Absolute Andy vs. Bryan Danielson
May 2, 2009
wXw Dead End IX Beta

Reviewed by Griffin Peltier (VOW Author Page / Also check out: lucha libre reviews, the Voices of Wrestling 30 Under 30, the 2024 Pro Wrestling Dream Match Tracker, the Royal Rumble Weekend 2024 Map & Schedule, the WrestleMania Weekend 2024 Map & Schedule, and The Draft podcast)

Gifted by Paul Volsch (VOW Author Page / The Emerald FlowShow)

I asked Santa for a few things this year: socks, a case of Coke Z, and a YouTube link to Absolute Andy versus Bryan Danielson from Westside Xtreme Wrestling. Santa came early as I sit here with a Coke Z in hand, fresh socks, and Absolute Andy versus Bryan Danielson! Wow! Wow! Wow!

The Europeans in that hall are stoked beyond belief. They are hooting and hollering (in a non-Yank way, no coal for them) and are ready for Andy vs. Bryan. They turned their backs to Danielson and told him he’s number one as he made his entrance. He really is the best wrestler in the world! I’m glad the Germans agree!

Lots of stalling to get the crowd involved at the beginning. They love Andy and they hate Danielson. It got old after the five minute mark. It’s probably better if I was in the room chanting along but watching on a computer screen makes it intolerable. They chanted “KFC” which made me Google how far away the T-Club is from the Ryogoku KFC Hall. Over 9000 kilometres according to Google.

We got some actual wrestling down the stretch and-you guessed it- it was actually good! They traded reversals and hard hitting shots. The near falls were a lot of fun too. Andy gets Mr. Small Package in a small package but the package wasn’t small enough to put Danielson away for a three count.

Interference is quickly thwarted by Andy as he lays out some guy with super kick right on the button but then he gets rolled up in a Bryan Danielson small package! Thankfully the package wasn’t tight enough so Andy kicked out much to the crowd’s delight!

A bunch of small packages weren’t on my list Santa!

Danielson went up top and jumped into Absolute’s ring-shaking bone-crunching spine buster. One Sharpshooter later and Absolute Andy is the new wXw World Heavyweight champion! The crowd went banana and did a fucking conga line to celebrate. Only the Germans! Fine match that was probably one hell of an experience live.

I’ve got a few ideas on who might be my Secret Santa this year. A few things stick out to me as to why someone may have picked this for me. First of all, it involves the Bryan Danielson and I am a Bryan Danielson fan. Secondly, the match ends with a Sharpshooter and I am from Canada, where we are taught Sharpshooters in class before we can count to ten in both official languages. And finally, it was on my list to Santa. So thank you Lee Malone! I can’t wait to start a conga line with you on Chris Jericho’s Rock ’N’ Wrestling Rager at Sea 5: Five Alive!