Keisuke Yamada vs. Tomohiro Ishii
March 10, 1998

Reviewed by Jeri L. Evagood (She/Her) (VOW Author Page / @TheJerriest_Jer on X)

Gifted by Jesse Collings (VOW Author Page / The Gentlemen’s Wrestling Podcast)

Wait? WAIT?! I only get six minutes (roughly) of this? There’s MORE, and it gets clipped away from me? BULLSHIT! The ONLY time clipping is acceptable is when you’re playing DOOM, okay? To clip this match and deprive me of more BABY ISHII is a crime. WHY CRUEL WRESTLING GODS! WHY

“Falls on knees.”

WHHHHYYY.. Oh.. um… I forgot. I have an arrangement. I’m not allowed to curse the gods during VOW time. I’m supposed to focus on the wrestling or some shit like that. Okay, I’ll do that. But yeah, this match is clipped, and it makes me sad (rude), but what I get is very entertaining. There’s very little in the world I love more than an Ishii match. Okay, maybe six things, and I know for a fact Rich would rather me not mention five of those things, so I won’t (the sixth thing is sweet potato ice cream. Don’t knock it. That shit rules). But the point is Ishii versus Yamada for what little time was there ruled. Ishii hit hard, Ishii got hit hard, Ishii bleed for my entertainment. If you want to know where I stand when it comes to blood in my wrestling, I think it’s awesome, I will take no further questions on the subject.

….Yes, I realize I didn’t ask any questions in the first place. Take it as a hint.

You can see the flashes of what would eventually make Ishii the absolute LEGEND he would become. It’s not turned up to 11 yet, but it’s definitely hard-hitting, and the cooking has begun. It will take a while before we get a complete meal. Yamada is fun in this also, and is no slouch and plays his part very well (and gets the win with a nice top rope DDT) but COME ON we all know who I’m going to be talking. Whoever sent this knew what this lady liked. They were catering to me hard, and I love it when the boys cater to me hard. 

I just wish I could’ve had more. As Madonna sings in Dick Tracy’s “, I WANT MORE.” Also, Dick Tracy. I love that movie. I might go watch that again soon. Might actually be my favorite Warren Bea… oh, yeah, we’re talking about Ishii versus Yamada. Sorry, Warren.

This review is chaotic, but so is this time of year. So before I get a little over the place, let me just focus on saying Ishii went into the Wrestling Observer Hall Of Fame this year, and that has been the best gift of them all. It has made me overwhelming happy. While I don’t watch wrestling as much or as religiously as I used to, the fact is Ishii will ALWAYS bring a smile to my face. Clipping or no clipping, this was as close to the perfect gift Santa could’ve ripped from his sack and given to me. No, I will not rewrite that.

I only regret I had more to say, and I did, but in honor of this match, I clipped some paragraphs out of it. You didn’t miss much, you got what you needed to read, and maybe I should take that lesson. In this match, I got all I needed to see, and in the end, I am satisfied. I will guess Tyler Forness gave this to me. Regardless if I am right or wrong, I am expecting Ishii every Christmas now. You have been warned… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.