March 25, 2023
Yokohama Budokan
Yokohama, Japan

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Super Strong Stardom Machine vs. Sexy Dynamite Princess

Komomo Minami’s debut match, which was set for NEW BLOOD Premium, has been postponed due to an injury that she suffered in training. She was set to go one-on-one with Hazuki.

Instead, fans will get to see a special singles match between Super Strong Stardom Machine and the newly added Sexy Dynamite Princess. Anyone who has watched STARDOM long enough, you have become quite familiar with Super Strong Stardom Machine and what she brings to the table. The masked individual has managed to have a number of successful moments in her run. Sexy Dynamite Princess, however, is a complete mystery to us all as there isn’t even an image to guess who she is. Maybe that will be the advantage she needs to win. Prediction: Sexy Dynamite Princess

MaiHime (Maika & Himeka) vs. HANAKO & Lady C

One of the three rookies introduced will make their debut in this match as HANAKO teams with Lady C to take on the MaiHime duo of Maika and Himeka. Unlike Minami and Aya Sakura, HANAKO does have a match to her name before joining STARDOM as a trainee. To go along with that veteran status, she is now the tallest member of the roster at 181 cm. Teaming with Lady C feels like a natural fit and it’ll be interesting to see what she can show in the ring come Saturday. Prediction: Maika & Himeka

Giulia vs. Aya Sakura

Aya Sakura makes her in-ring debut against none other than the World of Stardom Champion, Giulia. Sakura is likely to stand out as a black belt in karate. As she said in her introduction to STARDOM at Korakuen Hall, she wants to be a wrestler that will never give up. Something tells us that Giulia isn’t going to hold back and very well may try to make her give up in the end. Prediction: Giulia

Miyu Amasaki vs. Syuri

The “Supernova Trial Series” continues for Miyu Amasaki as she will go one-on-one with Syuri. Of course, it was Amasaki who made her debut in the main event of NEW BLOOD 1 against Utami Hayashishita, quickly establishing her potential with a spirited performance against the Queen’s Quest leader. Amasaki is now coming off a “Passion Injection” match this past Sunday as Nanae Takahashi forced her to step up or step aside. The more Amasaki takes on these challenges, the better she will get and as we’ve seen with the rest of God’s Eye, there may be no one better to learn from than Syuri. The former World of Stardom Champion isn’t going to hold back and it’ll be up to Amasaki to show what she has as the trial series proceeds closer to its end. Prediction: Syuri

NEW BLOOD Tag Team Championship Tournament: Semifinals
Mai Sakurai & Chanyota vs. Starlight Kid & KARMA

The first-ever NEW BLOOD Tag Team Champions will be crowned by the end of the night at NEW BLOOD Premium! The first semifinal match will feature Mai Sakurai and Chanyota facing off with Starlight Kid and KARMA. As we’ve seen throughout the NEW BLOOD series, the relationship that Kid and KARMA have built may be strong enough to drive them to the finals and tag titles in the end. KARMA’s craziness mixed with her fireball-throwing style could be what costs them in the end as well as we’ve seen her disqualified before. Trying to guess what KARMA will ultimately do in the end is about as simple as guessing why Haruka Umesaki has become this character in the first place, but Starlight Kid should be able to lead them to the final at least. Prediction: Starlight Kid & KARMA

NEW BLOOD Tag Team Championship Tournament: Semifinals
MIRAI & Tomoka Inaba vs. Ami Sourei & Nanami

MIRAI and Tomoka Inaba are the ones. And when saying that, it feels like they’re the true power of this tournament. As we saw in the first-round matchup, MIRAI and Inaba had instant chemistry against wing*gori to the point that they not only won but did so in rather dominant fashion as they figured each other out. Now they will collide with their God’s Eye stablemates as Ami Sourei and Nanami attempt to pull off the big upset of the tournament. It’s tough to give Sourei and Nanami much hope but as we’ve seen in the past, Sourei has been able to get the best of the “Ash-Covered Cinderella.” It’ll be interesting to see how these two teams clash. Prediction: MIRAI & Tomoka Inaba

NEW BLOOD Tag Team Championship Tournament: Final

The final of the NEW BLOOD Tag Team Championship tournament will crown our first-ever champions. The most likely final matchup will see MIRAI and Tomoka Inaba take on Starlight Kid and KARMA, which puts four of the staples of NEW BLOOD against one another. If KARMA is able to use her unnatural methods to their advantage, it could be enough to throw off MIRAI and Inaba to get the win. And as we’ve seen with MIRAI over the last year plus, she has been able to get to the big title match but has yet to find success. This match is as important as any for her since joining STARDOM for the sheer fact she needs a title win — finally. Prediction: Starlight Kid & KARMA

Tam Nakano & Waka Tsukiyama vs. KAIRI & Nanae Takahashi — If Waka Tsukiyama loses, she will be out of Cosmic Angels and leave STARDOM

Even if the NEW BLOOD Tag Team Championship Tournament Final main events this show, there’s no doubt that the true main event for fans worldwide is this match right here. Can Waka Tsukiyama, after 134 matches with no wins in her STARDOM career, finally win? After Tam Nakano gave Nakano three months to win or she’d be kicked out of Cosmic Angels, Tsukiyama took it one step further at the NEW BLOOD Premium press conference by saying that if she can’t win and keep herself in the Cosmic Angels, she’s leaving STARDOM. And the scariest part for Tsukiyama and her fans? There may not have been a tougher deck to overcome than the one she has this coming Saturday.

Originally, the match was set to be Waka Tsukiyama going one-on-one with Nanae Takahashi one more time. But the Cosmic Angels leader Tam Nakano stepped up, saying she’d help out Tsukiyama and team with her, giving Takahashi a chance to pick whoever she wanted as a partner. Of course, she went to the ultimate choice, selecting “The Pirate Princess” KAIRI as her tag team partner. So not only does Tsukiyama have to overcome Takahashi, who has been almost unbeatable since her return to STARDOM in 2022, but she now has to also beat KAIRI who has one loss since returning which was against Mercedes Moné at NJPW Battle In The Valley. Otherwise, complete dominance.

As KAIRI said at the press conference, she plans to win. There’s no taking it easy on Waka Tsukiyama and truthfully, we wouldn’t want it any other way. 134 chances to win. 134 times Tsukiyama was unable to get the victory. This is the most important match of her career and no matter the result will be one of the most emotional matches of the entire year in all of pro wrestling. Buckle up.

You may be a KAIRI fan. You may be a Nanae Takahashi fan. But no matter who you usually cheer for, this Saturday is different. We’re all Waka Tsukiyama fans.

Feels like there’s sadness on the way at NEW BLOOD Premium. Prediction: KAIRI & Nanae Takahashi

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