All Caribbean Wrestling
Island Vibes
March 30, 2023
Common Space Brewery
Hawthorne, California

Watch: YouTube


  • Diego Hill def. Jay Malachi (2:33)
  • FEW Flares Championship: Mazzerati © def. Brooke Havok (4:02)
  • Diablo Azteca, Rockero, The Hulk(?) def. Los Nuevos Gringos Locos (El Pistolero, Fabuloso Pelon, Mascara Infernal) (5:04)
  • Elijah Burke def. Iseah Bronson (9:26)
  • FEW Tag Team Championship: Nu Nation (Oba Zo & Prince Agballah) © def. The Bollywood Boyz (Harv Sihra & Gurv Sihra) (8:07)
  • Ameera Roze def. Jada Stone (3:43)
  • Kimo Killa & Big Fonz def. Juicy Finau & Bruce Cross(?) (5:03)
  • JC Storm def. Amera The Tower of Power (4:35)
  • Malik Bosede def. Alan Angels (8:39)

No nonsense pro wrestling. The longest match on this show was under ten minutes. Those are the Island Vibes!

Alan Angels and Malik Bosede had a very fun main event match. Angels was representing “The Design” – his IMPACT stable – and worked as the heel against the fiery babyface Bosede. Even though Angels is the more experienced wrestler, that didn’t stop Malik from fighting back to hit a Tiger Bomb and a 450 for the upset. This was the second best match on a show I came into with zero expectations.

Iseah Bronson is a local wrestler on the Ontario/Quebec indie scene so I am a bit familiar with him. I was not expecting to see him in one of the marquee matches in Los Angeles for Trinidad & Tobago’s All Caribbean Wrestling. His match with Elijah Burke was fine and was better than what you would see on a NWA show. It was the longest match on the show by far (at nine minutes) and was well worked. That’s all you need.

The production on this show was wild. The cameras, commentary, and ring announcer’s microphone were not in sync at all. The one camera was a few seconds behind the other one so every camera cut looked like a replay.

The FEW Tag Team title match between the Nu Nation and the Bollywood Boyz was an alright tag team match. Prince and Oba did your typical big man moves and the Boyz sold well for them. Harv and Gurv are severely underrated and using them in this spot against a young tag team was a good idea. The distraction finish led to the champions retaining but the “Director and Promoter” Charismatic One D Akil Samuel left a comment in the YouTube chat that he is booking the rematch at ACW Revelations in Trinidad & Tobago!

The real highlight of this show was the TWO AND A HALF MINUTE sprint between Jay Malachi and Diego Hill. They went out and had an all killer no filler high spot match. Malachi has been very impressive so far this weekend and is one to watch. This match was fun and you should give it a watch to see just how wild it was as an opener.

The trios match between Diablo Azteca, Rockero, and The Hulk(?) versus Los Nuevos Gringos Locos was a ton of fun. The big guy Mascara Infernal did a huge moonsault but missed. Always a great time seeing a guy his size do something like that. The bald guy Fabuloso complained that someone was pulling his hair. The bad one Pistolero was alright too.

Also on the show… Mazzerati vs. Brooke Havok, Ameera Roze vs. Jada Stone, and C Storm vs. Amera The Tower of Power were all fine little matches. The longest of the three went four and a half minutes. You can’t really do much unless you go balls to the wall like the opener. The Kimo Killa & Big Fonz vs. Juicy Finau & Bruce Cross(?) tag match was short but sweet.

Final Thoughts

All Caribbean Wrestling’s Island Vibes was indeed a vibe. A fun pro wrestling show that is nothing like any of the other shows streaming this WrestleMania Weekend. I highly suggest giving this one a watch if you need a palate cleanser.

Match Recommendations

  • Diego Hill vs. Jay Malachi
  • Diablo Azteca, Rockero, The Hulk(?) vs. Los Nuevos Gringos Locos (El Pistolero, Fabuloso Pelon, Mascara Infernal)
  • Malik Bosede vs. Alan Angels