5STAR Grand Prix 2023 Day 10

August 20, 2023
Kira Messe Numazu
Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan

It’s taken until day 10 for this Grand Prix to serve up a show that just doesn’t excite me at all. The undercard is mostly in flux with the big matches already set for the next PPV with part-time Konami and outsider Risa Sera being the two main challengers. The rest of the roster is mostly just spinning wheels until something comes along. On top of that there’s only two GP matches and only one looks like it could be great so…wish me luck.


Miyu Amasaki & Utami Hayashishita def. Saki Kashima & HANAKO

Hanan, Koguma & Saya Iida def. Rina, Ruaka & Starlight Kid

Mariah May & Waka Tsukiyama def. Natsupoi & Yuna Mizumori

Megan Bayne, Mei Seira & Thekla def. AZM, Hina & Lady C

*shrug* What do you want from me?! No Wonder or World of STARDOM champ. no Syuri, no Giulia no Sera or Konami. Nothing to work with here except I guess the Seira/Bayne/Thekla trio was cool and I will be disappointed when Seira and Bayne end up not being in the same group as Thekla


Pretty standard match that never really got all that exciting. This kind of solid match was pretty common in last year’s tournament where a lot of the field stuck to paint-by-numbers stuff and Sorei has carried it over to this year. Even someone as great as Hazuki couldn’t bring get much out of it. Of note, Hazuki snaps her nasty losing streak and will probably kick on and get points in most of her matches from her ***


Big win for Tora who follows up her win over Syuri by teaming with pro wrestling legend Dump Matsumoto at Midsummer Fest and now beats Mayu Iwatani to take control of this block. With Tam Nakano and Natsupoi standing in her way there will be at least one big defeat to come for Tora who will definitely be a favourite to win the block by the final day when she takes on Hazuki.

The match itself was very good, they wrestled a pretty typical main event match with Tora using her power to her advantage while Iwatani bumped for her like crazy. ***3/4


Even the best tournaments have to have some filler, and day 10 was just that. I struggle to even come up with things to say because it really wasn’t a bad show that I can tear apart it just existed. Tora vs. Mayu was good but other than that give this one a miss.

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