I never thought I’d be writing an article on Gigi Dolin.

Over the last year that Toxic Attraction was the dominant women’s stable in NXT, nothing about Dolin stood out to me aside from her fiery orange hair. But that all changed after she cut an incredible promo on this week’s episode of NXT.

In laying out a rebuttal to her former tag partner Jacy Jane, Dolin was able to make me feel something as a viewer that no other performer in WWE has done on the mic in a long time.

It was far different than the rehearsed, political delivery of Cody Rhodes or the underdog babyface charm of Sami Zayn. Dolin’s promo came from a very real place because it touched on many core emotions, such as trust, betrayal, abuse, and hope. These are far more relatable themes than we’re accustomed to hearing in professional wrestling promos. From her walk to the ring through her delivery of that cold-blooded closing line, Dolin put on a promo masterclass that every babyface on the main roster should study.

In bringing up the history with her abusive mother, she instantly connected to the casual fan in a way that even the best talkers in wrestling have a hard time doing.

Dolin channeled her emotions in a way that served as catharsis for her life experiences while simultaneously promoting her match with Jane, which isn’t an easy line to tow.

I don’t know what the future holds for Dolin, but she made a fan out of me. I am thoroughly invested in seeing what happens to her next.

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