Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide
Triplemania XXXI: Tijuana
July 15, 2023
Estadio de los Toros de Tijuana
Tijuana, Mexico

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This is the second Triplemania XXXI of 2023. Somehow AAA has gotten worse since the first Triplemania XXXI back in April. Shout out to Roy Lucier for confirming that Rush made it to the show. Would’ve loved it if the company did that! The show opened with bull mascots fighting, lots of drone shots of the empty arena, and the urn was brought ringside. Let’s start the show!

Copa Triplemania XXI: Tijuana
La Hiedra def. Willie Mack, Mr. Iguana, Jack Cartwheel, Flammer, Myzteziz Jr., Puma King, Nino Hamburguesa, Dinámico, Gringo Loco, Laredo Kid, Taurus, Rey Misterio El Heredero

Rumble rules. Gringo Loco came out throwing tortillas to the crowd. Jack Cartwheel was second out. Someone new entered every minute. The countdown explosion is super loud. Myzteziz Jr. – who won Argenis’ mask at the last Triplemania XXXI show – was third. Dinamico fourth. Nothing impressive happened between entrants. Hamburguesa was fifth. Willie Mack was sixth and Argenis ran out to eliminate Myzteziz for revenge. La Hiedra and Flammer entered at the same time because why not? Rey Misterio El Heredero was next and hit a disgusting rana and tried to get a pin. No pins allowed – a luchador must go over the top rope and both feet must touch the floor. Mr. Iguana entered and brought Yezka with him. Laredo Kid was next and brought a little bit of life to the match. Puma King, then Taurus. Pins are allowed now. Antifaz walked to the ring to distract Laredo who was then eliminated. They brawled in the crowd in what was the highlight of the match. Lots of basic eliminations happened and it came down to Puma King and Las Toxicas. Iguana interfered and the women beat Puma King… but they are not considered as one entrant so they wrestled! Bubbles flew all over the ring. Mr. Iguana distracted Flammer and Hiedra eliminated her for the win. Awful start to the show! So many talented wrestlers wasted in this mess. That’s AAA! *

Dalys, Lady Shani, Sexy Star def. Kamille, Viva Van, Natalia Markova

This was billed as Team Mexico vs. Team Rest of the World. A random assortment of wrestlers. The opening bell rang when Dalys had Kamille pinned and Hijo del Tirantes was counting the pin. The match was pretty basic but it exceeded the expectations I had for it. Sexy Star and Kamille carried their teams and things broke down when La Hiedra interfered to attack Dalys and Tirantes refused to count for Shani like usual. Shani beat him up and Tirantes Sr. ran out to count the pin. Apparently, someone was put through a table but the cameras never caught it. *¾ 

Pagano, Bestia 666, Mecha Wolf vs. Vampiro, Jack Evans, Aramis ended in a no contest?

Mecha Wolf’s band played him and Bestia to the ring. Vampiro retired after Triplemania XXXI: Monterrey after a Worst Match of the Year contender with Chessman citing worsening Alzheimer’s. He’s back now and wrestling in this undercard trios match. Pagano did not bring out the dummy (a doll, not Konnan) that he’s been talking to on the recent AAA TV shows. Pagano, La Rebelion, and Estrellita kicked ass for what felt like forever. Evans and Aramis tried to make this watchable but Vampiro in 2023 put a damper on everything. Komander and Arez – the AAA Tag champs – interfered to take out La Rebelion. Taurus and Texano interfered after that to take out Vampiro and Pagano. WHY DO WE HAVE MORE INTERFERENCE!?

I guess this ended as a no contest? Texano and Taurus are a new version of Los Mercenarios. This sucked. The booking of this show has sucked. Just awful stuff after awful stuff. ½* because Aramis and Evans tried.

Konnan likes to talk shit on his podcast (have you listened to it?) about other bookers and critiques them for a lack of effort. We’ve had six different interference spots so far on this show with one non-finish. I consider that a lack of effort and awful booking. I’d stop watching if I wasn’t doing this review.

Nicho el Millonario, Damian 666, Rey Horus, Xtreme Tiger def. Negro Casas, Chessman, Argenis, Daga

This started with a big schmozz outside the ring because of course it did. A battle rapper and Brandon Moreno were seconds. This was better than everything before it because the wrestling is somewhat competent. Negro Casas and Nicho bloodied each other up. Rey Horus hit a cool dive. Brandon Moreno beat up Daga despite his broken hand. Nicho fouled Negro for the win. **½

It wasn’t good but felt like a classic after what we’ve seen so far.

There was a dance number on the stage. You can’t make this stuff up.

Ambulance Match
QT Marshall def. Pentagon Jr.

The ambulance is for all of us suffering through this show. Aaron Solo interfered right away! Wow! Tirantes Jr. threw him to the back despite this being a no rules match. QT hit Pentagon with a barbed wire chair and shattered a bundle of light tubes over his head a few minutes later. They didn’t do much and then brawled in the crowd to the ambulance. The cameras cut to the empty ring! Honestly it was a smart decision because they have zero cameras in the crowd where the ambulance is! Tremendous stuff! QT had a very long control segment that was boring but things picked up when Pentagon turned things around and battered Marshall with the weapons.

The match got fun when they brought out and used thumbtacks and then fought to the ambulance (with a camera there!). Pentagon hit a cool flipping piledriver from the ambulance but then screwed up a piledriver through stacked tables. Aaron Solo interfered once again for the finish! MORE INTERFERENCE! Marshall threw Pentagon in the ambulance for the win.

This had some fun bits but went way too long for what it was. Refer to one of the best Dave Meltzer Tweets ever. The finish was awful. Maybe it would have made more of an impact if we haven’t had a dozen interference spots on the show! **¾ 

Guerra de Rivalidades Finales
Rush & LA Park def. Sam Adonis & Psycho Clown and Sam Adonis & Psycho Clown def. Rush & LA Park

Rush attacked Park before the match and then Psycho Clown made his entrance. Adonis cut it short by attacking his partner. Rush and Park fighting each other has been the best thing on this show by far! Rush and Adonis spent quite a bit of time beating up their rivals but, as expected, the roles reversed and Psycho and Park went on offense. All four men were spilling buckets of blood. The brawling between partners was great, violent, and furthered the two stories. Things slowed down a bit when the opponents started wrestling each other.

Park hit a cool as hell dive from the top rope to lead to the finishing stretch. Chaos ensued, Psycho Clown was hit with a fireball, and then Adonis and Rush got the pin at the same time so they are both winners? Both losers? This is the most overbooked show ever and such a stupid finish to what has been the best match of the night so far. ***½ 

Okay so they are doing Rush vs. LA Park vs. Sam Adonis vs. Psycho Clown in a four-way apuestas match at the real Triplemania XXXI in Mexico City. So the tournament was pointless. Love it!

AAA Mega Championship
Hijo del Vikingo © vs. Kenny Omega

If you thought we’d get a big match without any outside shenanigans, you thought wrong! Don Callis came out before the match and Konnan booked himself to get a glory spot by kicking him out! AAA everybody!

Hijo del Vikingo and Kenny Omega in a singles match. You already know it was well worked but this is AAA so they missed quite a few of the big spots. Omega was in fine form playing the “biggest star in the world” bully and Vikingo had to fight from underneath despite being the Mega champion. Vikingo reversed a One Winged Angel looking for a pin, Kenny reversed that for a pin, and then Vikingo reversed that for his pin attempt. That was a fun spot.

Vikingo hit a few cool 630s, Phoenix Splashes, and the like but the camera work made it near impossible to follow. He’s just too fast for the production team who struggles to keep up and do thirty-five cuts per second. Despite that, this was a great match. Vikingo fought back from Kenny’s control period at the start of the match and hit the Cuerno de Vikingo for the clean win.

It wasn’t as good as the AEW match but it was special to see Vikingo get his win back in Mexico. A third match between these two will rule but I sincerely hope it happens in America and as far away from AAA as possible. I’m adding a quarter star for the lack of interference in the match! ****

Final Thoughts

This show stunk! Other than the main event, every match was plagued by outside interference and shenanigans. The booking was a total mess. The big Guerra de Rivalidades tournament was pointless. The undercard was some of the worst stuff I’ve seen put on by a major promotion this year. AAA needs a complete overhaul if they want to be taken seriously again.