It’s that time of year again! Voices of Wrestling’s annual Secret Santa match gift exchange has arrived.

Former contributor JR Goldberg created the idea behind VOW Secret Santa, and it’s a simple one: participating website contributors exchange professional wrestling matches as gifts.

VOW Secret Santa Rules

There are no specific guidelines on what matches to give.

Secret Santas can give matches they believe their recipient will like, or they can introduce them to a new world of wrestling. Some may even give gag gifts, while others give their all-time favorite matches.

VOW Secret Santa Reviews

The recipients then review and write about the match they received as they see fit. Again, there are no guidelines or hard and fast rules for how to review the matches. It’s all about having fun and making this annual tradition fun and unique!

Lastly, contributors are encouraged to guess who gave them their particular matches.

Watch With Us! 

The variety of matches is what makes this series so fun. We invite you to watch along with us—videos of most matches can be found below the review. If you’d like to discuss any of the matches reviewed for VOW Secret Santa, we’ll hold discussions throughout the month in our Discord at Look for the Secret Santa room!

VOW Secret Santa Archives

You can check the VOW Secret Santa Archives at