Wrestling is an entertainment sport that has hooked hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. With its exciting match-ups and larger-than-life characters, it’s no wonder why people can’t get enough of the show! While all wrestling promotions have their share of over-the-top storylines, there are some that stand out from the rest as being incredibly bizarre.

From exploding cages to interdimensional invasions, we’re taking a closer look at some of WWE’s oddest stories and diving deep into how they were created—and what made them so captivating for audiences.

The Most Bizarre Storylines in Wrestling History

There are many contenders for the title of the most bizarre storyline in wrestling history. Below are the weirdest storylines in WWE history that will surely blow your mind:

Perry Saturn and Moppy

Perry Saturn came to WWE as a member of The Radicalz, four men who took their talents from the now-defunct WCW. While Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero went on to become world champions in WWE, Dean Malenko reigned supreme over the light heavyweight division. However, Saturn saw arguably the least success out of the group.

Today, he is most remembered for two things: The Rock calling him out for being cross-eyed and carrying around a mop as his manager. Rumours had it that Saturn started mistaking Terri Runnels, his valet at the time, for a mop he saw backstage and called it Moppy. In all fairness, one can understand how he could have gotten the two confused — they both had similar colours and were often seen side by side.

McMahon’s Illegitimate Son

Vince McMahon has undoubtedly stirred the pot on numerous occasions with his daring storylines, such as a rumoured plot of an incestuous relationship between his own son and daughter. Surprisingly, one story involving McMahon’s family that actually made it to TV was the concept of an illegitimate son.

The running storyline detailed that Mr McMahon’s secret love child was indeed a wrestler in WWE recruited by Kennedy, though this plot was later changed to Hornswoggle by the IWC. This goes to show how much Creative likes to keep its secrets guarded since even details about storylines can be altered in an instant due to spoilers uncovered by fans.

Katie Vick

Katie Vick is one of the most infamous names in wrestling history, but not for good reasons. The storyline included a tragic death and allegations of sexual assault on a dead body- yikes! It involves WWE wrestler Kane and his former romantic interest (also named Katie Vick).

Allegedly, Kane was present when Katie tragically died and was then accused by Triple H of sexually assaulting her corpse- an accusation which Triple H even went so far as to reenact. This cringe-worthy storyline didn’t just shock viewers at the time; it has become notorious in the years since for its reprehensible nature. Thankfully, it hasn’t been topped yet!

Hornswoggle as Cruiserweight Champion

This is a storyline that made a lot of people angry. It’s almost as if WWE was purposefully trying to hurt the Cruiserweight Championship. Hornswoggle had already taken part in poor storylines with Jamie Noble and Chavo Guerrero, but when they let him become the last Cruiserweight Champion, it proved how little respect the company had for the belt.

Taking every ounce of credibility and reputation associated with the title away like this was completely unfair, especially considering its long history within wrestling and how highly regarded it used to be. A lot of people felt like a slap in the face for all of us fans who appreciate good storytelling and development in professional wrestling.

Shane and Vince Vs. HBK and God

WrestleMania 22 was a top-notch event that raised expectations for the weeks ahead. And while WrestleMania has always had plenty of spectacles, Backlash 2006 would take things to an entirely new level by putting religion in the spotlight. Vince and Shane McMahon were set to square off against Shawn Michaels and his partner, God, in what could have been one of the most outlandish matches ever seen.

Instead of simply allowing it to happen as scripted, Vince McMahon declared himself as more powerful than God in a long-running program with HBK. He even made an attempt to prove his point at a church service which seemed to take things one step too far for some fans. During their match at Backlash, God was represented by a beam of light from above — an undeniable low that tested the faith of many viewers throughout.


The WWE had its fair share of controversial storylines over the years. From Katie Vick to Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son, even Hornswoggle as Cruiserweight Champion and Shane and Vince Vs. HBK and God, these storylines were some of the most talked about and shocking in wrestling history. While not all were successful, they each made a lasting impression on the industry by pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable on TV, stirring debate, and showing that anything can be possible in pro wrestling.