Game Changer Wrestling
For The Culture
March 30, 2023
Ukrainian Cultural Center
Los Angeles, California

Watch: FITE+


  • Darius Carter def. Ashton Starr, Devon Monroe, Faye Jackson, Ju Dizz, Keita Murray, and Terry Yaki (8:02)
  • Anything Goes: Billy Dixon def. Willie Mack (13:12)
  • G. Sharpe, Kenny King, Mazzerati, Alpha Zo, and Midas Kreed def. AC Mack, Jeffrey John, JC Storm, Jay Malachi, and Suge D (21:32)
  • Bryan Keith def. 2 Cold Scorpio (16:54)
  • Black Wrestlers Matter Championship: Myron Reed © def. Man Like DeReiss and Kevin Knight (10:23)
  • Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship: Trish Adora © def. Calvin Tankman (10:01)

I’m not sure if it was a venue time constraint or something else but the Pan-Afrikan World Diaspora Wrestling World Championship felt like a twenty minute match packed into ten. It felt rushed and clunky at times, but had a few good spots like the powerbomb from the top rope leading to the Lariat Tubman. Other than that, this was a bit disappointing. These two have a better match in them and could have had it here with more time.

Billy Dixon challenged Adora after the match. That will be rough.

The Black Wrestlers Matter three-way match was pretty good. They started hot and never slowed down which was a nice pace for a ten minute title match. This is my first time seeing DeReiss and he was impressive. Kevin Knight’s interception dropkick was really cool. I really liked the finish where Reed hit a Cutter on Knight while Knight hit a splash on DeReiss and then an Air Raid Crash for the win. Easily the match of the night on this show.

Jay Malachi stole the show in the 10-man West Coast vs. The World tag team. He flew in and around the ring with ease and everything looked smooth. So of course he was the first person eliminated from the match. The rest of the match was a bit clunky with some quick eliminations. It came down to AC Mack & Suge D vs. Kenny King & Alpha Zo where the West Coast guys quickly rolled up Mack and Suge for the win. A weird finish and the crowd didn’t seem to understand what happened.

Faye Jackson is back. The opening scramble would’ve been a lot better if she wasn’t in it. The other wrestlers looked good and brought it as much as you can in a disjointed scramble match. Terry Yaki, great name by the way, might become someone to watch in the indie scene. Ju Dizz has something too. Carter stole the pin from Devon Monroe to win the match. A fine scramble opener. 

Also on the show… Billy Dixon versus Willie Mack was pretty bad. Mack tried his best to make it watchable but Dixon was way out of his element in a high profile singles match. Mack against anybody in the opening scramble or the big tag match would’ve been immensely better. Bryan Keith vs. 2 Cold Scorpio was fine. Scorpio is done nowadays and Keith couldn’t carry him to a good match as much as he tried. Not sure why Keith needed a flash pinfall to beat Scorpio?

Overall Thoughts

For The Culture was a head scratcher. Lots of good wrestlers were booked for this show but the booking left a lot to be desired. With a reshuffled card, this could have been one of the better shows this WrestleMania Weekend. Give someone else the pencil and you might have a good show.

Match Recommendations

Black Wrestlers Matter Championship: Myron Reed © vs. Kevin Knight vs. Man Like Dereiss