Game Changer Wrestling
Emo Fight 2023
March 31, 2023
Ukrainian Cultural Center
Los Angeles, California

Watch: FITE+


  • Matt Vandagriff def. B-Boy, Jimmy Lloyd, Sawyer Wreck, Sonico, and Starboy Charlie (10:02)
  • Janai Kai def. Brooke Havok and Sandra Moone (7:04)
  • Jimmy Jacobs def. Kevin Blackwood (17:22)
  • Moonlight Express (MAO & Mike Bailey) def. Los Macizos (Ciclope & Miedo Extremo) and Wasted Youth (Dyln McKay & Marcus Mathers) (13:47)

There was only one match announced for this show so it’s basically Mystery Vortex.

All of the wrestlers in the scramble came out looking depressed and sat in the ring like Raven. Get it? They are emo! Emo Starboy in his bright yellow boots. The scramble was fine. It happened at midnight after a long day of wrestling so the energy was off but that might have been because the wrestlers were working at 50% for the sad gimmick.

They had musical performances between the matches. Lil Aaron was first. He performed and let us know that he only hits her up when he’s taking drugs. I need some of those right now.

Sandra Moone ran out from the back for her entrance and immediately brought some energy to this show. Sandra and Brooke wrestled while Janai Kai did literally nothing because that’s the gimmick. She eventually choked out Brooke for the win and took a selfie afterwards. A nothing match.

Horse Head performed. He’s “used to that” and he “never cared at all”.

Kevin Blackwood vs. Jimmy Jacobs was the only advertised match for this show and this type of match was needed after the two openers. This was Jacobs’ second match of 2023 and he did not look rusty. Blackwood has been on a roll lately and working all over (and he’s the current C*4 Wrestling champion). I wasn’t expecting this match to be this good. They went out there after midnight to have a damn good professional wrestling match. Sure this involved your usual door spots but it fit the overall feel of the match. This was one of the better matches of The Collective. They should book Blackwood on more shows.

Wicca Phase Springs Eternal performed. It was the best performance of the night. The crowd looked really tired.

They brought back the super slow emo entrances for this main event, well except for Mike Bailey. He basically just did his regular entrance while MAO (MAO Chemical Romance) did the slow emo thing. It rocked. I laughed. The match was alright. It was late but they worked hard and treated it like a regular match. You don’t necessarily need to go out of your way to watch this one but don’t skip it if you’re watching the show.

Wasted Youth have had a good weekend and are looking like potential breakout indie stars this year. Moonlight Express is always a treat to watch and I hope they team more often going forward. I would like to see them vs. Wasted Youth in a straight tag match.

Overall Thoughts

If you can get over the show gimmick, this had one of the best Collective matches of the weekend and a fun main event.

Match Recommendations

  • Jimmy Jacobs vs. Kevin Blackwood