Circle 6
March 31, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

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  • Circle 6 Championship: Zachary Wentz © def. Jacob Fatu (4:46)
  • Terracotta Taipei: Eric Ryan def. Clint Margera (7:59)
  • Blunt Force Trauma: Otis Cogar def. Dr. Redacted (9:34)
  • Clockwork Orange House of Doom: Matthew Justice def. Bobby Beverly (18:24)

This opened with a surprise Circle 6 title match between Zachary Wentz and Jacob Fatu. I’d advertise that in advance but that’s just me. Fatu is undoubtedly the Circle 6 MVP of the weekend. He’s 3/3 in having good matches against a variety of opponents. This was extremely short but was good while it lasted. A rematch with more time in front of a crowd has a lot of potential.

A circle of crushed terracotta was in the middle of the ring with two terracotta vases holding light tubes in the corner of the rings. Both wrestlers had terracotta shards glued to their hands. A very unique match type. Margera and Ryan had a decent deathmatch that had some cool spots with the terracotta. I liked the finish where Ryan punched through a terracotta vase to knock out Margera. One of the better Circle 6 deathmatches of the weekend.

“Blunt Force Trauma” is one hell of a name for a match. It was a fine plunder match that picked up when Dr. Redacted used a taser and then a Pabst Blue Ribbon bowling ball right to the “dick bag” (thanks KG). Cogar handcuffed the Doctor and blasted him in the head with chair shots for the win. Blunt force trauma.

Kevin Gill is really bad at professional wrestling commentary. I’ve listened to him for hours at this point and I am really close to watching the main event on mute.

The Clockwork Orange House of Doom was my most anticipated Circle 6 match of the weekend. This was described as the “evolution of violence” but it was just a standard deathmatch. It was like one of those matches you’d play on the Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood video game. The highlight of the match was Matthew Justice jumping from the roof of Knucklehead and taking out Beverley and a bunch of geeks. Bev came back and hit Justice with every weapon left in the House of Doom. This exceeded my expectations and was a pretty good main event for this weekend’s Circle 6 madness. I would recommend listening to it on mute because it’s an all time bad performance by Kevin Gill on commentary and it actively took away from the match.

Overall Thoughts

The Circle 6 title match was good but very short. The Clockwork Orange House of Doom is the best LA deathmatch of the weekend. A solid end to Circle 6’s weekend shenanigans.

Match Recommendations

  • Clockwork Orange House of Doom: Matthew Justice vs. Bobby Beverly
  • Circle 6 Championship: Zachary Wentz © vs. Jacob Fatu