Circle 6
Vinnie Massaro’s Pro Wrestling Combine
March 30, 2023
Knucklehead Hollywood
Hollywood, California

Watch: YouTube


  • Titus Alexander def. El Chupacabra (6:10)
  • Three-Way Match: Alice Crowley def. Johnnie Robbie, Haley Dylan (4:39)
  • J.A.Y def. Papa Jace (8:18)
  • Sinner And Saint (Judas Icarus & Travis Williams) def. Torito Negro & Jiah Jewell (6:25)

The show started with the promo challenge of the Combine. These wrestlers cut promos. Titus’ was the best because he didn’t say anything. El Chupacabra is certainly a character.

His wildman persona was fine in the promo battle but he wasn’t really good in his match against Titus Alexander. Alexander is one of the best young wrestlers on the independent scene. His work is really crisp and you could see the skill disparity in this opener. Alexander hit a beautiful Chaos Theory followed by a Cutter for the win. The match wasn’t too good but Alexander looked like a star in there with Chupacabra.

The women’s three-way match was decent. They told a good story where the three-way rules made it hard for any of them to score the winning fall and I commend them for not doing the singles match with one wrestler outside the ring for minutes at a time. It was a very quick match but they maximized their minutes.

Papa Jace did a cool moonsault. It’s cool when guys his size hit those spots. Jacob Austin Young was the second most impressive guy on this show after Alexander. He could make a mark on the independent scene if he continues improving and getting more shots in different promotions. J.A.Y locked in an octopus stretch for the win. A good little match. Best match on these Circle 6 shows so far.

The Sinner And Saint versus Torito Negro and Jiah Jewell was alright. I have seen better Judas Icarus matches lately. Torito Negro looked impressive. The piledriver finish by Williams and Icarus looked good. A decent showcase match.

In the end, Vinnie Massaro chose Titus Alexander as the winner of the Pro Wrestling Combine. Titus Alexander will wrestle Zachary Wentz for the Circle 6 title on the Zachary Wentz’s Treehouse of Dreams show tomorrow.

Overall Thoughts

While none of the matches are must see, this was a good student/young wrestler showcase. The matches were short and the show flew by.