WWE’s WrestleMania is just around the corner and it could see the return of one of the company’s biggest-ever stars. “Stone Cold” Steve Austin hasn’t wrestled properly in almost 20 years after walking away from the squared circle in 2003 due to the effects of a neck injury incurred during SummerSlam 1997 when Owen Hart piledrove him. However, Austin could be about to return to the ring for a full match.

According to a recent Wrestling Observer Radio episode, Dave Meltzer claimed Austin was offered a match for WrestleMania 39 against Brock Lesnar. Although another source, Fightful, claims Austin was offered a bout against Romain Reigns at the company’s signature annual event.

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Meltzer’s reporting has been called into question of late due to some errors in his reporting. However, Meltzer went on the radio claiming Austin wasn’t offered a match at WrestleMania against Reigns, rather it was a bout versus Lesnar. Meltzer went on to say the match was probably talked about within the WWE and Austin’s people “for months”. No source was given for the news or whether “Stone Cold” would take the match and finish his career with one last bout.

Rumors over Austin’s potential return to a WWE ring have circulated for years. Austin did return to the WWE in 2022 at WrestleMania 38 in an “impromptu” no-holds-barred match. The match took place after Austin was scheduled to appear on a special episode of the KO Show.

Austin’s popularity during the late 1990s and early 2000s made him one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time. It enabled him to go to Hollywood and make movies, along with an extremely popular podcast. The WWE could have built up the match to attract fans that left wrestling behind when Austin, The Rock, and others faded into the sunset 20 years ago. Yet, the company decided on a 14-minute match featuring Austin and Owens brawling all over ringside and “Stone Cold” wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts.

The WrestleMania 38 impromptu match with Owens was decided due to Austin not feeling like he could put on a strong match. However, in the days leading up to the event, Austin changed his plans, feeling more comfortable in the ring. Having had almost a year to think things over, Austin could still take the match against Lesnar.

All wrestlers consider themselves to have one more run left in them, and Austin is likely no different. Austin is now 58 years old and has kept busy with various gigs in the entertainment business in recent years. However, given the chance to wrestle in a WWE ring once more, on his terms, Austin could take the company up on their offer.

A match against Lesnar would be the ultimate dream for many fans of the Attitude Era and the modern day. It was Vince McMahon’s plan for Austin to drop the WWE World Heavyweight belt to Lesnar in 2002. Austin was in his 30s at the time and still the biggest star in the company. He didn’t want to drop the belt to the, at the time, rookie. Now, Austin may be willing to come back to the WWE and wrestle one final time.