REVOLVER Mayhem For All
May 6, 2023
Horizon Event Center
Clive, Iowa

Watch: FITE

Sami Callihan vs. Masha Slamovich

You can’t really talk about this match without mentioning Callihan’s intergender matches against Tessa Blanchard in Impact Wrestling. Callihan’s run in those early days of the Don Callis/Scott D’Amore regime are probably one of the best things the company ever did in terms of building up a main event gatekeeper who could be reliably called on to deliver a Match of the Year Contender at Slammiversary. Perhaps we’ll see some of that old magic here in this match. Obviously, if intergender isn’t your thing, then steer clear, because this will undoubtedly be brutal.

Jon Moxley vs. Jake Crist

I’ve been making it known that Jake Crist is one of the most underrated and versatile talents on the indies these days, and I’m glad he’s getting this spotlight against one of the most popular wrestlers out there in Jon Moxley.

My only gripe here is that I feel I see Jake lose more often than win in REVOLVER…perhaps politics has been at play in some of those, but as someone who still thinks wins and losses matter, it would have been nice to have had him win some to get here.

Steve Maclin © vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

I’m really looking forward to this, perhaps more than anything else on the card.

I’ve been saying for a while that REVOLVER is like Impact, but booked better, and I daresay that this matchmaking proves me right. Maclin’s explosive move set and Speedball’s agility will hopefully make this a match where two different styles perfectly complement each other. This is a potential match of the year.

Alex Shelley © vs. Shigehiro Irie

Two of my favorite wrestlers in a singles match. REVOLVER is really cooking here. Shelley will probably be bringing his obnoxious heel persona, but I hope it doesn’t limit this match’s pretty high potential ceiling.

REVOLVER is supposed to be in an inter-promotional feud with Prestige, and Shelley has been the flag bearer for Prestige, but I’m not sure how much buzz it’s getting. Let’s see if the story gets pushed forward on this show.

Irie’s someone who has been touring the US intermittently for years now—including trading the DDT KO-D title with a certain Mr. Callihan back in 2018—but has never really garnered the buzz or acclaim that he deserves. Winning the wXw 16 Carat Gold tournament in March may signal that he’s about to break out.

BULLET CLUB (David Finlay, Chris Bey & Ace Austin w/ Gia Miller) vs. The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz & Myron Reed)

At REVOLVER Thursday, BULLET CLUB beat the Rascalz to win the PWR tag titles, in a decent match, but never really got to top gear. Still, there’s something quite special about the Rascalz right now, and whenever they enter a ring, there’s a rowdiness in the air. Trey, in particular, is on a roll right now; here’s a guy who got told he didn’t have passion and then proved everyone wrong by being one of the most emotive and energizing wrestlers working the scene today.

When it comes to BULLET CLUB, let’s be honest here, it’s a franchise that feels a bit worn out these days and probably needs to rebuild from the ground up.

So what better place to do this than by putting on a banger here?

Lince Dorado vs. Rocky Romero

These two have been facing each other in CMLL recently, including the finals of the Copa Bicentenario Varonil in December. To further the feud, Rocky stole Lince’s mask at REVOLVER Drip in March, so that’s where the grudge comes in.

You know what? It’s nice to have a storyline on an indie wrestling card, and these two are no slouches in the ring, either. This feels like a wildcard for the night: could be mediocre, could steal the show.

Rich Swann vs. ELP vs. Crash Jaxon vs. Damian Chambers

Bit of a random one here. Swann is obviously a top-class wrestler, and ELP was arguably the breakout wrestler in last year’s Best of the Super Juniors. Jaxon has been impressive for REVOLVER, though seems to work best in short bursts, making a four corners match the perfect place for him to barrel over people.

The UNIT (JT Dunn & Allie Katch) vs. JesSICKa & Matthew Palmers

Please don’t come to me saying, “oh this was lame, can’t believe they put this comedy intergender shit on the card. My night is ruined.” You know exactly what this is, so if this isn’t your cup of tea, go make one while this is on and come back for grapples later.

Personally, I like a bit of comedy to break up cards, and I’m sure that the live crowd will be very much into this.


This actually feels like a very good use of Shafir (hey TK, take notes). Whether the challenge will be met by a cool shooter from the crowd or jobber canon fodder, it will be short and sweet. Possibly.