In this special edition of Joevember To Remember, we take a deep dive into the life, career, and death of “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert.

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Chapter One – The Beginning

  • A childhood consumed by wrestling sets up a life consumed by wrestling
  • The early days in Memphis
  • The Tupelo Concession Stand Brawl
  • Assistant booker at 20
  • Choosing the WWF over Atlanta
  • The car accident
  • Jimmy Snuka (allegedly) murders Nancy Argentino (allegedly)

Chapter Two – Hot Stuff

  • The Masked Superstar angle
  • The birth of Hot Stuff and Gilbert’s first main event program
  • Booker by 25
  • Rebuilding Continental with Paul E
  • Man Of The Year

Chapter Three – The Turmoil

  • WCW booking committee
  • Booking Memphis
  • Cactus Jack & Philadelphia
  • Gilbert chooses Global over WCW
  • Bill Watts takes over WCW

Chapter Four – Philadelphia

  • Gilbert & Gaylord scam Gordon Scozzari
  • “I’m not a first match boy, I’m not a second match boy”
  • Gilbert exits ECW
  • Looking For Mr. Gilbert

Chapter Five – The End

  • Terry Funk
  • The Gilbert’s walk out on W*ING
  • Memphis cuts ties with Gilbert for the final time
  • Drawing money in Puerto Rico
  • Gilbert makes Tod Gordon one final offer
  • Smoky Mountain Wrestling
  • Gilbert quits SMW to take the book in Puerto Rico
  • Eddie Gilbert passes away at the age of 33