The WWE match is the favorite pay-per-view event of all wrestling lovers. Apart from this, it signals the beginning of the Road to WrestleMania. Here, 30 male and female participants will enter the ring, with new opponents joining every 90 seconds. The goal is to eliminate each other by tossing their opponents over the ropes out of the ring, not under the strings. Pay attention because athletes are wriggling out from under the ropes to cause significant upsets. But who will win the Royal match? Let us give a rundown of possible January 27, 2024 match winners.

Matches and Potential Winners

Rhea Ripley and Cody Rhodes won the Women’s and Men’s Royal Rumble in 2023. Rumors say Cody and Gunther might be the last two men standing, just like last year, setting up a revenge showdown. Let us give our predictions for this match in 2024.

IYO SKY Vs. Bayley

Bayley returned as part of the Damage Ctrl in 2022. Although the heel faction had an underwhelming year, rumors suggest Bayley is leading as a frontrunner to win the women’s category. If she wins, we expect her to challenge her Damage Ctrl teammate, Iyo Sky, for her championship at WrestleMania 40. With this, the former hugger can reinvent her character and make herself a fan favorite.

Men’s Royal Rumble 2024

The Men’s Royal Match’s always been nothing short of exciting. From comebacks to debuts and shocking entrances, viewers get the entertainment they paid for – or mayhem. It will see the likes of Gunther, Kevin Owens, Jey Uso, and Drew McIntyre compete for a shot at the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship. Alternatively, the winner may challenge Seth Rollins for the World Heavyweight Championship. Regardless, Cody Rhodes is the favorite from the bookmakers by a wide margin.

If anything, only a few rumored entries like The Rock or Lesnar can rival the hype to win the Men’s Royal Match. However, will Cody Rhodes conclude the story and dethrone Roman Reigns? We’ll probably find out soon. Keep an eye on some odds and make bets on foreign sites: Gunther at 2/1, The Rock at 4/1, Seth Rollins at 5/1, and CM Punk at 10/1. In wrestling betting, you can also explore various betting options and predictions, from match outcomes to surprise returns or even the duration of epic showdowns. This allows you to engage with the action in a whole new way.

Women’s Royal Rumble 2024

The obvious favorites to win the Royal match for women include Bianca Belaire, Raquel Rodriguez, Becky Lynch, and Charlotte Flair. Still, look out for upsets like Jade Cargill and Liv Morgan. The latest betting odds suggest Cargill holds a 28% chance of winning the event. Coming in behind her are Raquel and Liv with 14%. So don’t delay and make your bets on the future winner.

Rumored Participants and Surprise Entries

The twists and turns make a fascinating sight. As always, anticipate surprise entries to turn heads and set tongues wagging. Some alleged participants to watch out for are:

Brock Lesnar

Nobody does it better than the Beast Incarnate himself. He won the event twice and holds the title for the most eliminations in a single match. In 2020, Lesnar entered first and threw 13 superstars outside the ring until Drew McIntyre was eliminated and ended domination. Considering that the company saved him for its most prominent events, we only anticipate what the 46-year-old has in store for fans.

The IIconics

On the female side, The IIconics, who made their Royal Debut in 2019, are another reported participant. The duo won the Women’s Tag Team Titles but didn’t have a good run and were released. Afterward, they went to Impact Wrestling, winning the Knockout Tag Team titles until they lost it. Although the superstars announced a break from Pro Wrestling indefinitely, it could be an attempt to make a shocking return even more dramatic.

The Rock

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson once won the Men’s Royal match. Nonetheless, he has 10 World Championships to his name. Dubbed one of the greatest superstars ever, The Rock Vs. Roman Reigns matchup is one to die for. Plus, the event is in Florida, the hometown of both superstars. However, Dwayne’s Hollywood responsibilities ultimately decide the showdown’s occurrence.

Pat McAfee

Pat McAfee has never been a full-time wrestler. Nonetheless, his numerous WWE in-ring escapades have earned him the “Superstar” status. Besides his energetic commentary style, he has often showcased athleticism in competitive matches.

Although the odds don’t favor him, anticipate nothing short of thrill and excitement.

Past Royal Rumble Highlights

The Royal Rumble has witnessed various iconic moments. The most popular ones include

Stone Cold Steve Austin’s Three-Peat between 1997 and 1999 and John Cena’s surprise return to winning for the second time in 2008. Likewise, Rey Mysterio entered the Men’s Royal Rumble match at number and lasted over 62 minutes. This way, he set the record for a participant’s longest time in the match.

Edge’s surprising 2010 return and victory is another highlight. Kofi Kingston is famous for using creative ways to avoid elimination. For example, he walks on his hands, jumps between chairs, and stands back in the ring. Lastly, Lesnar’s dominant 2020 performance surpasses all by entering at number one and eliminating a record number of participants before he stopped.

Final Thoughts

WWE will hold Royal Rumble 24 at Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida, on January 27, 2024. Tickets are available now, but individuals who cannot go in person can watch on the WWE Network. Alternatively, try the traditional and more expensive pay-per-view. If nothing, it might be an event to remember. Will the Intercontinental Championship, Universal Championship, or other belts change hands? Don’t worry; find out who will win the Royal Rumble soon.