Sports betting is becoming increasingly popular around the world. One of the explanations is that both the WWE and AEW are making great efforts to popularize the industry globally.

WWE, in particular, has been hosting events left, right, and center. In the past few years, the Vince McMahon-led organization has been to the UK, Germany, UAE, and Saudi Arabia, to name a few countries.

Another reason for wrestling’s growth in the sports betting space has everything to do with the industry’s legalization. Thirty-three states now permit sports betting.

Seven of those jurisdictions also allow gambling sites with casino welcome bonuses. That means you can bet on wrestling in states like New Jersey and Pennsylvania and you could play fighting-themed slot machines.

If you’re thinking about betting on wrestling events, learn how to get the most out of your money below.

#1: Become a Wrestling Expert

Watching a couple of wrestling matches every weekend doesn’t make you an expert. You need to invest more time and resources in understanding the wrestling business.

Wrestling can be divided into two: scripted and professional wrestling. Both the WWE and AEW provide scripted wrestling entertainment. In the Olympics and some other competitions, athletes wrestle for real.

Pick one type of wrestling and become good at it. Let’s say you want to bet on the WWE because you’ve been watching it for years. Know popular wrestlers. Keep up with different events. More importantly, get a grip on how the organization writes its storylines.

Some superstars have great storylines. They tend to win their matches even when facing opponents who’ve been around longer. You should focus on keeping up with their matches now that betting on them could be profitable for you.

#2: Choose a Trustworthy Sportsbook

Finding a sportsbook with wrestling odds used to be a hustle. Now, dozens of betting sites allow you to bet on the UFC, boxing, PFA, AEW, and WWE. These sites aren’t created exactly equal.

Compare different bookie sites before you sign up for an account. Choose a site that accepts players in your area of residence. Look at its supported sports and leagues. What wrestling competitions can you predict for money?

Check other important features like payments, bonuses, mobile support, and security. Also, consider a bookie’s reputation. Far too many betting sites have valid licenses and secured websites. But they offer slow payouts and unreliable customer service.

As a sports bettor, you want a bookie site with a little bit of everything. It needs to offer quality odds for wrestling events. It should give you bonuses, process payouts quickly, and have functional customer service.

#3: Know the Different Wrestling Bets

Many bookmakers provide a small but decent variety of bets for bettors. Below are some of them:

  • Match winners
  • Futures
  • Parlays
  • Props

Match winners are self-explanatory. You pick the winner of a competition. Let’s say Jey Uso has a match against Kofi Kingston. With a match winner, you predict the winner of this bout.

In future bets, you predict the winner of a major event; say the Summer Slam or Wrestlemania. Maybe you want to bet on the next Money in the Bank winner. Bookies can give you great odds if you’re willing to place your bet a month or week prior.

Parlay bets challenge you to bet on multiple matches using one betting slip. For example, you can pick all the winners of Monday Night Raw using a stake worth $10. If you’re lucky, your $10 to turn into $200. But if you get one prediction wrong, you lose your money.

Proposition bets focus on random happenings in wrestling. They have enticing odds but are difficult to win. An example is trying to predict the first wrestler to be thrown out in a Royal Rumble event.

#4: Shop Around for Quality Odds

Perhaps the best way to maximize your profits in betting is to find the best odds online. Great odds ensure you reap the maximum benefits possible if you predict an outcome correctly.

Unfortunately, you can’t find the best odds by relying on one wrestling sportsbook all the time. You must shop around for odds before you risk your money.

Also, learn how to identify quality odds. Let’s say Brock Lesner has a brewing feud with John Cena. But before the two fight, Lesner has to beat Keith Lee. Brock is a heavy favorite to beat Lee, a fact that is reflected in their odds.

This is a great match to bet on considering that the WWE wouldn’t allow Lesner to lose the match. After all, the former UFC athlete is scheduled to fight Cena next, a bigger draw for the organization.

#5: Use Free Bets and Bonuses

Every betting fan loves free bets and bonuses. It is easy to see why. A free bet allows you to bet on a match without spending your money. If you win, you can keep the profits. If you lose, your account balance doesn’t change.

Although betting bonuses are great, they have rules you need to follow. Some of these rules can make a bonus not worth your time. Think of a welcome bonus with non-withdrawable winnings.

A free bet might allow you to cash out your profits. But perhaps it has 15x wager requirements, a lot more than the industry average of 2x wager terms. Maybe it has a low withdrawal limit.

Bottom line: Check bonus terms before you claim a free bet. A bonus with fair terms is worth claiming. It can help you maximize your profits and reduce your losses.

#6: Bet like a Pro

Ideally, you should bet on wrestling for the fun of it. Don’t spend a lot of money on AEW bets hoping to become rich. It might never happen. Instead, create a small budget for wrestling betting.

However, approach betting like a businessperson. Set achievable goals aimed at helping you break even. Keep records to help you improve on your mistakes. Conduct research before you place any bet and avoid emotions.

Emotional betting means backing up your favorite superstars. It could also mean chasing your losses by betting on more events after a loss. Do your research. But if you lose a prediction, don’t chase your losses.