SEPTEMBER 29, 2023

The Noche de Campeones show features matches decided by online fan voting. Some of the results were obvious but others were a complete shock to me (we failed Zandokan Jr. and the Villanos kids).

CMLL World Light Heavyweight Championship
Barbaro Cavernario © def. Esfinge

Esfinge is the Occidente Light Heavyweight champion and just won the Copa Independencia at the 90th Anniversary show. Barbaro wrestled like a man possessed and went all out in this opener. He looked great and even hit a splash from the top rope to the floor outside. Esfinge more than held his own but this was the Cavernario show all the way through. He had the super loud crowd (it’s great being able to hear crowds react) behind him for everything. Cavernario stole Esfinge’s finish and won with the Nudo Egipico. A very fun opener that set the tone for the rest of this great show. Ultimo Guerrero presented the belt to Cavernario after the match. ***½ 

CMLL World Women’s Championship
Stephanie Vaquer def. La Catalina

Princesa Sugehit vacated the World Women’s title earlier this year because of injury. Stephanie Vaquer just won the brand new CMLL World Women’s Tag Team Championship with Zeuxis at the 90th Anniversary show. This started as a technical match but Vaquer became increasingly more vicious as the match went on and it rocked as a story. Vaquer is one of the best women’s wrestlers on this roster and it’s good to see her have a showcase match like this. Catalina showed a lot of promise and shone in what was the biggest match of her career so far. Vaquer got the win after the double knees in the corner and a package backbreaker. A very good match. Princesa Sugehit and the Chilean ambassador to Mexico presented the belt to Stephanie after the match. Vaquer is the 21st CMLL World Women’s Champion. ***½

Everyone was wearing their working boots on this show so far including the first couple on the Kiss Cam.

CMLL World Mini Estrella Championship
Mercurio © def. Pierrothito

A fine match that felt like it went on forever. Mercurio and Pierrothito worked hard but it felt like something was missing and the match didn’t click the same way the first two did. That being said, the actual wrestling itself was fine and Mercurio busted out some fun topes and tornillos that got the crowd into the match a little bit. Mercurio won with an armbreaker. A perfectly cromulent match. Pequeno Olimpico presented the belt to Mercurio after the match. ***

NWA World Historic Middleweight Championship
Mistico © def. Virus

Mistico continues his run as a frontrunner for Wrestler of the Year. Mistico wore Black Warrior inspired entrance gear. As expected with these two, this was a great match. Virus had an answer for most of Mistico’s offence for most of the match but Mistico never struggled to get the momentum back his way as he defended his title. Virus escaped La Mistica but Mistico countered at the end to lock in a complicated submission move for the instant tap-out. There’s nothing better in the world right now than “Big Match” Mistico who looks like a million dollars every time he wrestles. Mano Negra and Tony Salazar presented the belt to Mistico after the match. ****

Mexican National Trios Championship
Los Indestructibles (Apocalipsis, Cholo, Disturbio) def. Los Atrapasuenos (Dulce Gardenia, Espiritu Negro and Rey Cometa) ©

Mije seconded Los Indestructibles. This was fine but felt like a cooldown between the Mistico match and the main event. Apocalipsis, Cholo, and Disturbio tried their best but it was just not enough compared to the champions. Even then it felt like an off night for Los Atrapasuenos who have had better matches recently. Average match that sticks out on a card full of good to great singles matches. Los Indestructibles are the 43rd Mexican National Trios Champions. Satanico presented the belts to the winners after the match. **½

CMLL World Welterweight Championship
Titan © def. Mascara Dorada

WHOA! Mascara Dorada continues to impress and looks like an absolute megastar in the making. Some of his spots have to be seen to be believed (special thanks to Donal for the GIFs below). Titan also delivered big in this main event spot and pulled out some great moves of his own. Titan was great in his role as the veteran who grounded and beat the living daylights out of the challenger between the big spots. The match was paced perfectly with many believable near falls as Dorada’s stock continues to rise at such an insane tempo you never know when he will have another big win over the established main talent.

The ending was perfect and put an exclamation point on the ongoing story of the match. Despite giving it his all and scratching and clawing against the veteran, Dorada was unable to reach the bottom rope to break up Titan’s El Inmortal finish. He was a few millimetres away from the rope but the pressure was just too much. Props to the CMLL production team for capturing what will be an iconic moment of Dorada failing to get to those ropes… for now. I can’t wait for this callback spot where he finally reaches that bottom rope and gets the win over Titan in front of an electric Arena Mexico.

You absolutely need to watch this match. It lived up to all expectations and is another excellent showing for Mascara Dorada. It’s crazy to think this kid is just 21 years old and is about to break out as the next luchador to watch. Titan was great as always and was the glue that held Dorada’s insane moves together. ****¾


Final Thoughts

A tremendous show that flew by. Another great CMLL show in a year full of them—a breezy two-and-a-half hours with a Match of the Year contender.