5STAR Grand Prix Day 4
August 5, 2023
Komatsu, Ishikawa

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Blue Stars
MIRAI (4) def. AZM (0)

The intrigue behind MIRAI and AZM going head-to-head in a meaningful 5STAR Grand Prix match is real and in the end, it didn’t disappoint. Instead, it left you wanting to see more between these two.

There are very few wrestlers in the world who make pro wrestling look as easy as AZM makes it look and this was one of those matches. With a shot at beating the Wonder of Stardom Champion and gaining her first two points of the 5STAR Grand Prix, AZM was locked in. But the problem for AZM is that after that win that MIRAI got over Hanan, she’s turned it back up. The back-and-forth of this match was the perfect way to capture the speed of AZM and the explosiveness of MIRAI — something that can fall off the tracks easily if with the way they go.

MIRAI nearly lost to Azumi Sushi on multiple occasions. The speed of AZM almost caught the champion more than she’s probably proud of but she utilized those devastating Lariats to stop AZM in her tracks and flip her inside out on more than one occasion. MIRAI hit the Jumping Lariat to capture the victory, marking her second straight win.

Let’s run this match back ASAP. Thanks. ***½

Red Stars
Suzu Suzuki (2) def. Starlight Kid (0)

Suzu Suzuki is one of the best in the world and that is not up for debate.

There’s a uniqueness to when Suzuki and Starlight Kid face off. Not because they’re matches that I’ve never seen anything before but it’s that they pick up from where they left off — no matter how much time passed between each match. Suzuki has an intensity to her that her opponents either need to match to defeat her or get left behind. And with how these two started off their tournaments, there HAD to be a level of intensity to get that first victory.

Every moment of the match allowed you to feel the desperation that you rarely think about early in a tournament like this but after two losses, Suzuki had no chance but to be desperate. Suzuki’s ability to outsmart Kid to smash her with the Oedo Tai printed chair and from there took advantage.

It felt as though every single time that Kid looked like she was going to get the upperhand back, Suzuki had the answer. Kid was unable to hit the Eternal Foe or Black Tiger Driver. When she went for her 180° Frog Splash, all she was met with was a pair of knees as well. As Suzuki looked to close out the match, she hit the Tequila Sunrise but Kid was able to survive. As Suzuki got to the top rope, she was met by Kid but turned it into a top rope Full Nelson Slam. From there, she finished the match off with the Rolling German Suplexes to get the victory.

Suzuki is a threat to win the 5STAR Grand Prix and this win is the start to all of that. She’s a megastar ready to be the face of STARDOM and beyond.

These two have a main event championship match in the future. ***¾

Blue Stars
Saori Anou (4) vs. Maika (3) went to a time limit DRAW

Saori Anou is absolutely crazy and we love her for it.

Every single match she’s had in this tournament has shown a side of viciousness that maybe no one was aware of but they certainly are now. The match with Giulia has some insane moments including the Suplex into a bunch of chairs while she took a Piledriver through a table while bleeding like crazy — all to force a draw. Then she had the match with Mariah May which was a perfect showing of what she can do when focusing on a body part, making May suffer and eventually tap out. So what would the match with Maika bring?


They had a nastiness to them that brought us from this being a 5STAR Grand Prix match to it instead being a wild fight that happened to have points on the line. Anou and Maika worked as if it was personal. The stiff trading of boots and forearms were just a part of it but it was the work outside of the ring that really showed the nastiness between them.

When Anou went tumbling to the floor, it led to them dumping bottles of water on each other. That clearly angered them and from there, it was them going back and forth until the final bell rang. It wasn’t until the last minute that they kicked into win mode. Sometimes that can be a problem but because of how personal this felt, it made the match that much better. Being so focused to decimate one another is what some of the best pro wrestling is all about. Anou and Maika need to wrestle again and again and again.

If there’s anything to go out of your way to see from this show, it’s this match. One of the best of the tournament through the first four days. ****

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