The Future of Joshi series is an effort to highlight the best, young talent in Joshi pro wrestling for fans to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond. Led by Scott Edwards, a number of Joshi podcasters, writers, and fans took part in hyping up the best young talent from the scene as 15 wrestlers will be highlighted as well as honorable mentions. The latest wrestler featured in the series is Kaho Matsushita.

Kaho Matsushita

The final entry from the Ice Ribbon promotion is one of their newest talents. After debuting in November 2021, Kaho Matsushita has had all eyes on her. She quickly showed in 2022 that she was arguably the best rookie not only Joshi but pro wrestling as a whole. From being given Tsukasa Fujimoto’s gear to challenging for the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship with her former classmate Asahi, the year proved to be an impressive one — so much so that she got her own place in the Future of Joshi series.

What makes Matsushita’s potential so exciting is how much her work resembles that of Fujimoto, who is the longtime ace of Ice Ribbon. From the moveset to the overall way she’s beginning to carry herself, the 20-year-old is showing she has what it takes to be special.

Abid returns to the series to perfectly highlight why she’s not only a future ICExInfinity Champion but may embody the idea of an ace more than anyone else on the roster moving forward.

Trained by her best friend Asahi. She made her debut on November 13, 2021, at Ota Ward City Gymnasium against Asahi. Both have known each other since high school, especially sharing the same class (Year 1, Class 9). Since Ice Ribbon’s ace Tsukasa Fujimoto has taken a break from pro-wrestling in May of 2022, Fujimoto has given Kaho her gear as a present.  Kaho has started to become more like Fujimoto. Fujimoto is a tremendous all-around performer, but was also quite the striker, especially when using kicks. Like Fujimoto, Kaho started to use: roundhouse kicks, enzuigiri, kicks to the back, and penalty kicks. Kaho has become quite the performer today, one of the top prospects in pro wrestling. She is constantly improving as a wrestler, and it’s been a lot of fun seeing her grow. She has a lot of potential to grow further as a performer in the future. No doubt, she will be a future ace of Ice Ribbon and a future ICExInfinity Champion. – Abid (@abid5706)

Matsushita’s best outings have come against the other pillars of the new Ice Ribbon in Asahi and Ibuki Hoshi. Seeing her ability to not only compete with them but many times be on the same level as them is why she’s an exciting prospect. Her overall offensive game is so different from there’s which allows her to further herself from the pack. The kicks that she utilizes have the technique behind them and as time has gone on, they only carry more and more impact behind them.

Kaho Matsushita is still so new to wrestling with only 167 matches to her name, but it’s the fact she’s put that much work into her art that it makes sense why she’s getting better at such a rapid rate. In 2022 alone, she participated in Diana, GLEAT, SEAdLINNNG, Ganbare Pro, and more promotions to go along with Ice Ribbon. If you’ve read the other Future of Joshi series parts, you can’t underestimate how important it is to work in these other promotions to learn more and more.

2023 has seen a new opportunity for her as she, as well as Asahi, has begun to compete in the PURE-J promotion. Only one match to her name there as of this writing, but here’s to hoping for more and more opportunities for the young star.

We’ve only seen a glimpse as to what Matsushita is going to be as a pro wrestler with so much growing to come throughout the year but the potential is there that she has earned a spot in the Future of Joshi series. If she can become even half of what Tsukasa Fujimoto was, then that’s a fantastic career. But if she can take some of the Fujimoto similarities to make the name Kaho Matsushita a name to remember, then it is truly a job well done.

All eyes should be on Matsushita and Ice Ribbon!

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