It’s almost time for the biggest wrestling show All Elite Wrestling has ever organized—AEW All In London at Wembley Stadium—in front of a packed 80,000-plus crowd. While feedback on the show’s build and overall card has varied from meeting expectations to disappointing, it’s clear several big names, prominent wrestlers, and people historically significant to AEW will not be on the biggest show in their company’s history. 

Below are just a few wrestlers who are not booked for All In and their current positions within the company.

I have not included wrestlers who are injured or unable to attend, so you’ll not see a blurb on PAC, Bryan Danielson, Jamie Hayter, or Rey Fenix. PAC and Hayter being denied home-field receptions is a downright shame and Danielson getting hurt curtailed Nigel McGuinness’s home country’s return. These surely would have been cool moments to witness and make the show feel special.

Sammy Guevara

He is one of the so-called pillars of AEW, but unlike Darby Allin and MJF, Sammy’s name is not currently scheduled to appear at All In. Yes, he is still attached to Chris Jericho and he may make an appearance in some form to assist Jericho in the evening, but Sammy has to be a little disappointed not be have his own program of some sort on AEW’s biggest stage ever.

Sammy has been a day one guy, a man who seems to always be featured one way or the other on the card and rarely misses a PPV. In May this year he main evented Double or Nothing with his fellow “pillars”, so to go from that to not be included in his own match is a bit of a steep drop for Guevara.

Sammy is a polarising figure, sure. Some love him, some hate him, but his talent is undeniable, and as a man with his profile in the company for the past four years, you’d think he would have, at the very least, a spot in a match.

Ruby Soho

In this situation, she is easily the least logical choice to have in the four-way match out of her Outcasts trio.

Toni Storm is the former champion and arguably the best women’s wrestler available to Tony Khan at this current time, so she is a no-brainer.

Saraya is the hometown girl, and while she is proving to be one of the worst signings in AEW history, there is merit and practicality to her being on the card. Tony probably feels like he has to give her a moment and may feel her name still holds some value to fans in the UK. (It doesn’t). 

For Soho, she simply doesn’t fit in the four-way itself, and she’s not a big enough star to warrant the creation of another spot, though you could argue Tony could just book a six or eight-way women’s match to get more females on the card.

Nevertheless, Soho falls short of being in the match itself, though I’d put money on her being involved in some form anyway. That should be enough of a consolation prize for Ruby.

Ricky Starks

Pretty Ricky has been in the headline feud on Saturday Night Collision with One Bill Phil, so needless to say, he’s being pushed and elevated as of late. But for whatever reason, Punk is in two feuds simultaneously, one with Ricky and one with Samoa Joe. When Punk is focused on one, the other opponent must wait until Punk is ready to jump back in. It appears Ricky is set to tangle with Punk in a high-profile match at All Out and the All In show gets Samoa Joe tackling the self-proclaimed best in the World.

Ricky is probably content to an extent, knowing that he will be facing Punk on a PPV in what appears to be a strap match of some kind. But Ricky may be asking himself, why is Samoa Joe getting All In rather than him?

Yes, Joe and Punk have history, and their feud, while far from perfect, has been nicely throwing callbacks to said history. Ricky though must be upset a little that he is missing out on performing at the big Wembley crowd, but at least he can find comfort in the fact that he is at least getting a big feud rub from CM Punk.

Jade Cargill

She may not be the best wrestler in the women’s division, but she may be the biggest star they have in the women’s locker room. Jade oozes big-time charisma and has a presence like no other female currently on AEW books.

So why isn’t she around? Who knows.

Jade has, like so many in AEW when they lose a title, been missing in action since dropping the TNT title to Kris Statlander at Double or Nothing. You’ll see she’s not the only form champion to disappear without a trace in this list. I was expecting her to eventually pop up and be a part of the show in some form, whether it was to challenge someone new or reignite her TBS title story, but with less than a week to pop up, it’s clear she’s not getting a match at the big show in London.

Will she be upset? It’s hard to tell. While most wrestler’s would be dying at the chance to perform in front of a huge crowd, Jade seems more concerned about her work-life balance than being the best wrestler she can be. She may not see it as the big deal others would, and she is possibly not bothered about missing out on being a part of the record-breaking All In.

Keith Lee

Poor Keith Lee has floated considerably down the pecking order since losing the tag team titles in AEW. His feud with Swerve Strickland was odd, to say the least, and left everyone puzzled as to the point of it all. Between Swerve changing his lackey more times than Vince McMahon changes a Raw script, coupled with the fact that these two enemies never had a one-on-one match, the feud just petered out. Swerve has recovered his heat thanks to the Darby Allin story, but Keith has been left twiddling his thumbs doing nothing of note.

For whatever reason, Keith Lee hasn’t been featured in a prominent role since the Swerve feud dissolved. It’s not because he’s washed, because Matt Hardy is still being wheeled out against our will, regardless of how much he slowed down. Has Keith’s heart issues resurfaced? Has Tony soured on Mr Limitless? Is the roster just so bloated that Keith can’t catch a break? Speculation has popped up that Keith has or was on the verge of quitting AEW. 

For a man who was on the cusp of greatness in 2019 in WWE, it’s a shame to see him not included. But if Keith’s healthy and willing to perform, I’m puzzled as to why they can’t find a place for him on Collision or Dynamite every now and then at the least, let alone on the All In card.


I think it’s fair to say that MJF’s former muscle hasn’t been the same since he faced MJF at Double or Nothing 2022

Wardlow has been absent since dropping the title to Christian Cage and Luchasaurus a month back and shows no signs of re-emergence. Darby is feuding with Cage and Luchasaurus at All Out, and Wardlow appears to be taking a break to take the stink off him. But the absence has come at a time when AEW sold out Wembley, which must sting for someone who was previously well-pushed. 

Nyla Rose

Like Guevara above, Nyla Rose has been around since day one, but she hasn’t been included on the All In Card. She differs from Sammy in that she hasn’t been in a featured feud in forever and is used here and there to heat other women’s title challengers rather than have her own program or shot at a title.

She, like other notable absentee women, would benefit from a “get everyone on the card” type battle royal or multi-person tag. But with no such match booked, Nyla won’t be competing in London. Can she be annoyed? Possibly, but she can’t be blindsided by her exclusion due to how she’s been used over the past year.

Daniel Garcia

Garcia has been quickly improving since arriving in AEW to the point where he is one of my favorites at this time, yet he is not present on the current card for All In.

He is currently a player in the Jericho Appreciation Society dissolution, so it’s possible he may pop up on the night in a similar fashion to Guevara. Garcia will be disheartened to find himself not to find himself on the card, as he has not only been delivering in most of his matches but also getting very over with the crowd thanks to his sports-entertaining dance moves.

Garcia is a solid hand at worst, and at best he can deliver a fantastic match with the right opponent. Not having some outlet for him to display his skills in front of the record crowd is a shame and will be a hard pill to swallow for the popular youngster considering the injury and travel issues that have struck in recent days.

Kris Statlander

Statlander is in a featured feud on AEW Collision and is currently the TBS champion. I would be shocked if, say, Jade still had the title and wasn’t featured in a match, yet Statlander is not currently scheduled for the show.

That could change.

I could easily see herself and Mercedes Martinez added to the card. If she isn’t on the card, Stat could feel underappreciated, especially as a champion. Though with her just being back from injury, she may well be happy to be healthy again and be thankful she hasn’t had any further injury setbacks.

Dustin Rhodes

Dustin has had experience of performing in front of similar crowds at WrestleMania in battle royals or a forgotten WrestleMania X-8 battle with Maven over the Hardcore title, but who would disagree with Dustin getting one last big-time singles match at All In? 

Dustin himself would probably advocate against it, preferring to let younger talent have a spot, but he’s been reinvigorated since joining his brother in AEW and has been one of the unsung heroes of the promotion. At the very least, he deserves to be involved in a similar fashion to Sting, and if given a decent build (to be fair, very few matches have a great build on the card) I think Dustin Rhodes would be well-received in London.

Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Hardy’s issues may have saved us all from a Hardys vs. Jarrett and co-match in London, but how has Jeff Jarrett not smooshed his way into this card? He has been doing media appearances, and he has a habit of falling upwards in the wrestling business, so I wouldn’t be shocked if he finds a place on the card. An angle involving Grado was started but at this time there do not appear to be plans for it to be on the show. 

Kip Sabian

When All In was announced, I felt that whether I liked it or not, Kip Sabian would be a part of the show in some form. Other UK stars like Saraya will be there. PAC and Hayter would have been slotted in if not for injuries, and AEW was even considering Nigel McGuinness for the show had Bryan Danielson not gotten hurt.

So how come Kip—someone who has been with the company since its inception—can’t get booked?