From Body Slams to Books: The Intellectual Side of Pro Wrestlers

When the term “pro wrestler” comes to mind, many envision hulking figures, elaborate theatrics, and a fair share of body slams. However, lurking behind the curtain of this thrilling arena, there’s a side of many pro wrestlers that rarely garners the spotlight: their intellectual pursuits. From authors to scholars, many wrestling superstars have shown an impressive passion for knowledge and creativity outside the squared circle.

Renaissance Men in the Ring

Contrary to the stereotypes, several wrestlers have higher education degrees and backgrounds in diverse fields. For instance, Glenn Jacobs, better known as “Kane,” holds a degree in English literature and pursued a career in teaching before stepping into the ring. Such academic pursuits provide wrestlers with a unique perspective, aiding not only in their character development but also in their life outside the arena.

Another notable name is Christopher Nowinski, a Harvard graduate who, after his wrestling career, shifted his focus to the critical issue of concussions in sports. He co-founded the Concussion Legacy Foundation, highlighting the serious repercussions of head injuries and advocating for safer practices in contact sports.

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Literary Pursuits

Many wrestlers have transitioned into successful authors, penning autobiographies, novels, and even self-help books. Take Mick Foley, for instance. The hardcore legend might be known for enduring punishing matches, but he’s equally commendable for his writing skills. Foley has authored several best-selling books, offering fans a glimpse into his world and the intricacies of the wrestling business.

AJ Lee (April Mendez), once a top WWE Diva, wrote an autobiographical account titled “Crazy Is My Superpower” that delves into her struggles with bipolar disorder and her journey in the wrestling world. Her book is a testament to the resilience and depth of character many wrestlers possess, far beyond their on-screen personas.

Beyond Writing: Art, Music, and More

Wrestling and art might seem worlds apart, but many wrestlers have found solace and expression through various art forms. Jeff Hardy, one half of the famous Hardy Boyz, is a high-flying wrestler and a passionate musician and painter. His artistic inclinations are evident in his in-ring persona, an amalgamation of his various interests.

“Le Champion” Chris Jericho, famed for his wrestling prowess and charisma, is also the lead vocalist of the rock band Fozzy. His dual career proves that the wrestling world is full of multi-talented individuals capable of excelling in varied arenas.

Intellectual Ventures: Business and Beyond

Beyond the spotlight and the roar of the crowd, these wrestlers have showcased an entrepreneurial spirit that is both admirable and inspiring. Their journeys from the wrestling ring to the boardroom or the big screen are a testament to the versatility and determination of many of these athletes.

Many wrestlers have ventured into business, parlaying their fame and skills into successful ventures. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, for instance, transitioned from wrestling to become one of Hollywood’s top stars. He later established his production company, highlighting his acumen as an actor and a shrewd businessman.

Similarly, John Cena, a top wrestling figure, has also successfully ventured into acting, music, and philanthropy. His efforts, especially with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, showcase the depth and breadth of character many wrestlers possess.

More Than Meets the Eye

The world of professional wrestling is full of vibrant characters, high-octane action, and compelling stories. However, it’s essential to remember that behind every flying elbow drop and theatric entrance, there’s often a keen mind, a passionate heart, and an intellectual pursuit.

Pro wrestlers, like all of us, are multi-faceted individuals with a wide range of interests and talents. By looking beyond the ring and the stereotypes, we get a more holistic view of these athletes and entertainers, reminding us that there’s always more than meets the eye. Whether it’s body slams or books, the wrestling world is rich with intellect, talent, and depth that deserves recognition and respect.