The Voices of Wrestling 2022 Match of the Year countdown continues with the first of our Top 25!

Voices of Wrestling 2022 Match of the Year Archives

Voices of Wrestling Match of the Year Archives

Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston

Overall Points: 97
Total Votes: 19
% of Ballots: 9.09%
2 First-Place Votes

A quick King’s Road banger” -Jack Atkins

I took part in the review of this PPV for Voices of Wrestling, and when I went back to see what I thought of this match, my closing line (which is a line I 100% stole from Joe Lanza) reads as follows:


Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston was a match that I was definitely looking forward to, and the build had been pretty good, but man did this match totally blow away my expectations. This was a fourteen minute, action packed sprint that was the perfect PPV opener. Both of these men worked their asses off in a bout that was definitely inspired by peak 90’s All Japan. Eddie Kingston scoring a submission victory over Chris Jericho on PPV has easily been the highlight of his AEW run thus far (and I definitely remember really pulling for him to win in the moment). As for Jericho, 2022 has been a career renaissance, and this match was easily his best in-ring outing of the year. There were a ton of excellent matches in 2022, but this awesome encounter between Chris Jericho and Eddie Kingston gets my #1 vote. It was everything I love about pro-wrestling. It had a strong build, the crowd was super hot for it right from the opening bell, and the action was nothing short of amazing.” -Sean Sedor

Shingo Takagi vs. Kazuchika Okada

Overall Points: 98
Total Votes: 17
% of Ballots: 8.13%
Highest Vote: 2nd

After a fairly forgettable 2022 from an accomplishment perspective, I’m afraid that Shingo Takagi’s run as world champion and main event star during the heart of the pandemic is going to be forgotten. Takagi’s presence during the bleakest days of the pandemic in Japan were a spark of life, and it culminated in an unlikely Tokyo Dome main event at Wrestle Kingdom 16. Takagi’s trademark explosiveness, fire, and a rushing closing sequence with Okada (probably the greatest closing-stretch wrestler in his generation) gave us another instant classic.” -Jesse Collings

Mayu Iwatani vs. KAIRI

Overall Points: 99
Total Votes: 18
% of Ballots: 8.61%
2 First-Place Votes

When KAIRI came back from WWE this was the match I needed. After half a year of people questioning me “Is KAIRI still good? This is not the same Kairi Hojo as before.” This match mixed with the one she had the night before with Saya Kamitani shut everyone up. KAIRI was back. This match was just what you would expect when you see Mayu Iwatani and KAIRI’s names on paper. Two parts of the infamous threedom going out there to have a masterclass of a wrestling match. A perfect start to the IWGP Women’s Title and it was the best match to happen in a New Japan ring since 2020 and the best match period all year. After the match was over everyone in my discord who had watched it with me was up in arms about Mayu losing, and I felt alone in thinking “This is KAIRI’s crowning moment of coming back to STARDOM. This was what everyone needed to see to feel ok KAIRI is 100% back in wrestling” because it really was that. KAIRI put on two great back-to-back nights of performances and felt the most like Kairi Hojo she had done since leaving for WWE. Mayu Iwatani also deserved the win yes, but we also needed a match and a moment everyone can watch and say “Ok yes KAIRI is back.” This match was the message to everyone that KAIRI is back in wrestling and she is better than ever.” -Sondre Bjørn

I’ve gone back and forth over my thoughts on this match ever since it happened but I think I’ve finally settled on a good spot for it. Mayu vs KAIRI was an engrossing match that captured my attention from the moment the bell rang, from there they took me on the journey with them as I watched two of Stardom’s homegrown stars, two people who helped grow the company, compete in front of 7,000 people to earn the right to be called the first-ever IWGP Women’s Champion. My vested interest in seeing Iwatani win was so strong, and this was only enhanced by the English commentary where Waka Tsukiyama was near tears cheering on Mayu to keep fighting. Pro wrestling at its core is very simple, it’s about making people care about the pins, the winners, the stories, and Mayu vs KAIRI achieved all of that.” -Alex Richards

Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay

Overall Points: 100
Total Votes: 19
% of Ballots: 9.09%
Highest Vote: 2nd

I don’t think there are currently two humans on the planet I would rather see in a match with each other (new feud between Omega/Ospreay notwithstanding) than these two maniacs. If you have them wrestle in any given year, that is an automatic MOTY contender because they have the skill, chemistry, and story history to make magic every time.” -Jacob Nelson

Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Go Shiozaki

Overall Points: 103
Total Votes: 18
% of Ballots: 8.61%
2 First-Place Votes

I didn’t expect to start my 2022 year off with what would become my match of the year. I kicked off the live feed, listening to the extremely energetic Stuart Fulton, along with the #1 Joe Lanza fan Mark Pickering. A fun, average show was the pacing on this event, as we get to the semi main event of Kaito Kiyomiya vs Kenoh. As expected, these two put on a clinic as always. Immediately, I said it looks like these two are going to do their typical January together, and put on the best match of the night. Shiozaki makes his way out as if he was the angel coming to stop evil, followed by the Champ, who looked like a possessed demon. The big fight feel started to fill my head, and I suddenly had that thought the former duo, AXIZ, were about to do something special. These two hit each other like their lives were on the line. Between the kicks and chops, lariats by Shiozaki, soccer kicks by Nakajima, and just the disgusting drops on each others heads, this was war. I began to have a old nostalgic feeling of Misawa and Kobashi when they began to work the ramp. I knew that these two guys were going somewhere, and they did. A good counter by Shiozaki, who then hits a release German suplex off the ramp, to the floor. Not the Tiger Suplex, but just as violent. Nakajima rolled around by the ring post, almost mimicking Kobashi, yet he didn’t lose that sinister smirk that he had the entire evening. Shiozaki finally got back inside with the champ and hit a nasty Gowan Lariat followed up a second, yet Nakajima kept going. Shiozaki finally went upstairs and attempted the moonsault, but Nakajima got out of the way and hit a nasty PK to which I thought that was it. Shiozaki manages to get back up and is hit with a Vertical Spike to a two count that actually make a clap crowd shreak in awe of it. Nakajima knew he had him at this point, to which he elevates a trying to stand Shozaki and hits a Northern Lights Driver, almost as a homage to Kensuke Sasaki to get the win. I stood up and clapped like a complete mark at this point. While Kenoh and Nakajima cut their promo picking apart New Japan, all I could think about was the fact that I doubt anything can top what I just saw 5 hours into the year. I had hoped this was going to lead to a great feud across the year, only to have that thought ended a month later when Ironhead won the Title. What this could have been had booking been better, and Shiozaki wasn’t held together by the same tape that Dalton Castle seems to be held together with. One day, they will get a chance to do this again, and that might be my time to take a return trip to Japan.” -Ryan Cooke

To be honest, this whole show was incredible. Getting into Noah after they’d run their first Budokan event in years I was eager for the next one, and it didn’t disappoint. The main event was this one, a clash between 2 former friends, leading different paths. Shiozaki was still clinging to the ‘I AM NOAH’ image that he had created in 2020 through many years of rejection, defection and hard work, and Nakajima was forming his own, darker path, donning black and red and using a Japanese version of Shiozaki’s catchphrase. What transpired was an extremely physical battle that ended in Nakajima decimating his former friend, claiming his spot at the top of NOAH.” -Joel Hancock

Will Ospreay vs. Tetsuya Naito

Overall Points: 114
Total Votes: 21
% of Ballots: 10.05%
2 First-Place Votes

Despite struggling to engage its fans for much of the pandemic, 2022 offered numerous examples of not only signs of life, but clues that New Japan Pro-Wrestling could be poised for a furious comeback in 2023.

It’s important to remember that even among the concerns about clap-crowd atmospheres or inconsistent booking decisions, there’s still a staggering level of talent in this company. Get the right people together, and it becomes astonishingly easy to rekindle the magic that captured the hearts and minds of wrestling fans just a few years ago.

Hey, speaking of a staggering level of talent, let’s talk about Tetsuya Naito and Will Ospreay! The former is already a Hall of Fame level performer, with the latter well on his way to eventually joining him.

And when you look at the kind of year Will Ospreay had, a match that stands above his astonishing output of magnificent performances must occupy some truly rarefied air.

The big key to my love for this match comes down to its handling of reversals. If you think about this match from a real world perspective, Tetsuya Naito haas been wrestling at a high level for a decade at this point — there’s plenty of tape out there on the guy you can use to prepare for him.

Ospreay used this kind of thinking to his advantage, and utilized numerous counters and reversals to shut down Naito’s signature spots. As a result, Naito had to work so much harder to get anything going. The sense of frustration and anticipation for the viewers in Osaka and watching at home built more and more, ultimately making it feel so much more rewarding when Naito finally broke through Ospreay’s defenses and landed a big move.

Despite ultimately falling to Ospreay, Naito felt so much fresher and more reenergized than he had at any point since defeating Okada in the Tokyo Dome to begin 2020. For Ospreay, it was a signature win for both himself and the IWGP United States championship.” -TDE

Just when I thought they had a good match on the G1, these two men killed it in the main event of what I call the best NJPW show of 2022. Great back and forth, edge of your seat action where you wonder how the hell these two men don’t make mistakes while wrestling. This pairing is just incredible. This is the kind of high-end wrestling that makes me fall in love in New Japan all over again. After the match, there was the great debut of Shota Umino, which added to the moment. A can’t miss main event.” -Abraham Delgado

Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes

Overall Points: 114
Total Votes: 22
% of Ballots: 10.53%
1 First-Place Vote

Cody Rhodes is a national treasure. Cody Rhodes is also a psychopath. Cody Rhodes set himself on fire for our entertainment. We do not appreciate Cody Rhodes. Cody Rhodes ripped his pectoral muscle off of his body and used it as a story device for a match in World Wrestling Entertainment. We should appreciate Cody Rhodes.” -Andrew Stewart

Cody Rhodes refuses to be boring, even in a WWE system that churns some of the most talented wrestlers in history into an uninteresting gray blob of mediocrity. Cody gutting his way through a torn pec would’ve been enough to make this match memorable, but the match he preceded to have with Seth Rollins was nothing short of brilliant. Though given Cody’s limitations, a lot of the credit should go to Rollins for creating a lot of the urgency, excitement and movement for the match. Seth was a true ring general that night and was incredibly unselfish. Together, the 2 men created the most memorable WWE main event of the past decade, if not longer.” -Liam Renner

Swerve In Our Glory (Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland) vs. The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster)

Overall Points: 120
Total Votes: 25
% of Ballots: 11.96%
1 First-Place Vote

What an incredible match. The third match came close to this, but couldn’t match the incredible drama in this match. Swerve in Our Glory should be in the conversation for Tag Team of the Year with their string of incredible tag title matches as challengers and champions. This was their best, setting up months of tension and making The Acclaimed mega stars. That night people wondered if it was a mistake to not give The Acclaimed the titles, but this loss was so good it made us want the win more.” -Mongo Underscore Ebooks

I think the biggest testiment to a good match is if you want to rewatch it. Even more so if no matter how many times you’ve seen it, you’re willing for a different outcome. A match that many were low on coming into All Out, this was The Acclaimed’s coming out party.

Anthony Bowens highlighted his ability to effectively sell a body part, to an elite level as it debilitates him throughout. Max Castor shows his untapped babyface fire, fighting on his own while still trying to keep his partner involved – even if it’s to the team’s detriment. Despite willing for an Acclaimed victory each time you watch it, the most heartbreaking moment is seeing Daddy Ass slide in at the last second – he can’t bare to see his adoptive sons give so much, only to fall at the last hurdle.” -Sam Roberts

FTR (Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood) vs. Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis)

Overall Points: 135
Total Votes: 25
% of Ballots: 11.96%
2 First-Place Votes

Epic tag match which I was lucky enough to witness live. Both teams brought everything they had with a split crowd backing them equally.” -Joe Towner

This was hands down the best match I have ever seen live. It was a pleasure to watch two of the best teams in the world, and in 2022 in particular go at it in person. This is also the first wrestling show I went to since the pandemic began and so that helped to boost it up a level for me as well.

The noise and reaction from the crowd is such a big determiner to me of a good match. If the crowd is invested and buying into every single second of the match then that really helps elevate it for me, and with the audience, myself included, all standing on their feet for the entire back end of this match, that really pushed it over the edge to being my match of the year. Adding to this was the bump of seeing it live in person and a healthy dosage of blood to really lock it in as my match of the year.

The duelling chants began from the very beginning, helping to create an electric atmosphere. Dax’s chest gets busted open from the very first chops from Davis, and Dax responds in kind, cutting Davis’ chest open as they lay into each other with vicious chops. This is how you start a professional wrestling match!

You add to all of this: great hot tags from Dax, some fantastic near falls, a bloody Davis and Harwood on their knees slugging at each other, Kyle Fletcher slapping his partner in the face while they are both in sharpshooters to stop him from tapping out, and the noise from the crowd as FTR begins to build to and then finally hit the Big Rig means this was in a league of its own for me this year.

Just wonderful overall tag team wrestling, and it was such a pleasure to see FTR in person given the tremendous 2022 they had and to be a part and to play a small part in this all time tag team run. Five stars.” -Steven

Z-Brats (Diamante & Shun Skywalker) vs. Kung Fu Masters (Jacky Funky Kamei & Jason Lee)

Overall Points: 176
Total Votes: 26
% of Ballots: 12.44%
3 First-Place Votes

Sometimes a match just hits you and no other match hit as hard as the Twin Gate match from the Ultimo Dragon Anniversary show. The defining Dragongate match of the year and maybe even the entire decade, much in the same way as the legendary 2006 Supercard of Honor trios match.

The pace, the moves, the drama, everything just clicks with these four men in the ring, with especially Jacky Funky Kamei having a career performance as the smallest man in the match.

While this and the 2020 Go Shiozaki vs Kazuyuki Fujita are very, VERY different kind of matches, they both left me with the same feeling. I won’t be seeing anything like this in a while, if ever.

In the words of Todd Howard: “All of it just works, it just works.”” -Semi Salmikannas

In 2006, after Blood Generation vs. Do Fixer had upended the world of wrestling, Ring of Honor booker Gabe Sapolsky described the match as being “five years ahead of what was being done in the U.S.” There is no promotion on Earth, nor any other combination of wrestlers, that are prepared to do what these four just accomplished. I’ve never seen a match like this, with so much athleticism and brutality, all of which was executed to the greatest degree possible.

This match will not age well in the way that most matches do. In a few years, we will not see this match influencing the larger wrestling world. This match will age well because we’ll never see anything like it again.

This was perfection.” -Case Lowe

The climax to one of the best feuds in all of wrestling in 2023 between Shun Skywalker and Jason Lee. This followed almost nine months of Skywalker becoming progressively more unhinged and psychopathic after the dissolution of his stable Masquerade at the end of 2021. Skywalker had been a vindictive bully to his former stablemates through the first half of the year, taking the Twin Gate championship from Dragon Dia and relentlessly bullying Jason Lee. That all culminated in this match, which saw a nonstop battle of unbelievable high-flying acrobatics for nearly 20 uninterrupted minutes. While most of the story lies between Shun and Jason, Jacky Funky Kamei is the star of the show, giving the underdog babyface performance of the year with mind-blowing counters and one of the most cathartic finishes of the year.” -Paul Wedding

Will Ospreay vs. Orange Cassidy

Overall Points: 178
Total Votes: 35
% of Ballots: 16.75%
1 First-Place Vote

I’m loath to admit how much I have missed of Will Ospreay’s recent New Japan run but this reminded me why he’s stellar and why he’s one of my guys and why he could put his foot in it all day for the rest of his life and still be one of my guys. Orange Cassidy showed his best side this night as well. Just captivating pro wrestling that took full advantage of the strengths and differences between the two men. This was the best match on a brilliant card, just a cut above the rest.” -Sandra Berry

A match that felt like a disappointment when it was announced ended up being something we all needed. After the initial shenanigans stemming from Orange Cassidy’s gimmick, these two had a tremendous match with excellent high spots and chemistry. The best part is, these two probably have a better match in them down the line.” -Tyler Forness

Death Triangle (PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Rey Fenix) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

Overall Points: 182
Total Votes: 37
% of Ballots: 17.70%
Highest Vote: 2nd

What can I say? I love all 6 men in this match and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the following 5 matches they had in 2022 but this one was very clearly the best. Helped by the return of The Elite with new music. The story of the match and more so with Death Triangle and the hammer was great and kicked off a fantastic series of matches.” -Harley Duncan

My AEW match of the year. The Elite’s return to AEW following the Brawl Out debacle was one of the best moments in pro wrestling in 2022 as the “Carry On Wayward Son” played over the speakers as Newark lost their minds with us worldwide seeing the perfect photo of Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks standing in front as perfect silhouettes. But it was the match that followed that was all the more special. Whether it’s Kenny Omega vs. PAC or The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Bros, these combinations never miss. Making it a trios situation where all six are in one match and as you’d expect, it is chaos and greatness from start to finish. I can’t even try to talk about all the moves and sequences that happened by Rey Fenix embracing PAC’s mindset of using the hammer to hit Omega and roll him up to steal the win was a perfect finish. Little did we know at the time it’d lead to a seven-match series but even without the continuation, Match #1 was the perfect start to what they’d go on to do. One of the best matches of the year no question.” -Scott Edwards

Will Ospreay vs. Michael Oku

Overall Points: 207
Total Votes: 35
% of Ballots: 16.75%
3 First-Place Votes

The single greatest heel performance from Will Ospreay.” -UpcomingWrestling

A thrilling drama that reminded fans about what the best the UK indies has to offer. A unique, charming atmosphere with a white-meat babyface in Michael Oku, overmatched by the global superstar Will Ospreay, but gives it his absolute all in front of a captivated audience willing to play along with the story. Ospreay is in his brash, arrogant glory, stooping to incredible lows to defeat the plucky underdog in the best match in Europe since the pandemic.” -Jesse Collings

The heat for this match was off the charts. Ospreay was the perfect bully to Oku, who was the perfect underdog babyface. The ending, with Ospreay destroying a helpless Oku with Hidden Blade after Hidden Blade after Hidden Blade, refusing to pin him, then wiping Oku’s bloody face on a towel and throwing it at Oku’s girlfriend before winning with the Stormbreaker, put the match over the top. Not the cleanest match of the year, but arguably the most emotional.” -Andrew Rich

Kazusada Higuchi vs. Konosuke Takeshita

Overall Points: 209
Total Votes: 29
% of Ballots: 13.88%
6 First-Place Votes

Two of the absolute best the promotion has to offer in such a well structured match. Higuchi and Takeshita have tremendous chemistry and worked off one another so darn well throughout the entire bout. Plus it has a Nigel/Bryan ringpost spot… How could I not put this at number 1?!” -SamTheVAMod

Two guys running into each other until one runs out of steam from two wrestlers that have a lot of energy, presence, motivation, and steam. This match is intense and exhilarating. Kazusada Higuchi and Konosuke Takeshita are battling for not just the champion of DDT but, for who and what represents DDT. This is also one of the first times that there has been chanting acceptable during a big championship match in Japan I have seen in years which adds to the atmosphere. An awesomazing ending to the match too.
Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kazusada Higuchi is not just my favorite match from 2022, Konosuke Takeshita vs. Kazusada Higuchi might be one of my favorite DDT matches ever and I really, really like alot of DDT matches.” -Henry / HeadCheese

I’ve been following both wrestlers from the beginning of their careers as in literally watch either guy’s first match. Especially with Higuchi I’ven been in for the start and couldn’t wait for him to eventually become the KO-D Openweight Champion. The way he became champion was unfortunate, because Endo had to forfeit the title and Higuchi couldn’t win it from one of the pillars of the company. So they had to take another direction and after becoming DDT’s flag bearer he had to string together big wins. The first one came with defeating former champion Endo and for the second they turned to Takeshita. The match was what it needed to be and what I hoped it would be: It was a grueling battle for supremacy between two of the best and most dynamic powerhouses in wrestling these days. The brutality especially of the ring post spot probably isn’t for all and I’m critical of it as well, but it was part of Takeshita throwing everything at Higuchi and the champion standing tall nonetheless. This was spectacular.” -STRIGGA

Higuchi shot up everyone’s ranking for best wrestler in 2022, and this match was a major reason why. While everyone knows about Takeshita’s considerable talents, Higuchi is a guy that in the past everyone knew was good, but not just how good. Takeshita did his usual high impact and high flying offense, while Higuchi brought his Sumo and old-school All Japan inspired big bomb moves. Not only was it full of crazy spots including Higuchi accidentally headbutting the corner post, but it told the story of Higuchi finally beating the ace of DDT and beginning to put his own stamp on the company.” -Gerard Di Trolio

Two of the absolute best wrestlers just going at it in an absolute epic, and a rare classic that went under twenty minutes. This made Higuchi and showcased just what a star Takeshita is.” -Sarah Flannery

A passionately violent battle for the soul of DDT. Higuchi and Takeshita drummed their fists and knees against each other’s flesh with precision and power. They throw the biggest of bombs time and time again. The rhythm of it is all is frantic and spellbinding. The result is a masterful spectacle, a war, the pinnacle of Higuchi’s tremendous KO-D title run.” -Ryan Dilbert

Gunther vs. Sheamus

Overall Points: 234
Total Votes: 46
% of Ballots: 22.01%
2 First-Place Votes

This was expected to be a hard-hitting battle, and the two held nothing back, bruising each other up but good. This is not the type of match you see often in WWE and only a few wrestlers can really pull it off. Gunther and Sheamus are two of them. Despite the loss, Sheamus had a lot of momentum coming out of this; I’m not sure WWE properly capitalized on it.” -Greg Parks

There were only two WWE matches from 2022 that I remotely considered putting in my top 10. One was the Cody Rhodes/Seth Rollins Hell in a Cell match, a dramatic spectacle built around Cody coming into the match with a completely purple pec. But this match, Gunther vs. Sheamus, gets a nod into my top-10 by virtue of being almost totally unlike any WWE main roster match you’ll ever see. It’s a tribute to Gunther, wrestling’s final boss, and Sheamus, who’s late-career renaissance has been one of the few regular bright spots on WWE TV for me in the past several years. An immediate entry into the Big E “Big Meaty Men Slapping Meat” Hall of Fame.” -Adam Shinder

Voices of Wrestling 2022 Match of the Year
(Full List)

PlaceMatchDatePromotionOverall PointsTotal Votes% of BallotsHighest Vote
1FTR vs. The Briscoes12/10ROH134414368.42%1st
2FTR vs. The Briscoes04/01ROH83011755.98%1st
3Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay08/18NJPW7699143.54%1st
4Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson01/05AEW6509244.02%1st
5The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Blackpool Combat Club05/29AEW5808741.63%1st
6Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay01/05NJPW4796933.01%1st
7Syuri vs. Giulia12/29Stardom4576129.19%1st
8Jun Kasai vs. El Desperado09/12JTO4015827.75%1st
9CM Punk vs. MJF03/06AEW3615928.23%1st
10FTR vs. The Briscoes07/23ROH2594421.05%1st
11Gunther vs. Sheamus09/03WWE2344622.01%1st
12Kazusada Higuchi vs. Konosuke Takeshita09/25DDT2092913.88%1st
13Will Ospreay vs. Michael Oku01/29RevPro2073516.75%1st
14Death Triangle vs. The Elite11/19AEW1823717.70%2nd
15Will Ospreay vs. Orange Cassidy06/26AEW/NJPW1783516.75%1st
16Z-Brats vs. Kung Fu Masters07/30DG1762612.44%1st
17FTR vs. Aussie Open10/16NJPW1352511.96%1st
18Swerve In Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed09/04AEW1202511.96%1st
19Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes06/05WWE1142210.53%1st
20Will Ospreay vs. Tetsuya Naito11/05NJPW1142110.05%1st
21Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Go Shiozaki01/01NOAH103188.61%1st
22Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay08/06NJPW100199.09%2nd
23Mayu Iwatani vs. KAIRI11/20NJPW/Stardom99188.61%1st
24Shingo Takagi vs. Kazuchika Okada01/04NJPW98178.13%2nd
25Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston03/06AEW97199.09%1st
26Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida12/21AEW912411.48%3rd
27Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta04/08AEW872511.96%4th
28Adam Page & The Dark Order vs. The Elite09/04AEW75167.66%1st
29Tetsuya Naito vs. Will Ospreay08/17NJPW71136.22%2nd
30Miyu Yamashita vs. Miu Watanabe08/13TJPW70136.22%1st
31The Elite vs. The United Empire08/31AEW69178.13%3rd
32MUSASHI vs. Fujita Hayato07/10Michinoku Pro6594.31%1st
33Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii05/01NJPW64146.70%2nd
34Villano IV vs. Pentagon Jr.10/15AAA63115.26%2nd
35Starlight Kid vs. AZM02/23Stardom62146.70%1st
36Tam Nakano vs. Giulia10/01Stardom58115.26%2nd
37Stuka Jr. vs. Atlantis Jr.09/16CMLL56125.74%2nd
38Josh Alexander vs. Mike Bailey12/08Impact Wrestling5483.83%1st
39Jon Moxley vs. Will Ospreay04/16NJPW52104.78%3rd
40Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair04/02WWE49104.78%2nd
41Sami Zayn vs. Johnny Knoxville04/03WWE4973.35%1st
42Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia08/17AEW4883.83%1st
43Jon Moxley vs. Biff Busick03/31GCW47125.74%2nd
44Mayu Iwatani vs. Giulia01/29Stardom4794.31%3rd
45Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay03/21NJPW45115.26%4th
46El Lindaman vs. Shigehiro Irie05/18GLEAT4594.31%2nd
47Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes04/02WWE4562.87%1st
48Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara01/26AEW44115.26%4th
49Konosuke Takeshita vs. Tetsuya Endo03/20DDT4362.87%1st
50Shingo Takagi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.03/26NJPW38125.74%4th
51Yuki Yoshioka vs. Masaaki Mochizuki12/06DG3883.83%1st
52El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Rey Fenix10/15AAA3883.83%2nd
53CM Punk vs. MJF02/02AEW3852.39%1st
54Kazusada Higuchi vs. Naomi Yoshimura07/03DDT3252.39%2nd
55Villano IV vs. LA Park04/30AAA3052.39%1st
56Alex Shelley vs. AC Mack01/21ACTION3052.39%2nd
57Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk09/04AEW3031.44%1st
58Astronauts vs. Strong BJ07/09BJW2962.87%3rd
59El Phantasmo vs. Robbie Eagles05/26NJPW2873.35%2nd
60Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar07/30WWE2862.87%4th
61Drew Parker vs. Masashi Takeda11/24FREEDOMS2831.44%1st
62Hamuko Hoshi & Nanae Takahashi vs. Dropkickers05/22Ice Ribbon2820.96%1st
62Maikol vs Teo Griffin08/28Legion Nueva Era Argentina2820.96%1st
64KAI vs. Susumu Yokosuka05/05DG2741.91%3rd
65Miyu Yamashita vs. Mizuki01/04TJPW2662.87%2nd
66Tomohiro Ishii vs. Ren Narita10/26NJPW2562.87%3rd
67La Jarochita vs. Reyna Isis09/16CMLL2552.39%3rd
68Syuri vs. Utami Hayashishita11/19Stardom2452.39%4th
69The Elite vs. Death Triangle11/23AEW2452.39%4th
70The Elite vs. Death Triangle12/28AEW2273.35%3rd
71The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. The Blackpool Combat Club06/29AEW2262.87%4th
72Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito02/20NJPW2241.91%4th
73Aussie Open vs. The VeloCities05/22RevPro2231.44%2nd
74Kento Miyahara vs. Yuma Aoyagi05/15AJPW2231.44%2nd
75Asahi, Hamuko Hoshi, Ibuki Hoshi, Kaho Matsushita, Kiku, Nao Ishikawa, Rina Amikura, Saran, Yappy, Yuko Sakurai & Yuuki Mashiro vs. Dropkickers04/23Ice Ribbon2220.96%1st
76Giulia vs. Suzu Suzuki10/01Stardom2141.91%3rd
77Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel07/01Impact Wrestling2131.44%1st
78Natsupoi vs. Tam Nakano06/26Stardom2131.44%2nd
79Dragon Kid & Kzy vs. Knesuka04/07DG2120.96%1st
79Takashi Sugiura vs. Masato Tanaka06/04ZERO12120.96%1st
81Jordynne Grace vs. Masha Slamovich10/07Impact Wrestling2041.91%2nd
82Starlight Kid vs. Giulia08/27Stardom2031.44%3rd
83Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley03/06AEW1941.91%2nd
84FTR vs. The Young Bucks04/06AEW1852.39%3rd
85Suzuki-gun vs. Suzuki-gun12/23NJPW1831.44%1st
86Laredo Kid vs. El Hijo del Vikingo10/23AAA1720.96%1st
86Calvin Tankman vs. Jay Malachi05/27DPW1720.96%1st
88Josh Alexander vs. Alex Shelley08/12Impact Wrestling1720.96%2nd
89Mike Bailey vs. Konosuke Takeshita06/10West Coast Pro1662.87%6th
90Suzu Suzuki vs. MIRAI08/11Stardom1631.44%4th
91JD McDonagh vs. Joe Gacy vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Axiom vs. Grayson Waller12/10WWE1631.44%4th
92The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Brothers06/03AEW1631.44%5th
93Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul11/05WWE1541.91%4th
94Biff Busick vs. SLADE02/04Beyond1541.91%6th
95Alex Colon vs. Rina Yamashita08/13GCW1531.44%4th
96Suzu Suzuki vs. Tomoka Inaba12/19JTO1531.44%5th
97Michael Oku vs. Luke Jacobs07/23RevPro1520.96%1st
98Death Triangle vs. United Empire08/24AEW1441.91%5th
99Yumehito Imanari vs. Shigehiro Irie08/13DDT1431.44%4th
100Claudio Castagnoli vs. Zack Sabre Jr.06/26AEW/NJPW1431.44%5th
101Miyu Yamashita vs. Shoko Nakajima03/19TJPW1431.44%6th
102SW3RVE vs. Nick Wayne02/26DEFY1420.96%4th
103Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White06/12NJPW1420.96%3rd
104Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita12/09AEW1410.48%1st
104Titan vs. Suicida09/30CMLL1410.48%1st
104Joel Bateman vs. Ritchie Taylor02/05DMDU1410.48%1st
104Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda vs. BULK Orchestra10/09GLEAT1410.48%1st
104Alpha Wolf vs. Dragon Bane vs. Ninja Mack04/29NOAH1410.48%1st
104Fuminori Abe & Shigehiro Irie vs. Violence Is Forever10/12wXw1410.48%1st
110El Soberano Jr. vs. Templario07/29CMLL1341.91%5th
110Mike Bailey vs. Bandido03/31WrestleCon1341.91%5th
112Jurassic Express vs. The Young Bucks vs. reDRagon03/06AEW1320.96%3rd
112Calvin Tankman vs. Alex Coughlin04/08DPW1320.96%3rd
114Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter11/19AEW1241.91%7th
115Jake Lee vs. Yuma Aoyagi05/04AJPW1231.44%5th
116Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jon Moxley06/26AEW/NJPW1231.44%5th
116Kaito Ishida vs. Tetsuya Izuchi10/09GLEAT1231.44%5th
118Yuka Sakazaki vs. Miu Watanabe08/14TJPW1220.96%3rd
119Kazusada Higuchi vs. Yukio Sakaguchi10/23DDT1220.96%4th
119Suzuki-gun vs. UNCHAIN12/19JTO1220.96%4th
121Dax Harwood vs. Will Ospreay06/15AEW1220.96%5th
122Sammy Guevara vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Darby Allin03/04AEW1141.91%6th
123Tyler Bate vs. Trent Seven09/01WWE1131.44%3rd
124El Mesias, Kenny King, Lince Dorado, Matt Taven, Oraculo, Robbie Eagles, Rocky Romero & Tiger Mask vs. Atlantis Jr., El Soberano Jr., Mistico, Stuka Jr., Templario, Titan, Ultimo Guerrero & Volador Jr.08/19CMLL1131.44%4th
125Adam Page vs. Adam Cole03/06AEW1131.44%5th
125Shoko Nakajima vs. Yuka Sakazaki10/09TJPW1131.44%5th
127Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Yoshiki Inamura08/07ZERO11120.96%2nd
128Syuri vs. Risa Sera05/28Stardom1120.96%3rd
129Daisuke Masaoka, Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda vs. ERE07/19FREEDOMS1120.96%4th
129Saya Kamitani vs. Starlight Kid07/09Stardom1120.96%4th
131Arisa Nakajima vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto04/29SEAdLINNNG1120.96%5th
132Flamita vs. Bandido09/23Big Lucha1020.96%2nd
132Kazuchika Okada vs. Zack Sabre Jr.04/09NJPW1020.96%2nd
132Shoko Nakajima vs. Rika Tatsumi07/09TJPW1020.96%2nd
135NEXTREAM vs. NEXTREAM05/14AJPW1020.96%3rd
135Los Ingobernables de Japon vs. Kongo01/08NJPW/NOAH1020.96%3rd
137Claudio Castagnoli vs. Konosuke Takeshita (08/06 - AEW)08/06AEW1020.96%4th
138Arisa Nakajima & Hikaru Shida vs. Ibuki Hoshi & Tsukasa Fujimoto05/22Ice Ribbon1020.96%5th
139Chris Jericho vs. Tomohiro Ishii11/23AEW941.91%7th
140Chris Jericho vs. Action Andretti12/14AEW931.44%4th
141Ben-K vs. Yuki Yoshioka12/25DG931.44%6th
142Tomohiro Ishii vs. Minoru Suzuki04/16NJPW920.96%4th
143Kazuchika Okada vs. JONAH08/07NJPW920.96%5th
143Hideki Suzuki vs. Kaito Kiyomiya09/03NOAH920.96%5th
145CM Punk vs. Dustin Rhodes04/20AEW920.96%6th
145The Usos vs. The Street Profits07/02WWE920.96%6th
147Villano IV vs. Psycho Clown06/18AAA910.48%2nd
147AC Mack vs. Masha Slamovich03/04ACTION910.48%2nd
147Kyle O'Reilly vs. Rey Fenix05/18AEW910.48%2nd
147Biff Busick vs. Brody King03/19Circle 6910.48%2nd
147YAMATO vs. Yuki Yoshioka05/11DG910.48%2nd
147GENTARO vs. Yasushi Sato03/19Dream Fighter Wrestling910.48%2nd
147Honor No More vs. Impact Originals06/19Impact Wrestling910.48%2nd
147Maikol and Gint Giovanna vs CLS11/21Legion Nueva Era Argentina910.48%2nd
147El Desperado vs. Hiromu Takahashi06/03NJPW910.48%2nd
147Jay White vs. Tama Tonga10/10NJPW910.48%2nd
147Chris Brookes vs. Kid Lykos10/15PROGRESS910.48%2nd
158Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii09/04AEW841.91%7th
159Orange Cassidy vs. Katsuyori Shibata11/04AEW831.44%6th
159Imperium vs. The Brawling Brutes10/08WWE831.44%6th
161CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley08/24AEW831.44%7th
162Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii05/14NJPW820.96%4th
163Tomohiro Ishii vs. Taichi07/17NJPW820.96%5th
163Kenoh vs. Kaito Kiyomiya01/01NOAH820.96%5th
165Samoa Joe vs. Darby Allin12/07AEW820.96%6th
165Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada vs. Kaito Kiyomiya & Keiji Muto01/08NJPW/NOAH820.96%6th
167Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho08/10AEW820.96%7th
168Jurassic Express vs. The Young Bucks06/15AEW810.48%3rd
168Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Daiju Wakamatsu08/14BJW810.48%3rd
168Yuki Yoshioka vs. Eita09/19DG810.48%3rd
168Shawn Kemp vs. Chase Holliday vs. Joe Lando vs. Lucky Ali vs. Jay Malachi08/13DPW810.48%3rd
168Marcius Pitt vs. Gavin McGavin01/08EPW810.48%3rd
168Kyoko Kimura vs. Jungle Kyona05/23Hana Kimura Memorial810.48%3rd
168The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Aussie Open09/22Impact Wrestling810.48%3rd
168Conurbardo vs CLS07/17Legion Nueva Era Argentina810.48%3rd
168Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito05/01NJPW810.48%3rd
177Will Ospreay vs. Nick Wayne06/19GCW731.44%8th
177Taichi vs. DOUKI01/10JTO731.44%8th
179Kazusada Higuchi vs. Tetsuya Endo08/20DDT720.96%6th
179El Lindaman vs. DOUKI08/24GLEAT720.96%6th
181El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Bandido12/28AAA720.96%7th
181Will Ospreay vs. Ricky Knight Jr.08/21RevPro720.96%7th
181Arisa Nakajima vs. Riko Kaiju05/13SEAdLINNNG720.96%7th
184Adam Priest vs. Anthony Henry12/02ACTION710.48%4th
184Swerve In Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed09/21AEW710.48%4th
184Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett vs. Darby Allin & Sting11/19AEW710.48%4th
184CM Punk & Jon Moxley vs. FTR02/09AEW710.48%4th
184Yuki Yoshioka vs. YAMATO11/06DG710.48%4th
184The Kings Of The District vs. The Production07/02Enjoy710.48%4th
184Julian Ward vs. Michael Morleone vs. Taylor King12/17EPW710.48%4th
184Sami Callihan vs. Steve Maclin vs. Moose09/23Impact Wrestling710.48%4th
184Christian Rose vs Jeremy Wyatt04/29Journey Pro710.48%4th
184Gint Giovanna vs Ricky Rocca10/23Legion Nueva Era Argentina710.48%4th
184Virus vs. Makabre10/16Lucha Memes710.48%4th
184Tomohiro Ishii vs. Shingo Takagi03/07NJPW710.48%4th
184Keiji Muto vs. Kaito Kiyomiya07/16NOAH710.48%4th
184Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Masa Kitamiya01/16NOAH710.48%4th
184The 0121 vs. The Sunshine Machine vs. The Smokin' Aces06/25PROGRESS710.48%4th
184Hazuki vs. Saya Kamitani08/28Stardom710.48%4th
200Eddie Kingston vs. Jun Akiyama11/19AEW631.44%8th
201Josh Alexander vs. Frankie Kazarian11/18Impact Wrestling620.96%6th
201Saya Kamitani vs. Tam Nakano03/27Stardom620.96%6th
203Adam Page vs. Lance Archer02/09AEW620.96%8th
203Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Hideki Suzuki04/08NOAH620.96%8th
205Anthony Henry vs. Adam Priest01/21ACTION610.48%5th
205Chris Jericho vs. Bandido09/28AEW610.48%5th
205Mistico vs. Atlantis Jr.05/27CMLL610.48%5th
205Calamari Drunken Kings vs. ASUKA & MAO05/22DDT610.48%5th
205Miyu Yamashita vs. Miyuki Takase06/11DPW610.48%5th
205Andrew Everett vs. Bojack01/15DPW610.48%5th
205Bryan Keith vs. Mike Bailey12/16Freelance610.48%5th
205Jordynne Grace vs. Masha Slamovich11/18Impact Wrestling610.48%5th
205Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards10/07Impact Wrestling610.48%5th
205Cami Love vs Chuck Dixon08/31Legion Nueva Era Argentina610.48%5th
205Teo Griffin vs Aerial Van Go vs Solar Sanchez vs McKiller12/12Legion Nueva Era Argentina610.48%5th
205Fred Rosser vs. Gabriel Kidd02/19NJPW610.48%5th
205Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada & Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Suzuki-gun & Yoshiaki Fujiwara03/01NJPW610.48%5th
205Kazuchika Okada vs. JONAH10/10NJPW610.48%5th
205El Desperado & Master Wato vs. Hiromu Takahashi & Taiji Ishimori11/05NJPW610.48%5th
205Mike Bailey vs. Bandido01/29PWG610.48%5th
205Mercedes Martinez vs. Willow Nightingale04/01ROH610.48%5th
205Travis Huckabee vs. Adam Priest06/19SUP610.48%5th
223FTR vs. The United Empire vs. Roppongi Vice06/26AEW/NJPW510.48%6th
223Dragon Dia vs. Takuma Fujiwara03/05DG531.44%9th
224Jon Moxley vs. MJF11/19AEW520.96%7th
224Syuri vs. ASUKA05/23Hana Kimura Memorial520.96%7th
224KENTA vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi01/05NJPW520.96%7th
227Adam Page vs. Konosuke Takeshita05/18AEW520.96%8th
227Las Fresa de Egoistas vs. Ayame Sasamura & Riko Kaiju09/22SEAdLINNNG520.96%8th
229Timothy Thatcher vs. Wheeler YUTA08/21Beyond510.48%6th
229J-Master vs Striker05/16Catch Argentino510.48%6th
229MAO vs. ASUKA05/01DDT510.48%6th
229Jon Moxley vs. Tom Lawlor04/30DEFY510.48%6th
229Shingo Takagi vs. Taichi12/19JTO510.48%6th
229Jun Kasai & Tomoaki Honma vs. Suzuki-gun05/06JTO510.48%6th
229Tomohiro Ishii vs. Jay White07/23NJPW510.48%6th
229Taichi vs. Shingo Takagi04/25NJPW510.48%6th
229Katsuyori Shibata vs. Ren Narita01/04NJPW510.48%6th
229Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Timothy Thatcher11/10NOAH510.48%6th
229Maya Yukihi & Rina Yamashita vs. Miyuki Takase & Ryo Mizunami05/20NOMADS510.48%6th
229Dominic Garrini vs. Daniel Makabe08/06Scenic City510.48%6th
229Starlight Kid vs. Natsupoi02/01Stardom510.48%6th
229Mayu Iwatani vs. Starlight Kid10/01Stardom510.48%6th
229Syuri vs. Mayu Iwatani03/27Stardom510.48%6th
245Alex Shelley vs. Anthony Henry05/06ACTION420.96%8th
245BULLET CLUB vs. Dudes With Attitudes06/26AEW/NJPW420.96%8th
245Hartley Jackson vs. Mizuki Watase12/27DDT420.96%8th
245Jonathan Gresham vs. Chris Sabin01/08Impact Wrestling420.96%8th
245Juice Robinson vs. David Finlay07/26NJPW420.96%8th
250Natural Vibes vs. GOLD CLASS03/05DG420.96%9th
251Adam Cole vs. Dax Harwood05/11AEW410.48%7th
251Darby Allin, Sting & The Hardys vs. AFO03/23AEW410.48%7th
251Luchasaurus vs. Jack Perry11/19AEW410.48%7th
251Cash Wheeler vs. Dax Harwood04/27AEW410.48%7th
251Calamari Drunken Kings & DISASTER BOX vs. The 37KAMIINA & ASUKA06/12CyberFight410.48%7th
251Jungle Kyona vs. Masha Slamovich09/10GCW410.48%7th
251Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young06/19Impact Wrestling410.48%7th
251J-Master vs Francisco Rolon07/17Legion Nueva Era Argentina410.48%7th
251Kazuchika Okada vs. Jeff Cobb07/16NJPW410.48%7th
251Tetsuya Naito vs. Zack Sabre Jr.03/27NJPW410.48%7th
251EVIL vs. Tama Tonga05/01NJPW410.48%7th
251Juice Robinson vs. Ren Narita10/08NJPW410.48%7th
251Taichi vs. Jay White08/13NJPW410.48%7th
251Trey Miguel vs. Alex Shelley11/12REVOLVER410.48%7th
251Mina Shirakawa vs. Thekla01/29Stardom410.48%7th
251Hikaru Sato vs. Keita Yano09/19Tenryu Project410.48%7th
251Pom Harajuku vs. Max The Impaler08/13TJPW410.48%7th
251Hyper Misao & Nodoka Tenma vs. Marika Kobashi & Raku vs. Hikari Noa & Yuki Arai vs. Magical Sugar Rabbits vs. Hakuchumu02/28TJPW410.48%7th
251KrackerJak vs. Lochy Hendricks05/27WrestleRock410.48%7th
270Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia09/07AEW310.48%8th
270Jeff Hardy vs. Darby Allin05/11AEW310.48%8th
270Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita07/13AEW310.48%8th
270Brody King vs. Darby Allin08/10AEW310.48%8th
270The Young Bucks vs. Swerve In Our Glory vs. Team Taz07/13AEW310.48%8th
270Team Mexico vs. Team World10/28CMLL310.48%8th
270Niebla Roja vs. Titan04/22CMLL310.48%8th
270Atsushi Kotoge, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Yoshiki Inamura vs. Burning & Kazusada Higuchi06/12CyberFight310.48%8th
270ASUKA & MAO vs. Harimao07/24DDT310.48%8th
270Kevin Blackwood vs. Jay Freddie06/18ESW310.48%8th
270Rina Yamashita & Toru Sugiura vs. Los Mazisos06/05GCW310.48%8th
270T-Hawk vs. El Lindaman02/22GLEAT310.48%8th
270Guido el Demoledor vs Lucio12/12Legion Nueva Era Argentina310.48%8th
270Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson vs. Will Ospreay05/14NJPW310.48%8th
270Kazuchika Okada vs. El Desperado03/02NJPW310.48%8th
270Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Kaito Kiyomiya02/15NOAH310.48%8th
270Alex Shelley vs. Bandido05/29Prestige310.48%8th
270Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jungle Kyona10/30Prestige310.48%8th
270Cara Noir vs. Spike Trivet06/25PROGRESS310.48%8th
270Mike Bailey vs. Buddy Matthews07/03PWG310.48%8th
270Gabriel Kidd vs. Francesco Akira01/29RevPro310.48%8th
270Swerve In Our Glory vs. Shane Taylor Promotions12/10ROH310.48%8th
270Chihiro Hashimoto vs. ASUKA07/10Sendai Girls310.48%8th
270Saya Kamitani vs. Himeka08/21Stardom310.48%8th
270Sakura Hirota vs. Miyuki Takase vs. Alfred Necklenpurg08/13WAVE310.48%8th
270Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens & The Brawling Brutes vs. The Bloodline11/26WWE310.48%8th
270Bron Breakker vs. JD McDonagh vs. Ilja Dragunov10/22WWE310.48%8th
270Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes05/08WWE310.48%8th
270Mad Dog Connelly vs. Jake Lander04/30ZERO1 USA310.48%8th
299Eddie Kingston, Shota Umino & Wheeler Yuta vs. Minoru Suzuki & The Jericho Appreciation Society06/26AEW/NJPW220.96%10th
299Maika & MIRAI vs. Aoi & Tomoka Inaba09/12JTO220.96%10th
301Laredo Kid vs. Taurus vs. Fenix vs. Bandido vs. El Hijo del Vikingo06/18AAA210.48%9th
301Kento Miyahara & Takuya Nomura vs. Cyrus & Shuji Ishikawa12/07AJPW210.48%9th
301Natsumi Sumikawa vs. Miku Aono10/30AWG210.48%9th
301Mari & Miku Aono vs. Kouki & Natsuki08/12AWG210.48%9th
301Kazusada Higuchi vs. Yuki Ueno12/29DDT210.48%9th
301Emi Sakura vs. Mizuki08/13DPW210.48%9th
301Alexander Otsuka, Katsushi Takemura, MAZADA & Nobuyuki Kurashima vs. Hisamaru Tajima, Sanshu Tsubakichi, TAMURA & Yutaka Yoshie12/01Dradition210.48%9th
301Daisuke Sekimoto, Shuji Ishikawa & Yuji Hino vs. Daichi Hashimoto, Kazusada Higuchi & Yuma Aoyagi06/15Fortune Dream210.48%9th
301Mei Suruga vs. Yuna Mizumori09/15Gatoh Move210.48%9th
301Gringo Loco & Los Vipers vs. Arez, ASF & Komander12/16GCW210.48%9th
301Psycho Clown vs. Gringo Loco02/05GCW210.48%9th
301Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin01/08Impact Wrestling210.48%9th
301Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo01/08Impact Wrestling210.48%9th
301Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rok-C01/13Impact Wrestling210.48%9th
301Adam Priest vs. Mad Dog Connelly07/11IWTV210.48%9th
301CLS vs Team Dojo10/23Legion Nueva Era Argentina210.48%9th
301Cíclope & Lobo Blanco vs. Damián 666 & El Mago01/30Lucha Libre Vanguardia210.48%9th
301Ryusuke Taguchi vs. SHO05/25NJPW210.48%9th
301Lance Archer vs. Kazuchika Okada08/16NJPW210.48%9th
301Satoshi Kojima vs. Kenoh07/16NOAH210.48%9th
301Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher vs. Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura07/16NOAH210.48%9th
301Charli Evans vs. Cara Noir01/15Resurgence210.48%9th
301AZM vs. Mei Suruga04/29Stardom210.48%9th
301Liam Lacey vs Zakk Archer06/18Tasmanian Championship Wrestling210.48%9th
301Magical Sugar Rabbits vs. Saki Akai & Yuki Arai07/09TJPW210.48%9th
301Maki Ito vs. Alex Windsor07/09TJPW210.48%9th
301Vinnie Massaro vs. Naomichi Marufuji vs. Xtreme Tiger vs. Misterioso11/19West Coast Pro210.48%9th
301Fuminori Abe vs. Masha Slamovich10/04wXw210.48%9th
329Tomohiro Ishii vs. Adam Cole04/22AEW110.48%10th
329Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho09/14AEW110.48%10th
329Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Sydal05/27AEW110.48%10th
329PAC vs. Orange Cassidy10/12AEW110.48%10th
329Wardlow vs. MJF05/29AEW110.48%10th
329Maya Yukihi, Mayumi Ozaki & Suwama vs. Team 200kg & Shuji Ishikawa12/25AJPW110.48%10th
329Kento Miyahara, Ryo Inoue, Takuya Nomura & Yuma Anzai vs. Kosei Fujita, Ryohei Oiwa, Yuji Nagata & Yuto Nakashima10/02AJPW110.48%10th
329Black Generation vs. Sky Team, Bandido, Ciclon Ramirez Jr. & Gravity03/25Big Lucha110.48%10th
329Eruption & Kazuki Hirata vs. Pokotan & Gota Ihashi11/05DDT110.48%10th
329DISASTER BOX vs. The 37KAMIINA02/27DDT110.48%10th
329Bojack vs. Diego Hill06/03DPW110.48%10th
329Tony Johnson vs. Ray Lyn vs. Killian McMurphy vs. Big Game Leroy vs. David Lawless vs. Edith Surreal vs. Mr. Grim vs. Pretty Boy Smooth vs. Calvin Couture vs. O'Shay Edwards vs. Devon Monroe vs. Tyler Klein vs. Erica Leigh vs. Jordan Blade vs. Zeke Mercer vs. Eel O'Neal vs. Cowpoke Paul vs. Billy Dixon vs. Sazzy Boatright vs. ??? vs. Angelo Carter vs. Paris Sahara vs. Perfect Perkins vs. The Unwilting Tatiana vs. Yinza12/17Enjoy110.48%10th
329Mike Bailey vs. Lee Moriarty04/09Enjoy110.48%10th
329The Untouchables vs. Freos Finest09/03EPW110.48%10th
329Team Bandido vs. Team Gringo01/23GCW110.48%10th
329Tetsuya Izuchi vs. Yu Iizuka03/05GLEAT110.48%10th
329El Lindaman vs. Kaito Ishida12/30GLEAT110.48%10th
329Axel Tischer vs. Marius Al-Ani01/09GWF110.48%10th
329Ace Austin vs. Kenny King vs. Andrew Everett vs. Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne06/19Impact Wrestling110.48%10th
329America's Most Wanted, Heath & The Good Brothers vs. Honor No More07/01Impact Wrestling110.48%10th
329The Briscoes vs. BULLET CLUB06/16Impact Wrestling110.48%10th
329Team Legion vs Team Catch11/21Legion Nueva Era Argentina110.48%10th
329Adam Brooks vs. Mitch Waterman03/12MCW110.48%10th
329Shane Taylor vs. Bryan Keith07/16New Texas Pro110.48%10th
329Shingo Takagi vs. YOSHI-HASHI07/23NJPW110.48%10th
329Minoru Suzuki vs. Bad Dude Tito09/05NJPW110.48%10th
329El Desperado vs. Hiromu Takahashi01/04NJPW110.48%10th
329Shingo Takagi vs. Taichi06/12NJPW110.48%10th
329Dan Maloney vs Mark Trew08/12PURPOSE Wrestling110.48%10th
329Yuka Sakazaki vs. Masha Slamovich07/03PWG110.48%10th
329Dan The Dad & Jake Manning vs. Infrared09/17REVOLVER110.48%10th
329Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia07/23ROH110.48%10th
329Oedo Tai vs. STARS05/05Stardom110.48%10th
329Saya Kamitani vs. MIRAI05/28Stardom110.48%10th
329JJ Storm vs Aaron Lynch vs Liam Lacey12/17Tasmanian Championship Wrestling110.48%10th
329Shoko Nakajima vs. Hyper Misao01/04TJPW110.48%10th
329Sanshiro Takagi vs. Hyper Misao03/19TJPW110.48%10th
329Miyu Yamashita vs. Thunder Rosa07/09TJPW110.48%10th
329Suzu Suzuki vs. Hikaru Shida08/14WAVE110.48%10th
329Kevin Blackwood vs. SB KENTo11/19West Coast Pro110.48%10th
329Starboy Charlie vs. Titus Alexander08/19West Coast Pro110.48%10th
329Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens04/02WWE110.48%10th
329Carmelo Hayes vs. Ricochet09/04WWE110.48%10th
329Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Asuka06/05WWE110.48%10th
329Lunatik Xtreme, Ovett Jr., Super Boy Jr. & Venganza vs. Amnesia, Chucho el Roto, Lunatik Fly & Osiris05/15Zona 23110.48%10th