El Profe vs. Hugo Savinovich
July 22, 2023
WWC Summer Madness 2023
Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Reviewed by Suit Williams (VOW Author Page / Contributor for Voices of Wrestling and F4WOnline)

Gifted by Abraham Delgado (VOW Author Page / Buy his books on Amazon!)

In the years that I’ve participated in the project, my luck with VOW Secret Santa has been pretty good. Last year, I got to review the much-heralded hidden gem of Bret Hart vs. Jean Pierre Lafitte from In Your House 3. The year before, I received Kazuchika Okada vs. Roderick Strong from Field of Honor 2015, which gave me a chance to reminisce on my fandom of Sinclair-era Ring of Honor. I’ve gotten a mask vs. mask plunder match from AAA, Philadelphia Spectrum house show matches, and fuckin’ Chono vs. Onita. I’ve gotten a lot of matches where I have some base of knowledge to give you a good review for the Secret Santa.

I dunno what the fuck I’m gonna do with Hugo Savinovich vs. El Profe.

Now I do know that Hugo, long-time Spanish commentator for the WWE and current commentator for AAA, used to be a worker. The Dusty Rhodes-esque gig marks on his head were kind of a giveaway. According to his Cagematch page, he’s considered one of the best heel managers in the history of Puerto Rico. I know nothing of El Profe, the plump fella in the full bodysuit and mask that I see when I hit play.

Hugo comes out with a mirror to look at himself and a grocery cart full of weapons, a la Raven in 2001 WWF. He cuts a promo in Spanish, which I’m sure I’ll understand after a few more Babbel sessions. Hugo jumped Profe at the bell. Within 30 seconds, Hugo’s lost a shoe. He puts it back on as Profe is either fixing his mask or gigging himself, and I’m fairly sure I know how the next ten minutes are gonna look. 

Profe gets Hugo to come to the floor so he can hit him with stuff and not bump. Hugo throws powder at Profe as he looks a lot like later stage Dusty while brawling around the building. After a few minutes, the guys finally get in the ring, where Profe dumps a bunch of tacks on the ground. 

They take the first bump of the match with a Side Russian Leg Sweep into the tacks and other shit that ended up in the ring, as Profe got a nearfall off of it.

Hugo goes after the mask, but Profe nuts him and hits a DDT into the tacks before throwing up some jazz hands in an attempt to sell. Profe chokes out Hugo with a rope of some kind, and after a dog’s age, the referee finally calls it. El Profe wins a truly awful match before shaking Hugo’s hand after he recovered.

After the match, I did some research on El Profe. I found out that he was a well traveled wrestler in his time as well. I found a match between these two from WWC in 1987, the same WWC that promoted the pile of shit I just had to watch. With English commentary from Hugo and another gentleman who I only heard referred to as Bobby, I watched Hugo vs. Profe in a “loser gets painted yellow” match, as the two men were calling each other cowards in the build. The match was a competent 2-star special, with Hugo winning and the crowd popping huge at the finish.

With that added context, now I kind of get WWC running it back as a nostalgia match. I learned a little something too, so I won’t curse whoever gave me this match too hard. But most times in wrestling, it’s better to just leave the memories alone.