Circle 6
Jake Crist’s Fire Starters
March 31, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

Watch: YouTube


  • Sonico def. Mr. Iguana (6:17)
  • Tyler Bateman def. Adam Brooks (5:45)
  • Jake Crist def. Brian Kendrick (7:18)

The show started 25 minutes late and the audio sucks. Let’s go!

Mr. Iguana is here. Why wasn’t he booked for Lindsay Snow’s Kaiju Cannabis Cup? They did the Yezka spots until Sonico stomped on the stuffed animal. After some very basic wrestling, Sonic hit the DDT for the win. A total nothing match.

They gave Kevin Gill a wired mic! It sounds better! Good job.

Brooks vs. Bateman is a match that could have been booked for Ring of Honor a few years ago but here we are having it in the back alley of Knucklehead Hollywood. That being said, this rocked. Two professional wrestlers trying hard to have a good professional wrestling match. Wild! This was the best Circle 6 match so far.

The microphone is broken again.

Kendrick vs. Crist was another good professional wrestling match—everything you want from a professional main event. Crist did screw up his finish but quickly recovered and hit it again for the win. It wasn’t a blow-away match but looked like Misawa/Kobashi when compared to the rest of the shit they put out so far this weekend.

Final Thoughts

With two-thirds of the matches being good little wrestling matches, this was the best Circle 6 show so far. The show went around 40 minutes total so it was a quick and clean show. The fire was indeed started.