No Peace Underground
March 31, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

Watch: YouTube


  • Shane Mercer def. Christian Napier
  • Most Violent (Funny Bone & Drexl) def. State Of Emergency (Miles Deville & Sebastian Wolfe) 
  • Jamie Senegal def. Nate Webb
  • Scissors & Skewers, No Peace Underground Championship: Atticus Cogar © def. Jimmy Lloyd

Shane Mercer took his time beating Napier around the back alley with a bunch of different chairs. The best spot of the match was Mercer launching Napier from the ring through a door into a dumpster. Mercer stood on the dumpster lid and it counted as a pin. Decent little match.

State Of Emergency replaced the team of Marcus Mathers and Dyln McKay. Deville and Wolfe had a great match earlier in the day. This was certainly not close to that. Drexl’s papercut-based offense is pretty bad and Funny Bone doesn’t really add much to a wrestling match. Funny countered the Doomsday Device Spear and dropped Deville right on his head with a rope assisted piledriver type move for the win. This wasn’t good but could have been a lot worse.

Nate Webb versus Jamie Senegal was rough but might have been the best normal match of this hour of wrestling. There wasn’t much to it honestly but Webb bumped well.

Jimmy Lloyd and Attitcus Cogar had a good deathmatch. Lloyd bled early and it didn’t take long for the guys to be thrown into the skewers and scissors attached to pool noodles on the ring ropes. Cogar drilled the skewers in Lloyd’s head and dropped him with a Headlock Driver but Jimmy kicked out at one! Cogar wasn’t screwing around, he stabbed Jimmy in the head with a pair of scissors and hit another Headlock Driver to retain the title.

Overall Thoughts

No Peace Underground’s ETHER was an alright show. Not a home run, but not a complete strikeout either. The deathmatch main event was good albeit short.