Joevember To Remember returns with a brand-new episode covering Best of ECW Volumes III & IV!

What we’re covering: Best Of Eastern Championship Wrestling Volume III, and Best Of Eastern Championship Wrestling Volume IV

Where you can find it: Vol. III, the “Unaired TV Pilot,” can be found here:

Vol. IV, “Best of Jimmy Snuka”, can be watched here:

  • Nailing down the date of the events from Best of ECW Vol III
  • A look back at the ECW careers of several wrestlers who finished up at the end of 1992
  • How and why Best of ECW Vol. IV fills in several storyline gaps
  • Full review of the four matches on Best of ECW Vol IV and the well booked Jimmy Snuka heel turn
  • What publicly unseen 1992 footage may be out there
  • The current whereabouts and life of Steven C Truitt (Stevie Wonderful)

Special thanks to Griffin Peltier