The VOW 30 Under 30 2023

We here at Voices of Wrestling have assembled an all-star panel to create wrestling’s most comprehensive 30 Under 30 list for 2023.

The goal of this list is to be as well-informed and wide-ranging as possible. We have panelists that are plugged into various styles of wrestling across the globe, including American TV, lucha libre, deathmatch, Joshi, among more. (To see the full panel, check out Part 1). 

Every wrestler under thirty was eligible for this year’s list.

We’ve separated our list into several parts. This is Part 3.

Part 1, featuring Honorable Mentions and all wrestlers who received votes, is here.

Part 2, revealing Nos. 30-16 is here.

And now, without further ado, here are the 15 best wrestlers under 30:

Yuma Aoyagi

#15 – Yuma Aoyagi

Age: 27
Years Active: 8
Promotion: All Japan Pro Wrestling
Accomplishments: Triple Crown Champion, AJPW World Tag Team Champion (x3), All Asia Tag Team Champion (x2), Tenryu Project United National Tag Team Champion, Champion Carnival Winner (2022), Real World Tag League Winner (2020, 2021), Toshiwasure! Shuffle Six Man Tag Team Tournament Winner (2022)
Highest Panel Ranking: 1

“At only 27 years old, Yuma Aoyagi is the current Triple Crown champion, which makes him the second youngest champion in the history of that title. He is the complete package in terms of in ring work and charisma. He is, at worst, the second-best worker in All Japan and you can argue that he has exceeded Kento Miyahara. When put into a drawing position, he has also shown strong attendance numbers and has at times outsold Kento in terms of merch. The future is bright for Yuma” – Paul Völsch


#14 – Bandido

Age: 28
Years Active: 12
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling
Accomplishments: ROH World Champion, PWG World Champion, The Crash Heavyweight Champion, Elite Welterweight Champion, ROH World Six Man Tag Team Champion, PROGRESS Tag Team Champion, ECDW Champion, Big Lucha World Champion, Battle of Los Angeles Winner (2019), Battle of Coacalco Winner (2019), Survival of the Fittest Winner (2021), SoCal Uncensored Match of the Year (2019)
Highest Panel Ranking: 5

“Bandido has had such a weird career. He was Flamita’s friend, which got him into Dragongate. He had one match in Dragongate that snowballed into millions of US indie bookings. His work in ROH got him into AEW. So much of Bandido’s career has been about what his next step is that it’s easy to gloss over just how good of a wrestler he is. He’s not the sexiest name on the list, but he is easily one of the most talented.” – Case Lowe

“An incredibly dynamic and exciting performer that is recognizable anywhere you go.” – Will Young

“There are very few wrestlers out there that are more exciting to watch than Bandido. His work in the ring is typically amazing (an awesome combo of speed and power), and when you combine that with the charisma he brings to his matches, you got something special. I don’t know if Bandido will ever be a World Champion in AEW (that’s just down to the fact that it’s a company filled with top-tier talent), but there’s no doubt that, if used properly, he could be AEW’s flagship Mexican star.” – Sean Sedor

Kyle Fletcher

#13 – Kyle Fletcher

Age: 24
Years Active: 9
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor, New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Accomplishments: ROH World Tag Team Champion, IWGP Tag Team Champion, NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Champion (x2), RevPro Undisputed British Tag Team Champion (x2), wXw World Tag Team Champion (x2), PWA Tag Team Champion (x2), Defiant Tag Team Champion (x2), OTT Tag Team Champion
Highest Panel Ranking: 3

“Kyle Fletcher has proven to be an incredible tag team wrestler over the last several years as part of Aussie Open, alongside Mark Davis. They’re without question a strong Tag Team Of The Year Contender in 2023. However, I’m not just putting Fletcher this high on my list solely because of his amazing tag teamwork. He’s been pegged as someone who’s got a bright future as a singles star, and it’s not hard to see why. He started to cut more promos and show some more personality once Aussie Open came to New Japan, and that has continued now that Aussie Open is in AEW and ROH. There will come a day that he breaks away from the tag team ranks, and many anticipate that he has the talent to be one of the best in the world for years to come.” – Sean Sedor

“An exciting young performer with a similar appeal to Will Ospreay, has the chance to break out big-time if given the chance”. – Will Young

“As part of Aussie Open, Fletcher has significantly grown, both physically and as a talent. He had a true breakout moment this year, finishing an IWGP Tag Team Title match against Bishamon after bashing his head on the guardrail 5 minutes in. Sumo Hall cheered on a bloody Fletcher as he and Davis won those titles. Now as a part of AEW and one-half of the ROH Tag Team Champions (at the time of writing), he has a chance to build on his momentum and realize that big potential in front of a larger audience.” – Suit Williams

“His performance in winning the IWGP tag titles with a split open head opened eyes. He’s got it.” – Tyler Forness

“Kyle Fletcher is incredibly athletic, displays charisma, already capable of cutting a solid promo, has a long resume of great matches to his name even at such a young age, and he’s tall! Aussie Open is one of the best teams in the world and have a ton of potential great storylines and dream matches in their immediate future, but Kyle Fletcher is destined for eventual singles stardom.” – Adam Berger

“One of the world’s best tag team workers for seemingly several years already, Fletcher has shown glimpses this year of what he could go on to achieve as a singles worker later in his career.” – Andrew Sinclair

Toni Storm

#12 – Toni Storm

Age: 27
Years Active: 13
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling
Accomplishments: AEW Women’s World Champion (x2), WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion, World of Stardom Champion, wXw Women’s Champion (x2), SWA Undisputed World Women’s Champion, PROGRESS Women’s Champion, AAW Women’s Champion, Cinderella Tournament Winner (2017), Mae Young Classic Winner (2018), 5STAR Grand Prix Winner (2017)
Highest Panel Ranking: 5

“What an absolute miss by WWE. Toni Storm is an elite in-ring performer who has reestablished her confidence. She carries herself like a star and is easily the MVP of AEW’s women’s division. She should be on the shortlist for the best women’s wrestler in North America for at least five years, if not longer.” – Fred Morlan

“An international star who continues to build her reputation as a great all-around wrestler.” – Will Young

“Extremely well traveled and accomplished given her age, Toni Storm’s personality and in-ring ability has largely carried an AEW women’s division over the past few months that has had to deal with injuries and other issues to top stars. Storm already has a strong wrestling resume on four different continents.” – Jesse Collings

“The best women’s wrestler in North America, Storm has a fantastic look to pair with excellent charisma and in-ring work. She is the total package.” – Tyler Forness

“The fact that Toni Storm is a skilled and respective veteran at the age of 27 is just insane to the think. She’s traveled the world for years and has worked for almost every promotion you can think of. While her current AEW character relies on a heavy amount of interference from the rest of her Outcasts stablemates, she can still kill it in the ring when the occasion calls for it. Toni will be one of the top stars in AEW’s women’s division as long as she’s working for AEW. She’s got pretty much everything you want out of a top women’s star.” – Sean Sedor

“It’s crazy to imagine that Toni Storm, as well-traveled, beloved among the fanbase and with a collection of numerous prizes, is still under 30 years old. Since joining AEW, her star has quite simply been rising, not only being a two-time World Women’s Champion, but for being a solid and highly talented workhorse of a star.” – Warren Hayes

Daniel Garcia

#11 – Daniel Garcia

Age: 24
Years Active: 6
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor
Accomplishments: ROH Pure Champion, PWG World Champion, C*4 Champion, ESW Heavyweight Champion, Battle of Los Angeles Winner (2022), SoCal Uncensored Match of the Year (2021)
Highest Panel Ranking: 6

“It’s important to remember that there is an exceptional talent behind the dance that’s swept the nation. Garcia has had high-level matches against top names, and he’s got the AEW audience waiting with bated breath to hear him admit that “He’s A Wrestler.” When he does, he’ll be even more of a made man in AEW.” – Suit Williams

“A well-hyped indie prodigy trained by Brandon Thurston, Garcia has slowly climbed the ladder in AEW and has become a featured act, shining in his role in the Jericho Appreciation Society and un-ironically developing some prominent sports-entertainment skills to go along with his excellent technical wrestling.” – Jesse Collings

“An exceptional in-ring talent who is coming into his own as a personality to match his in-ring skill.” – Will Young

“We all know and love the dance and how that’s been playing a key role in his getting over, but what is easier to forget is that Garcia is a high-level in-ring worker. He really has benefitted from his time in the Jericho Appreciation Society, allowing him to develop his charisma and presence. His run on top of PWG has also helped him flex his personality skills; once we start seeing that version of Garcia on a national stage, I don’t think there’s a limit to how popular he can become.” – Fred Morlan

“Only 24, Garcia is already a technical wizard in the ring and is getting over as a personality. He has it all.” – Tyler Forness

Shota Umino

#10 – Shota Umino

Age: 26
Years Active: 6
Promotion: New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Highest Panel Ranking: 3

“Umino’s story since his return from excursion has been interesting: shot into the limelight with a grandiose new persona, he struggled at first to find his footing, and many felt the awkwardness would never rub off. But in 2023, Umino’s improvements skyrocketed with a G1 Climax performance wherein his harshest critics must give him his due. Along with the anointment of being one of the Reiwa 3 Musketeers, his trajectory is unquestionably the top of the Japanese wrestling world.”  – Warren Hayes

“Shota Umino started off rocky in his New Japan return. With high expectations, he flat out flopped in his first main event against Tetsuya Naito. But with a fun trios feud against local grump Kazuchika Okada and a great G1 run, Umino has found the fire that can propel him to the spot New Japan hopes for him to fill.” – Suit Williams

“The biggest breakout of the Reiwa 3 Musketeers.” – Will Young

“A development project that has had his ups and downs since his excursion to the UK, Umino is clearly tabbed as a future star in NJPW and has flashed enough at moments to reaffirm the company’s belief that he can one day be a major attraction for the company as it continues a major youth movement in 2023.” – Jesse Collings

“While Shota Umino has certainly had his fair share of struggles over the last few years, it feels like things have finally started to come together for him. This year’s G1 Climax featured some of Umino’s best work to date, and he finally feels like a guy who can be a future top star in New Japan. He’s still got a few things to work on, but his outing in the G1 Climax absolutely raised his stock.” – Sean Sedor

“He isn’t ready for the spot that NJPW wants him in, but the potential has been evident since day one. He just wrapped up a fantastic G1 Climax where he showed substantial growth and fire both in his entrance and during the matches.” – Tyler Forness

Shun Skywalker

#9 – Shun Skywalker

Age: 27
Years Active: 7
Promotion: Dragongate Japan Pro-Wrestling
Accomplishments: Open The Dream Gate Champion (x2), MLW World Middleweight Champion, Open The Triangle Gate Champion (x2), Open The Twin Gate Champion, Dragon Gate Rookie Ranking Tournament Winner (2019)
Highest Panel Ranking: 1

“Not only the best wrestler under 30, but arguably the most complete wrestler in the world. Since returning from his excursion in Mexico in late 2020, Skywalker’s work in his home promotion of Dragongate has been as good as anything in wrestling. Once a fighting world champion, now Skywalker comes into every match as a deranged heel. He’s as consistent as anyone on a show-in, show-out basis, and he’s had numerous high-end MOTYCs. No one is doing what he is doing right now.” – Case Lowe

“Shun’s 2023 has not been as prolific as his 2022, but he is still the most interesting personality on Dragongate’s roster. Add in that he is a fantastic worker, and you can’t help but conclude that he is among the best young stars of Japan.” – Fred Morlan

“Shun Skywalker has now been pushed for several years in Dragongate and has already accomplished a bunch of major milestones. This year has been highlighted by him slipping further and further into his psychotic heel character, which has been a unique performance even if it has been divisive to some fans. It would be surprising if he did not remain a top star in Dragongate for the next decade.” – Jesse Collings

Rhea Ripley

#8 – Rhea Ripley

Age: 26
Years Active: 10
Promotion: World Wrestling Entertainment
Accomplishments: WWE Women’s World Champion, WWE Women’s Champion, WWE NXT Women’s Champion, WWE NXT UK Women’s Champion, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion, WWE NXT UK Women’s Title Tournament Winner, Royal Rumble Winner (2023)
Highest Panel Ranking: 2

“Rhea Ripley has really put it all together over the last year to become the biggest star with a capital S in women’s wrestling. She’s got a great look, strong character work and her in-ring is stellar. She carried Charlotte Flair to probably her best ever match at this year’s Wrestlemania and is the only reason Dom Mysterio and the Judgment Day have gotten over. She is her.” – Andrew Sinclair

“I wrote a column a few years ago about the Wednesday Night War between AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT, a war Dynamite soundly won. The 73-week battle saw Dynamite win 72 weeks in total. The one exception? December 18th, 2019, the show that saw Rhea Ripley win the NXT Women’s Title from Shayna Baszler in a match that was built on all three brands over the course of the Survivor Series build for that year. Ripley’s talent and appeal was clear after impressive runs in NXT UK and NXT proper, and after a rocky start on the main roster, Ripley has risen to become one of the focal points of the Judgment Day act. Her magnetism has helped to make the otherwise-useless Dominik Mysterio a legitimate ratings mover in that company. She’s in the midst of her main event run, and I still don’t think she’s peaked yet as far as her work goes.”  – Suit Williams

“Has emerged as arguably the most dynamic act on RAW and the biggest women’s wrestling star in the world. Her presence in Judgement Day got a failing act over, has propelled someone as uniquely untalented as Dominik Mysterio into superstardom, and had one of the best WWE women’s matches in history earlier this year against Charlotte. In a WWE women’s division that seems to be growing weaker, Ripley has been a breakout star, carrying the division as other veterans suffer setbacks or leave the company.” – Jesse Collings

“The new face of women’s wrestling in WWE, and one of their most viral wrestlers despite how little time she actually wrestles.” – Will Young

“I just mentioned conversations about if Toni Storm is the best women’s wrestler in North America for the next five years. Let me introduce to you her primary rival, Rhea Ripley. Ripley is a great in-ring worker, comes across as a massive star, and is who I credit for the vast majority of Dominik Mysterio’s heat in WWE. My only regret with Ripley is we don’t get more of her just wrestling in WWE; she’s very talented.” – Fred Morlan

“Rhea Ripley is arguably the biggest female wrestling star in the world. That’s not something she may become in the future; she’s already there. Her Royal Rumble performance followed by her match with Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania prove she’s capable of putting on top tier performances in-ring. Being part of Judgment Day while also being the Women’s Champion has given her a unique presentation to go along with her unique look and charisma. She’s taken advantage of that opportunity by outshining her male stablemates every time they’re on screen together. I expect her to be on top of WWE’s women’s division for many years to come.” – Adam Berger

“It’s hard to pinpoint anyone else under 30 in WWE who combines the athletics, presence, skill and potential for longevity that makes Ripley a success. Her in-ring is solid, her charisma is boundless and she has shown on multiple occasions that she is ready to deliver in big-time matches. Truly WWE’s most essential youth asset.” – Warren Hayes

Jamie Hayter

#7 – Jamie Hayter

Age: 28
Years Active: 8
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling
Accomplishments: AEW Women’s World Champion, Goddesses of STARDOM Champion, SWA Undisputed World Women’s Champion, RevPro Undisputed British Women’s Champion (x2), EVE International Champion, SHE-1 Winner (2018)
Highest Panel Ranking: 3

“Anyone who followed her career in Japan knew that Jamie Hayter was a really good wrestler, and people here in the US soon found out how strong she was (figuratively and literally) once she came to AEW. After spending roughly a year as Britt Baker’s muscle, she started to organically get over with her in-ring work, and that culminated in an incredible match with Toni Storm at Full Gear last year where she won the AEW Women’s World Title (then interim, but that label was quickly dropped). She’s easily the best (regular) women’s wrestler AEW has on their roster at the moment, and she’s going to be a top star there for many years to come. Unfortunately, a series of injuries cut her title reign short, but here’s to hoping she’ll come back even stronger in 2024.” – Sean Sedor

“It’s such a shame Jamie Hayter’s injury prevented her from performing at Wembley. Her in-ring performances were so excellent they created a unique bond with the AEW audience that was reminiscent of Sasha Banks in NXT. It’s not an exaggeration to say Jamie has had some of the very best matches in the history of North American women’s wrestling. Hopefully she can return to full health and keep elevating AEW’s women’s division to new heights.” – Adam Berger

“Hayter was probably the most popular woman in AEW until injuries have forced her out of action. She does not have quite the same resume as Toni Storm, the woman who beat her for the AEW Women’s Championship, but Hayter was a more popular wrestler, a reliable in-ring performer who fans bought as truly dangerous.” – Jesse Collings

“One of the brightest stars in all of AEW, in line to be one of their top stars.” – Will Young

Hijo del Vikingo

#6 – Hijo del Vikingo

Age: 26
Years Active: 10
Promotion: Lucha Libre AAA World Wide, All Elite Wrestling, Ring of Honor
Accomplishments: AAA Mega Champion, The Crash Heavyweight Champion, AAA World Trios Champion (x2), Warrior Wrestling Lucha Champion, Copa Brazo de Plata Winner (2021), WON Mexico MVP (2021)
Highest Panel Ranking: 2

“The glue holding AAA together on an international scale at the moment. Despite best efforts by the booking team, Vikingo’s AAA Mega title defenses are must-watch and the highlight of recent AAA events. He immediately made a splash in America by joining AEW and ROH and had a Match of the Year contender against Kenny Omega in his US TV debut.” – Griffin Peltier

“A crossover star with endless appeal across every segment of fan.” – Will Young

“One of the most athletic performers in wrestling history, Vikingo is an astonishing high flyer who comes up with new aerial maneuvers on a seemingly daily basis. He is not super charismatic, but he is so successful in the ring that it almost doesn’t matter – he doesn’t need to open his mouth to be a star. He’s the perfect gif wrestler, and that skill translates well into cohesive matches.” – Fred Morlan

“Although his AEW appearances this year have in many ways exposed some of his limitations, El Hijo del Vikingo is still the absolute best high-flyer in wrestling today.” – Andrew Sinclair

“The most innovative wrestler of this generation, Vikingo has grown from GIF-star to a performer rapidly growing in popularity both in Mexico and now in the US. His regular work in AEW may take him further than top Mexican stars of the past, and will certainly given him ample opportunity to continue turning heads around the world.” – Jesse Collings

“He is this generation’s Rey Mysterio Jr.” – Tyler Forness

“He’s one of the most incredible wrestlers on Earth, and he’s managed to do it mostly in the sloppy shop that is AAA. He’s this generation’s Rey Mysterio, dazzling crowds with his high-risk, death-defying offense. Vikingo is a wrestler that you have to watch live, as you genuinely never know what he’ll pull off next.” – Suit Williams


#5 – Giulia

Age: 29
Years Active: 5
Promotion: STARDOM
Accomplishments: World of STARDOM Champion, NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion, Wonder of STARDOM Champion, Goddesses of STARDOM Champion, Artists of STARDOM Champion, International Ribbon Tag Team Champion (x2), 5STAR Grand Prix Winner (2022), Cinderella Tournament Winner (2020), Tokyo Sports Women’s Award (2020)
Highest Panel Ranking: 2

“Giluia is on the cusp of international awareness, as she begins to reach out from the realm of Joshi. With undeniable superstar presence and success in her home promotion of STARDOM (where she has held multiple titles and won the 5STAR Grand Prix in 2022), she combines spot-on striking with a precision submission game into one of the most complete “total packages” in pro wrestling today. The world is not ready.” – Warren Hayes

“Giulia is the perfect combination of in-ring ability & charisma. She’s been rightfully identified by STARDOM as their superstar and is the centerpiece of a promotion that has grown tremendously over the past three years.” – Fred Morlan

“One of the most recognizable international women’s wrestlers.” – Will Young

“Although her status as the new face of STARDOM felt pre-ordained to a degree, Giulia has lived up to the hype and emerged as the most charismatic member of Stardom’s roster, helping the joshi promotion grow in a way that was unmatched by any other Japanese promotion during the COVID-19 pandemic.” – Jesse Collings

Kaito Kiyomiya

#4 – Kaito Kiyomiya

Age: 27
Years Active: 7
Promotion: Pro Wrestling NOAH
Accomplishments: GHC Heavyweight Champion (x2), GHC Tag Team Champion (x2), N-1 Victory Winner (2022), Global League Winner (2018), Global Tag League Winner (2018), Tokyo Sports Fighting Spirit Award (2018, 2019)
Highest Panel Ranking: 1

“Undermined perhaps, by the inconsistency of Pro Wrestling NOAH, Kiyomiya has nevertheless earned his status as the rising ace of the promotion, and his work with NJPW this year has also highlighted his ability to thrive outside of the emerald green ring.” – Jesse Collings

“NOAH doesn’t care about him, and you could argue he doesn’t care enough about himself, but that’s no reason for you to not care about Kaito Kiyomiya. Naturally gifted at this wrestling thing to an insane degree, he could be a star for anyone if he was actually booked properly.” – Andrew Sinclair

“The young hope of Pro Wrestling NOAH, now finding a new international audience in NJPW.” – Will Young

“Kaito Kiyomiya may continue to get taken advantage of booking-wise by savvier wrestlers, but as long as he’s wrestling big time singles matches like he has against guys like Kenoh and Kazuchika Okada, he’ll always place high on these lists.” – Suit Williams

“All he needs is to join NJPW or for NOAH to stop booking him like utter shit.” – Tyler Forness

“Kiyomiya is an interesting case, a phenomenal wrestler in the ring who can’t seem to get it together once he goes back behind the curtain. His accomplishments are impressive, but unfortunately that doesn’t tell the whole story. NOAH does not care about Kaito Kiyomiya, and his appearance in the G1 didn’t do him any favors. I would love to put Kaito higher on this list, but unless there is a change in his character or how he is presented, he is going to fall short of his potential.” – Brady Trappett

Yota Tsuji

#3 – Yota Tsuji

Age: 29
Years Active: 5
Promotion: New Japan Pro-Wrestling
Highest Panel Ranking: 2

“I have a feeling that I will be high vote on Tsuji, but truth be told, everyone should be voting for him this high. Tsuji in his first match back in New Japan exuded more star aura than his fellow classmates of Umino & Narita have shown in their entire careers. If I’m starting a wrestling promotion tomorrow with unlimited access to talent and I’m picking who I want to build around, Tsuji would be near the top of the list. He still has some work to do on his in-ring, but he is already more than capable of having great matches with his charisma, his aura, and his various power moves.”  – Jack Beckmann

“When it comes to the New Japan’s Reiwa Three Musketeers, there’s no question that the best of the three (at this point) is Yota Tsuji. He’s exciting to watch in the ring, and his ceiling as a future top star in New Japan appears to be nearly limitless. He just has IT (as they say). We’ll see what happens over time with Shota Umino and Ren Narita, but of the three, Tsuji is easily the one with the brightest future.” – Sean Sedor

“Exploded back onto the scene and has the biggest star potential of the R3M.” – Will Young

“Tsuji has received a massive push upon his return from Mexico, and out of all the new names getting elevated in NJPW, Tsuji feels the most ready to fill a spot at the very top of the card, a worthy successor to Tanahashi, Naito and Okada. Tsuji is a complete in-ring performer that has displayed a ton of charisma since returning to NJPW, and has a great, expressive face.” – Jesse Collings

“The guy returns to the main stage of NJPW and is immediately thrust into a main event. Then the pins Will Ospreay. This is the guy. The guy with the smile that is both disarmingly charming and completely Attack on Titan terrifying.” – Warren Hayes

“When Yota Tsuji stepped into to face Tomohiro Ishii at Royal Quest 2, I thought New Japan had someone solid at their disposal. I had no inkling, however, of just how bloody well he’d come across upon his return from excursion in May of this year. He’s got an incredible look (how can you not be taken in by that smile) and while his moveset may not be the deepest, his matches have an urgency and dynamism to them that engages the crowd from match start to match end every time.  His promos are brilliant too and he feels like the real deal. I, for one, am ready for the Gene Blast era.” – Andrew Sinclair

“Though he may not have the record to show it in New Japan just yet, Yota Tsuji is going to be a cornerstone of this company for years to come. With a presence that translates through the screen and the goods to back it up in the ring, it’s not surprising that New Japan seems to have big plans for him in the future.” – Brady Trappett

“Tsuji is the future ace of New Japan. While his portfolio of work may not have the same number of great matches as other names on this list, his charisma and talent have jumped off the screen since his return to New Japan earlier this year. He appears to be the heir apparent to replace Tanahashi as Okada’s primary rival over the next decade.” – Adam Berger

“From the first spot of his re-debut match in New Japan, where he hit a picture-perfect Fosbury Flop to the outside, Yota Tsuji had TOP GUY energy. The most plug-and-play of the Reiwa Three Musketeers, Yota Tsuji has yet to waver in the big spots since returning to New Japan in June. Everything New Japan has done has signaled that he will be a headliner sooner than later, and with his output so far, I’m looking forward to it.” – Suit Williams

Konosuke Takeshita

#2 – Konosuke Takeshita

Age: 28
Years Active: 10
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling, DDT Pro Wrestling
Accomplishments: KO-D Openweight Champion (x5), KO-D Tag Team Champion (x4), KO-D Six Man Tag Team Champion (x5), King of DDT Winner (2019, 2021), D-Ou Grand Prix Winner (2019, 2021), Ultimate Tag League Winner (2021), Tokyo Sports Fighting Spirit Award (2021), Tokyo Sports Rookie of the Year (2013)
Highest Panel Ranking: 1

“Takeshita may be one of the best signings in AEW history. His work in DDT, while stellar, went largely unnoticed outside of Japan. In a matter of months, he became a breakout star in AEW in matches against top names like Hangman Page, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli, and Bryan Danielson. Now with Don Callis by his side, Takeshita’s has no ceiling to his upside.”  – Suit Williams

“Rarely has an international talent endeared himself to an international audience as Takeshita has, the sky is the limit for him in America” – Will Young

“Takeshita is already one of the best wrestlers in the world. His ongoing feud with Kenny Omega will most likely result in him being established as a main event level player in AEW. While he’s obviously not a strong English promo, Don Callis is a perfect fit as his manager. There’s no limit on the level of success Takeshita can obtain in both the US and Japan. A Cinnabon sponsorship may very well be in his future.” – Adam Berger

“Takeshita is poised to be a massive star in both the United States and Japan, with the biggest question being where he decides to base himself long-term. He’s already a great worker and has shown exponential growth in his ability to project as a star. He’s transitioned into a heel role very nicely, and it seems there’s nothing he can’t do in wrestling.”  – Fred Morlan

“Takeshita has already been wrestling for a decade and is just 28 years old. He can wrestle any style with a moveset centered around both power and high spots.” – Tyler Forness


#1 – MJF

Age: 27
Years Active: 8
Promotion: All Elite Wrestling
Accomplishments: AEW World Champion, AEW Dynamite Diamond Ring Winner (x3), MLW World Tag Team Champion, MLW World Middleweight Champion, CZW World Heavyweight Champion, Limitless World Champion, Inspire Pro Pure Prestige Champion, WON Best On Interviews (2021), WON Most Charismatic (2020)
Highest Panel Ranking: 1

“MJF is simply the most valuable worker in professional wrestling today. Between his age, his in-ring ability, and his ability on the microphone, on a completely open market, he is the most valuable commodity available to professional wrestling companies. He’s a once-in-a-lifetime performer; the most likely thing keeping him from being an inner circle Hall of Famer are freak occurrences that are impossible to predict.” – Fred Morlan

“The perfect concoction of an old school territory wrestler that holds the business with reverence and a modern day wrestler who can do all the high spots.” – Tyler Forness

“The term “generational talent” gets thrown around loosely in pro wrestling, but the term fits MJF perfectly. He was an elite promo on the indies before he ever set foot in an AEW ring and has only improved both in the ring and on the mic over the past four years. MJF already has a career with a Hall of Fame trajectory. He’s an easy choice for number 1 on this list.” – Adam Berger

“Perhaps the most well-rounded performer in all of wrestling today, regardless of age, MJF has hit every benchmark set for him in AEW and continues to grow in star power and as an in-ring performer. The complete package and a true generational talent that is almost too good at times, setting the bar extremely high for himself and all of his peers.” – Jesse Collings

“There is hardly a debate to be had regarding the unbridled talent that MJF has demonstrated over his short time on a mainstream national stage. Plus, this year, he has doubled down by donning a babyface persona with ease and in a convincing fashion. He sets the bar high for all his contemporaries and even for those who came before him.” – Warren Hayes

“There is no other option for the top of this list than MJF. An example that old school will always work in wrestling with a style built for longevity, and the undeniable support of his company for years to come.” – Brady Trappett

“He’s already one of the biggest stars in the business at age 27. His potential was undeniable from his time in the indies, and his work in-ring has grown to match his prodigal promo ability. He’s had great matches with Bryan Danielson, CM Punk, and Adam Cole. The only question I have regarding MJF – how much better can he get?” – Suit Williams

“Before AEW started, anyone who talked about MJF would say (roughly) the same thing: He was a very good promo/character, but he still had a ways to go as far as his in-ring work was concerned. Fast forward to 2023, and not only is MJF the most complete wrestler in the entire industry under the age of thirty, but he’s also the most complete wrestler in the entire industry period. He’s a great talker, and great in the ring. Yes, he doesn’t wrestle very often, but when he does, it’s usually an incredible match, or at least one that the crowd is incredibly invested in. His classic bouts at the last two Revolution PPVs (a Dog Collar Match against CM Punk and a Sixty-Minute Iron Man Match against Bryan Danielson) are just some examples of the incredible work he’s done in recent years. Now that he’s got the in-ring part of his game down, there’s no denying that he’s (apologies to Lex Luger) the total package.” – Sean Sedor

“No matter what you think about him, he is the person that is most representative of the future of North American pro wrestling” – Will Young

“Although I’d be the first to admit that I don’t like all of the stuff he books himself, there’s no doubting that MJF is one of the biggest stars in wrestling right now, irrespective of age. He was a great promo when he came into AEW but over the last four years he’s evolved his storytelling ability and his in-ring work to make himself the full package. Now primed for a big babyface run, he’s going to have an awful lot of success over the next couple of decades.” – Andrew Sinclair

The Voices of Wrestling 2023 30 Under 30
Final Ranking

  1. MJF
  2. Konosuke Takeshita
  3. Yota Tsuji
  4. Kaito Kiyomiya
  5. Giulia
  6. Hijo del Vikingo
  7. Jamie Hayter
  8. Rhea Ripley
  9. Shun Skywalker
  10. Shota Umino
  11. Daniel Garcia
  12. Toni Storm
  13. Kyle Fletcher
  14. Bandido
  15. Yuma Aoyagi
  16. Utami Hayashishita
  17. Wheeler Yuta
  18. Logan Paul
  19. Lio Rush
  20. El Lindman
  21. Dragon Lee
  22. Jack Perry
  23. Butch
  24. Ilja Dragunov
  25. Willow Nightingale
  26. Takuya Nomura
  27. Madoka Kikuta
  28. Mascara Dorada
  29. Miyu Yamashita
  30. Francesco Akira