Where You From? 2023 Compton vs. The World
THURSDAY, March 30
6:00 PM
Can-Am Dental
Compton, California

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Can-Am Dental in Compton, California is where you want to be this WrestleMania Weekend. Amped Up Wrestling, Versus Pro, and the rest of the world have set their sights on Compton’s own Comptonmania promotion and they are welcoming the challenge, asking any and all challengers, “where you from?”

In a main event that can only happen in a place like Can-Am Dental, the team of Shiloh Greaves, Rillawolf, Trivviko, Auntie Hydie, and AJ Mana rep Comptonmania to take on the invading team comprised of Amped Up’s Sean Black, Versus’ Project Wes, Vito Fratelli, Inferno Abdul Kader, and Taylor Adams. Now if interpromotional warfare isn’t enough for you, Team Compton sent Shiloh Greaves and Auntie Hydie to break into captain Sean Black’s house and steal his most coveted possession: the lantern sitting on his living room table! This deeply personal feud comes to a head live at Can-Am Dental and you do not want to miss this one.

Just announced for GCW’s Indie Wrestling Hall of Fame, Paul London makes a pit stop in Compton to take on Hellman Rosecrown. London’s goal is to bring notoriety and attention to Comptonmania and become a representative for the city that “doesn’t embarrass them”. Will Rosecrown respond to the criticism by putting down the old TV star? The only way to find out is by watching live from Can-Am Dental in sunny Compton, California.

You can switch from asking, “where you from?” to “what you want?” for the next bouts on this jam-packed supershow. Sixteen wrestlers from around the world are coming to Compton for championship gold and the right to be known as the top dogs of Comptonmania. The Rock N Rodeo Express have their hands full when they defend their Tag Team Championship against the high and mighty Smoke Signals, the menacing DooM GodZ, and the duo of CSJ & Allan Breeze. If four ain’t enough and you need six, Sadboy defends against Manny Mars, Ruben Iglesias, Jay Stines (Where’s he from? Ireland), PJ Laurier (Where’s he from? Nigeria), and MMJ (Where’s he from? The state of Arizona).

Back to four-way action, Duke Lawrence defends the Battleborn Championship against Noah Anderson, Top Tier Bovi, and Zeb Saint One. Three formidable challengers looking to travel home with championship gold. And rounding out the card, The Exiled defend the Versus Tag Team titles against Close Personal Friends. That being said, I think everyone going to Can-Am Dental will be close personal friends by the end of the night.

  • Team ComptonMania (Shiloh Greaves, Rillawolf, Trivviko, Auntie Hydie, AJ Mana) vs. Team World (Sean Black, Vito Fratelli, Project Wes, Inferno Abdul Kader, Taylor Adams)
  • Paul London vs. Hellman Rosecrown
  • Tag Team Championship: Rock N Rodeo Express (Rex Calhoun & TMD) © vs. Smoke Signals (Jose Hendrix & Wyatt 2 Shadows) vs. DooM GodZ (DooM & The GoD KinG) vs. CSJ & Allan Breeze
  • Compton BLVD Championship: Sadboy © vs. Jay Stines vs. Manny Mars vs. Ruben Iglesias vs. PJ Laurier vs. MMJ
  • Battleborn Championship: Duke Lawrence © vs. Noah Anderson vs. Top Tier Bovi vs. Zeb Saint One
  • Versus Tag Team Championship: The Exiled © vs. Close Personal Friends