Singapore Cane Match
Big Show vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Joh Morrison vs. CM Punk
June 1, 2008
WWE One Night Stand: Extreme Rules 2008
San Diego Sports Arena
San Diego, CA

Reviewed by Tyler Forness (VOW Author Page / The Good, The Bad, and The Hungee)

Gifted by Steve Case (VOW Author Page)

This is in the dying days of WWECW and I had already been checked out of both this sector of WWE and pro wrestling in general. After the Chris Benoit incident, I lost interest in pro wrestling in a major way and didn’t regain it until I heard about the legendary Kenny Omega vs. Kazuchikak Okada match from Wrestle Kingdom 11.

The card itself was so different from the legendary One Night Stand pay-per-views the company had put on a couple of years prior. It didn’t even resemble an ECW show. This was the bridge between those legendary shows to what we now know as Extreme Rules. It had a WWE title match with HHH and Randy Orton along with a TLC match for the vacant World Heavyweight Title and The Undertaker’s contract between the aforementioned Undertaker and Edge. In fact, the only real ECW match on the card was this one.

Personally, I hate the weapon on a pole match gimmick but it also worked well for what they wanted to do. Big Show was booked really well during his ECW run. It was similar to how he was booked at this gatekeeping monster on Smackdown a few years earlier. What was the commonality here? Paul Heyman.

Yes, Heyman was gone before 2006 wrapped up, but the booking of Show was rock solid after he left and was strong during his tenure. This match was built directly around him being a dominant force. All four of his opponents went directly after him and he fought them off initially. After a couple finishers being applied to Show, his opponents grabbed each of the four Singapore canes and they started attacking him with them. Later on, Show tried to attack The Miz with steel steps, as he was trying to help his tag team partner Morrison. He got attacked from behind by Morrison and got split open.

The key spot in the match was with Guerrero and Punk. They were fighting with canes by the announcers table and Guerrero hit a fan with his. Well, that wasn’t just a fan, it was San Diego Chargers All-Pro pass rusher Shawne Merriman. He eventually asks Punk for the cane and smashes Guerrero in the neck with it, and it creates a louder-than-life sound.

The match ended in the middle of the ring with just Big Show and Dreamer. Big Show annihilated Dreamer and pinned him with a boot on his chest, looking like a million bucks. **½ 

This is by far the worst match I’ve gotten for Secret Santa. Last year, I received a deathmatch between Masashi Takeda and Yuko Miyamoto. The prior years, I got an EPW Title match with Mikey Nicholls and Taylor King, Dudley Boys vs. The Eliminators from ECW and the famous Canadian Stampede 10-man tag. Even though this match wasn’t great, I know exactly why I was gifted this match: the inclusion of Merriman. I am the resident football writer for Voices of Wrestling, as I’m the managing editor for USA Today’s Vikings Wire along with writing for other publications. It was a fun spot and a great use of a celebrity. As for my guess, I’m going with Griffin Peltier.