Circle 6
Momma Cogar’s Delicate Flowers
March 30, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

Watch: YouTube


  • Chandelier of Death: Otis Cogar def. Clint Margera (10:06)
  • Christian Napier def. Drexl (7:06)
  • Flaming Tables: Jacob Fatu def. Atticus Cogar (9:34)

We have lights! I am very happy that we can see the ring for this show.

The Chandelier of Death match kicked off the show and this setup is bonkers. There are a good couple dozen light tubes set up on the ropes with a chain going from post to post across the ring with tubes hanging from it. Otis and Clint ran through the tubes immediately and the blood started pouring like the Fountain of Life. If the tubes weren’t enough for you, Otis Cogar ran a straight razor on Clint’s forehead. After some slow wrestling and going through some tubes attached to the ring, they brought out at least three dozen more tubes from a trash can for the finish where Otis slammed Clint through them. A fine spectacle light tubes match.

Christian Napier came out looking for a challenge and called out any deathmatch wrestler at Knucklehead Hollywood to wrestle him. Drexl The Homicidal Artist accepted the challenge in what seemed like a standard pro wrestling match… until Drexl used a photograph to give Napier paper cuts in between his fingers, his mouth, and his eyes. The match didn’t really get better after that spot as Drexl just beat the crap out of Napier with chairs and a stapler. Things looked bad for Napier but a quick low blow led to him hitting a DDT on a row of chairs for the win. Nothing too exciting but Napier’s promo before the match was decent.

Jacob Fatu made it to the show! The main event might be the best Circle 6 match of the weekend so far. Atticus Cogar is very smooth in the ring as a deathmatch wrestler and doesn’t always rely on weapons for his spots. He can properly wrestle. Fatu came with his A Game and took a sick bump through a normal table. When he’s on and wants to go, he’s something special. Atticus tried to hit Fatu with a fireball, missed, lit the table, and then was driven through it with a Samoan Drop. It was a wild finish but would have been better if the fire didn’t go out immediately. Props to Fatu for going out there and putting on a god damn show.

Final Thoughts

This was the best Circle 6 show of the day, all because of the very fun main event between Jacob Fatu and Atticus Cogar. The Chandelier of Death was a cool visual in the opener. Put this at the top of your list of Circle 6 Mania Weekend shows.