Mike Sempervive (@Sempervive) joins FlagshipPatreon.com to explore the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame 2023 Non-Wrestler region.

Listen: https://www.patreon.com/posts/wrestling-hall-92272981

WON HOF 2023 Non-Wrestler Region:

  • Bobby Davis
  • Jim Johnston
  • Ted Turner
  • Larry Matysik
  • Morris Sigel
  • Tony Schiavone
  • Mike Tenay
  • James Melby
  • Bobby Bruns
  • Stanley Weston
  • Grand Wizard
  • Joe Higuchi
  • Dave Brown
  • Reggie Parks
  • Rossy Ogawa
  • Bob Caudle
  • George Scott
  • Roy Welch
  • Sanshiro Takagi

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