Circle 6
Zachary Wentz’s Treehouse of Dreams
March 31, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

Watch: YouTube


  • Scramble: Jacob Austin Young def. El Chupacabra, Johnnie Robbie, Haley Dylan, Papa Jace, Torito Negro, & Jiah Jewell (3:55)
  • State Of Emergency (Miles Deville & Sebastian Wolfe) def. Sinner And Saint (Judas Icarus & Travis Williams) (8:06)
  • Vinnie Massaro def. Alice Crowley (4:12)
  • C6 World Championship: Zachary Wentz © def. Titus Alexander (7:43)

This started immediately after Jake Crist’s Fire Starters. All of the losers of Vinnie Massaro’s Combine started the show in a scramble that lasted less than four minutes. Papa Jace hit a sick piledriver. Jacob Austin Young got the win with a submission. I can’t tell you who tapped. A nothing scramble.

Sinner and Saint vs. State of Emergency was a really good tag team match. All four wrestlers are from the British Columbia, Canada scene. Icarus and Williams are very impressive and would be all over the scene in 2006/2007. Icarus hit a sick lariat but it wasn’t enough for the win. State of Emergency hit a Doomsday Device Spear for the win. A really good tag team match that happened in front of 20 people.

Big Al and Vinnie Massaro had a decent veteran vs. rookie match. Crowley tried her best but came up short when Vinnie kicked into second gear by hitting a hard lariat and then the Snoring Elbow. Not the best match but not the worst either.

This was Wentz’s first defense of the Circle 6 Championship. This is why you sit through all the muck on some of these WrestleMania Weekend shows! Wentz has always been good and Titus Alexander is one of the best young prospects on the American indie scene. They went out and had a really good match with some fun reversals and a lot of fun spots. Titus escaped a beautiful Chaos Theory and connected with a picture perfect UFO. A great main event for another good show. Titus will probably be signed somewhere before next year’s WrestleMania Weekend.

Overall Thoughts

Another good Circle 6 show! It flew by and the main event title match rocked. The Sinner And Saint versus State Of Emergency also rocked. Pick this one if you only want to watch one of this weekend’s c6 shows.

Match Recommendations

  • C6 World Championship: Zachary Wentz © vs. Titus Alexander (***¾)
  • Sinner And Saint (Judas Icarus & Travis Williams) vs. State Of Emergency (Miles Deville & Sebastian Wolfe)