Game Changer Wrestling
Effy’s Big Gay Brunch 6
April 1, 2023
Ukrainian Cultural Center
Los Angeles, California

Watch: FITE+


  • AC Mack def. Richie Coy, Jai Vidal, and Honest John (8:05)
  • Keita Murray def. Devon Monroe (9:58)
  • Steph de Lander def. Sandra Moone (9:44)
  • Fred Rosser def. Karam (9:40)
  • Sawyer Wreck def. Kidd Bandit (11:19)
  • Team West Coast (Fabuloso Fabricio, Marco Mayur, Abigail Warren, Anton Voorhees & Da Shade) def. Team East Coast (Aaron Rourke, Ashton Starr, B3CCA, Dillon McQueen & Rico Gonzalez) (22:44)
  • Max The Impaler def. Vipress (9:12)
  • Thrussy (Allie Katch, Dark Sheik & Effy) def. Mason’s Mercenaries (Billy Dixon, Charles Mason & Parrow) (18:02)

Before the main event, Charles Mason claimed this show sold out because they booked a straight man on the show. After some very slow wrestling, Billy told Mason to eat shit and turned his back on Mason’s Mercenaries… and then the match continued. After a few more minutes, Billy once again turned his back on the Mercenaries… and then he did it again!? Why? The first time was enough. It got a good pop! 

The match wasn’t good but what else can you expect when it features some of the worst prominent wrestlers on the American indie scene? Effy had one hell of a gusher though. He was the best guy in the match. I get that this needed to main event because of the overarching Mason vs. Thrussy/Dixon story but what a brutal way to end the show. I also don’t understand why Mason – the main antagonist of the story – wasn’t pinned? I hope they aren’t continuing this feud.

Fred Rosser is so good and has been on a tear on New Japan Strong. He was easily the best wrestler on this show. Apparently Karam is the current FIP champion and worked a few dates for EVOLVE.I don’t remember him at all.  I think there’s some potential there but a lot of his offense looked really slow. Rosser sold his ass off for him. A very weird finish where Karam forgot to kick out and the ref called for the bell. Rosser disagreed and locked in a submission to make him tap. So he won twice? Solid match.

Max The Impaler versus Vipress was a boring size disparity match. Max’s domination at the start of the match was really fun but then it kept going and going. Vipress’ hope spots were fine but a bit slow. The match went too long for what it was.

“Happy To Be Here” Sawyer Wreck and Kidd Bandit had a match centered around the use of a barbed wire key blade gimmick from a video game called Kingdom Hearts (big thank you to the VOW Discord for the assist here). Bandit took a powerbomb from the apron through a door on the floor – well somewhat through a door, she kinda missed it. A plodding plunder brawl with a few cool spots involving the doors.

Keita Murray and Devon Monroe had a fine little match. Keita was good at playing the heel and the methodical leg work was well done. Devon showed some good fiery babyface fire but came up just short. A standard undercard wrestling match.

Also on the show… the opening four-way was decent. AC Mack was the best guy in the match and it showed. Steph de Lander and Sandra Moone had a pro wrestling match. Commentary, and I’m not making this up, called SDL a cunt. It has been a banner weekend for wrestling commentary. The East Coast vs. The West Coast tag match was basic and went very long but the crowd was into every minute of it. Rico Gonzalez stood out which makes sense as, according to Cagematch, he’s an AR Fox trainee.

Overall Thoughts

Effy’s Big Gay Brunch 6 seemed like a fun show to attend live but that didn’t seem to translate well as a livestream. It could have been a lot better and capping the show off with a brutal main event did not help.