. But who knows? Maybe they will.

As far as who my Secret Santa may be, it’s tough. It could very well be one of the Brits given the region or one of our Jumping Bomb crew with it being a women’s match. I’m thinking perhaps whoever it was is a fan of people just doing cool stuff matches, as am I. I’m going to guess Kelly Harrass…?

Whoever you were, thank you! I’m glad I know these two new wrestlers and this new promotion that seems like they’re doing some cool stuff on the independent scene.