With several major names getting inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame from the Japan region in recent years, the ballot is wide open for new candidates to gain major traction and make a run at getting inducted.

In the last several years, performers like Kazuchika Okada, Tetsuya Naito, and Kota Ibushi, not to mention the addition of the Holy Demon Army to the ballot, have taken up a majority of votes in the region. With all of those acts now inducted, the space is open for the remaining names on the ballot, as well as some newcomers, to break out and potentially get inducted this year.

We asked our staff at Voices of Wrestling to make the case for different names from the Japan region on the ballot, and why they believe they should be getting the nod from voters this year. -Jesse Collings (Gentlemen’s Wrestling Podcast)

There is no denying The Beauty Pair is a Hall of Fame-worthy team. They set the archetype of the Joshi tag team that appealed to teenage girls while also becoming pop-culture sensations through the release of music albums that were huge successes. They would even have a movie released. Though the run was short, almost exactly three years, they did great business and were pioneers. That influence is enough to counter claims that their run was too short.

There are no Crush Gals without them or any subsequent Joshi stars crossing over into mainstream pop culture in Japan. The fact that the Up Up Girls open every TJPW show by performing a song is a testament to the staying power of the formula that The Beauty Pair gave us.

While Sato is already in the Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame, there are reasons for this beyond her Beauty Pair run. She helped to establish Jaguar Yokota as AJW’s top star in the early 1980s, and she is also historic for joining JWP in 1986, ending not only the AJW monopoly on joshi puroresu but also the mandatory retirement at 26 years old rule.

The Beauty Pair should be in as a team for the next reason I will outline.

Not only did they draw as a tag team, but because of it, the Jackie Sato vs. Maki Ueda matches for the WWWA title were such a big deal. Their title match on January 11, 1977, drew a claimed 13,000 at Nippon Budokan. While their loser must retire match on February 27, 1979, drew a claimed 10,000.

This wouldn’t have happened without the success of The Beauty Pair as a team.

If you are not adverse to adding tag teams on the ballot and you vote in the Japan category, The Beauty Pair is a no-brainer. They are the most historically significant candidates in the Japan category, and among joshi itself, they have a much stronger case than Meiko Satomura. If you have Satomura on your ballot but don’t have The Beauty Pair, you should reconsider.

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