Between forgetting to write this at the start of 2023 and the fact that it’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame season again, now’s as good of a time as any to update the all-time rankings of award shares based on the voting from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards.

As a refresher on Award Shares, here’s the Wikipedia article, and here is my last article regarding these awards that looked at wrestlers’ candidacy for the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame. Also, remember that the Wrestling Observer Awards are voted on by subscribers to the newsletter.

Award Shares can help make a strong argument for a wrestler’s place in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, though the context of their careers should also be considered. Vickie Guerrero is a talented performer, but she’s not the fourth-best non-wrestler of the past four decades.

You can view the current all-time standings for the key awards here.

Flair/Thesz Award

The MVP award went to Jon Moxley for the second time in three years, with him edging out Roman Reigns, 3101 points to 2216. Will Ospreay finished third with 1591.

Chris Jericho earned enough points with his sixth-place finish to work his way up to ninth all-time, surpassing Steve Austin & Shawn Michaels. Jon Moxley’s win pushed him up to 17th all-time, passing nine other guys. Roman Reigns jumped up 21 spots to 27th all-time, while Will Ospreay popped up 16 spots to 35th.

Syuri flew up to 85th all-time, gaining 52 spots all-time. As far as debuting workers, MJF came in at 130th, Giulia at 143rd, and Sami Zayn at 173rd.

CM Punk remains the person with the most award shares for Flair/Thesz, who is not yet in the WON Hall of Fame, standing 15th all-time. Behind him are Moxley at 17th and Reigns at 27th.

Most Outstanding Wrestler

Will Ospreay moonwalked away with the in-ring MVP award, his second over the past four years. He finished with 4807 points, while Bryan Danielson took second with 1286. Kazuchika Okada made the podium in third with a distant 703 points.

For the all-time Most Outstanding shares, Ospreay moved up four spots into ninth all-time.  He surpassed Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Mitsuhara Misawa, and Shawn Michaels.

Shingo Takagi moved up one spot to 20th, passing Kota Ibushi. Tomohiro Ishii also moved up a spot, to 22nd, past Rey Mysterio. These were the only guys to move up in the top 50.

The bottom half of the top 100 had more movement. Zack Sabre Jr. is up to 56th all-time, while Seth Rollins made it 62nd. Syuri reached 71st, Gunther is up to 85th, and Jon Moxley to 96th. Mike Bailey debuted at 96th all-time.

Syuri remains fourth all-time in this category among women. Manami Toyota (15th overall), Akira Hokuta (47th), and Chigusa Nagayo (62nd) are still ahead of her.

Best on Interviews

MJF’s second consecutive win moved him up five spots to 11th. Jon Moxley, the second-place finisher, gained four spots to 16th. Sami Zayn was the only other person to move in the top 50, where he gained 68 spots to reach 46th.

CM Punk remains the lone member of the top ten all-time that is not in the Hall of Fame; he’s in fifth place, behind Paul Heyman and ahead of Mick Foley. 11th-20th all-time has seven people who aren’t in the Hall. Along with MJF & Mox, Arn Anderson (12th), Eddie Kingston (15th), Shane Douglas (17th), Kevin OwenSteen (19th), and Edge (20th) are members of that class.

Santino Marella is 22nd all-time, between Michael Hayes & Jimmy Hart. I felt that was important for you to know.

Most Charismatic

MJF also won this, and he’s up to 25th all-time, picking up nine spots and just enough shares to surpass Quentin “Rampage” “Not a Wrestler” Jackson. Sami Zayn popped up to 50th all-time after gaining 15 spots.

Santino Marella is 58th all-time, between Keiji Muto & Rush. I felt this was also important for you to know.

Best Tag Team

The Young Bucks finished a distant third to FTR. The Jacksons are close to doubling up the combined award shares earned by both iterations of the Midnight Express but still have some work to do.

FTR’s massive win pushed them to 7th all-time, gaining 16 spots. The Briscoes will finish their run second all-time.

The Acclaimed debuted at 116th all-time; if they duplicate their award share earnings in 2023 (they won’t), they’d move up to 74th all-time.

Match of the Year

Kazuchika Okada had a massive year and moved his way up to second all-time, surpassing Mitsuhara Misawa. Only Kenta Kobashi is ahead of him now.

Shingo Takagi popped up nine spots to 22nd all-time. Adam Page is the only other movement in the top 50 spots, as he gained three spots to get to 48th.

The only other movement in the top 100 in this category were Seth Rollins going up to 54th, FTR up to 64th, and The Briscoes to 68th.

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