The first batch of matches to finish in the Top 50 of Voices of Wrestling’s 2022 Match of the Year countdown.

Voices of Wrestling 2022 Match of the Year Archives

Voices of Wrestling Match of the Year Archives

Shingo Takagi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Overall Points: 38
Total Votes: 12
% of Ballots: 5.74%
Highest Vote: 4th

Zack is one of my favorite wrestlers and it was a great opportunity this year to see him become the king of the New Japan Cup. Shingo showed that he deserved a long IWGP title reign and they tore it up here in a scientific classic. I hope that we get to see them rematch in an IWGP Title match sometime this year.” -Dave Musgrave

Konosuke Takeshita vs. Tetsuya Endo

Overall Points: 43
Total Votes: 6
% of Ballots: 2.87%
2 First-Place Votes

It’s appropriate that this was the main event for such a landmark show. Long time rivals going against each other one more time. Endo has never beaten Takeshita for the KO-D Openweight Title before and this seemed to be his time. The storytelling in the match with Endo changing his approach, adopting a more technical and methodical approach to the match, to good success. Takeshita, in turn, went to the sky more than he has done in a while. This slowly built up until the 25 minute mark where the high impact signature moves came out. Takeshita hit some nasty brain busters and hit all his signature moves but Endo couldn’t be denied.” -MC

Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara

Overall Points: 44
Total Votes: 11
% of Ballots: 5.26%
Highest Vote: 4th

Unbelievably violent and scary ladder match along with a good story to boot. Sammy had never beaten Cody and they work like he has to have the fight of his life to do so. Cody dominates in violent fashion, stiffing the hell out of Sammy at all opportunities and going out of his way to hurt him with horrific ladder spots. Almost every fall had the worst landing possible. Cody is indulging himself all match long culminating in the hilariously unnecessary Fuego assault. It had to end in the classic standoff at the top of the ladder and it was such a climactic conclusion.” -Flae

Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes

Overall Points: 45
Total Votes: 6
% of Ballots: 2.87%
1 First-Place Vote

WWE is all about the moments, and what a great moment they’ve created here. When Cody Rhodes came down that ramp to face Seth Rollins, the atmosphere was almost dreamlike. It felt like we were transferred to a parallel universe, and that created a very unique feeling that only added to the match. Maybe the action itself wasn’t the best thing for a professional wrestling match, but the vibe itself was enough to put it on the #2 spot in my MOTY list.” -Evandro Furtado

El Lindaman vs. Shigehiro Irie

Overall Points: 45
Total Votes: 9
% of Ballots: 4.31%
Highest Vote: 2nd

Everything you have heard about this match is true and then some. Being a huge fan of both men may give this spot a little bias, but I can’t help it when these two gave a masterclass in Puro.” -SamTheVAMod

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay

Overall Points: 45
Total Votes: 11
% of Ballots: 5.26%
Highest Vote: 4th

Part of Ospreay’s other-worldly run the first half of the year. A surprise finish. ZSJ was on point in this match, especially with his counter-wrestling. Really enjoyable and fun to watch.” -Eric Krol

Mayu Iwatani vs. Giulia

Overall Points: 47
Total Votes: 9
% of Ballots: 4.31%
Highest Vote: 3rd

Stardom had my favorite Joshi match in all of 2022 very early into the year with a great draw at their first big show of like ten thousand more to come. A draw that made any other in the year to come look weak in comparison.” -Sven Albrecht

Jon Moxley vs. Biff Busick

Overall Points: 47
Total Votes: 12
% of Ballots: 5.74%
Highest Vote: 2nd

Dudes rock MOTY. Intense, violent, and thrilling from start to finish. 2022’s proof of concept that Bloodsport is the one GCW gimmick show with the potential to bring you a MOTYC every year.” -Dave Ryan

Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia

Overall Points: 48
Total Votes: 8
% of Ballots: 3.83%
2 First-Place Votes

In a battle of different generations, Danielson and Garcia stepped into a world that went beyond the conventional American pro wrestling wisdom. They engaged in a war of gnarly and brutal wrestling, fusing clever submissions with piercing strikes. The 2 out of 3 Falls element heightened the drama even further, as they exchanged falls and momentum throughout. Some wrestlers just click in the ring with one another. These two certainly did that.” -Jamie Johnson

Sami Zayn vs. Johnny Knoxville

Overall Points: 49
Total Votes: 7
% of Ballots: 3.35%
1 First-Place Vote

“This match was like the wrestling version of a unicorn. Somehow, WWE managed to blend a celebrity wrestling match, a tribute to the Jackass television show & movies, a garbage hardcore brawl, and a live stunt show into one single match… and it was somehow GREAT! This match is also, in my opinion, the greatest performance of Michael Cole’s career as a commentator.” -Liam Renner

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Bianca Belair

Overall Points: 49
Total Votes: 10
% of Ballots: 4.78%
Highest Vote: 2nd

Bianca Belair put on another Wrestlemania classic for the second year running as she defeated Becky Lynch to win the Raw Womens Championship – a title she would still hold going into 2023. Bianca’s athletic, spirited, never give up performance was matched by that of Becky’s deluded Big Time Becks character, whose ego would eventually cost her the win here. I HATED the Bianca/Becky title switch at Summerslam 2021, but this went some way to recovery from that and make Bianca feel like more of a star. More matches like this from Belair on the biggest stage and she’ll be entering Shawn Michaels rarefied air as Mrs. Wrestlemania.” -Ed Mills

Jon Moxley vs. Will Ospreay

Overall Points: 52
Total Votes: 10
% of Ballots: 4.78%
Highest Vote: 3rd

You could almost forget this match even happened. Both men were yet to embark on the journeys that would define their respective 2022s — Moxley would be tasked with carrying an injury-and-turmoil-ridden AEW, Ospreay would reinvigorate the IWGP US Title and reel off must-see matches. But first, they met in Chicago.

Often, when watching inter-promotional matchups between stars with different styles, you have to temper your expectations. Two wrestlers who’ve never worked together before will likely have to work out some kinks. One participant may drag the match into their own comfort zone. It’s almost never the clash you’ve dreamt up in your head.

That was not the case here. Moxley used brute, blunt force to try and halt the relentless athleticism of Will Ospreay. If Ospreay went aerial, Mox would plant his feet and swing. If you find Moxley’s brawling and bleeding repetitive or Ospreay’s matches too pristine-looking, they met each other right in the middle.

There’s a point in the match where Jon Moxley hits a running dropkick that launches Will Ospreay from the apron into the guardrail. Both men are bloodied, lying in heaps. Then the five-minute call happens. The intensity never stops escalating for the 16 minutes that follow.” -Jon Hernandez

Josh Alexander vs. Mike Bailey
Impact Wrestling

Overall Points: 54
Total Votes: 8
% of Ballots: 3.83%
1 First-Place Vote

I’m a stickler for using the term ‘workrate’ for it’s intended meaning: the rate of work within a match, i.e., the ratio of action to resting. Not that resting is always bad, or that constantly moving is always good, but workrate has a meaning distinct from ‘great’ when it comes to assessing matches.

This was a great match. It was also a workrate match. For 60 minutes (ok, 59 minutes) these two just went at it, moving from canter to tror and back again and never really letting up. I normally hate matches that go long for the sake of going long, but I was never bored during this match, as I have been during other critically acclaimed hour matches.

Look, you could easily fill a top ten list with Josh Alexander matches this year, as you could with Mike Bailey. So it’s fitting that in December, these two set their flag in the ground for what’s probably going to be lauded as a classic for years to come.” -Ewan Cameron

Stuka Jr. vs. Atlantis Jr.

Overall Points: 56
Total Votes: 12
% of Ballots: 5.74%
Highest Vote: 2nd

CMLL was so bad for so long after the start of the pandemic that I almost couldn’t believe things were looking up this year. This didn’t reach the heights of some of the best Aniversario mask matches but was great in its own right with Atlantis Jr showing just how great he is. I love his big dive and loved Stuka’s performance here too. Highlight may have been how proud Atlantis looked after the match seeing his son collect his first mask.” -Mongo Underscore Ebooks

Tam Nakano vs. Giulia

Overall Points: 58
Total Votes: 11
% of Ballots: 5.26%
Highest Vote: 2nd

The two long-term rivals reach the finals of the 5Star Grand Prix and have to do it one more time. Giulia and Tam added to their all-time great feud with another classic. Both play their roles perfectly with the high stakes of the tournament on the line.” -Steven Graham

Starlight Kid vs. AZM

Overall Points: 62
Total Votes: 14
% of Ballots: 6.70%
1 First-Place Vote

The current apex of their forever feud. A thriller that requires rewatch to catch all of its beautiful details, to appreciate the breadth of the physical genius on display. This was a match where two special talents pushed the limits of what is possible in terms of speed and agility. AZM and Starlight Kid gave us a glimpse of not only the future of STARDOM but the future of wrestling.” -Ryan Dilbert

Villano IV vs. Pentagon Jr.

Overall Points: 63
Total Votes: 11
% of Ballots: 5.26%
Highest Vote: 2nd

At 57 years old, Villano IV had one of the best runs of anyone in 2022. The last of the 5 brothers, it seemed obvious from the start of the Ruleta de la Muerte tournament he would lose his mask. Nobody expected the way he would go down swinging. After a brutal slugfest with LA Park and a bloodbath with Psycho Clown, Villano IV would go on to Triplemania CDMX against his toughest opponent yet: Pentaton Jr. Pentagon had yet to truly have his apuestas moment and Villano IV’s mask was one of the biggest he could take.

These two delivered an all time classic brutal war. It was loaded with references to Villano’s brothers famous apuestas matches, most notably Villano III/Atlantis as Pentagon trapped Villano IV in the La Atlantida. In the end, Penta stood tall drenched in blood and holding Villano IV’s mask like he was a Mortal Kombat character. Villano IV had put on an absolutely inspiring performance to wind down his career and Penta finally had that apuestas match to his resume.” -BlastoSTG

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii

Overall Points: 64
Total Votes: 14
% of Ballots: 6.70%
Highest Vote: 2nd

Without the benefit of any kind of story, two of the greatest in-ring workers of all time proved that on any given night they can still produce at a level that few will ever equal.” -Niagara Driver

MUSASHI vs. Fujita Hayato
Michinoku Pro

Overall Points: 65
Total Votes: 9
% of Ballots: 4.31%
1 First-Place Vote

This meant a whole lot to me. Michinoku Pro is one of my favorite companies to follow, because everyone involved put so much heart into this tiny local company that has long ago seen their best days. From the moment on the news about Hayato’s cancer diagnose I followed every tiny news bit available and translated it for as much people to follow as possible. Hayato’s road from this diagnose years ago to his return match in July is nothing short of a miracle. The match itself had a special atmosphere, because it reflected Hayato’s mentality of never giving up. What developed was an incredibly captivating and strike heavy fight that Hayato could not have had with anyone else on the roster than MUSASHI. This was the first real match Hayato wrestled in over 5 years and seemed like he had never gone away which, in combination with Shinzaki crying when handing over the belt, makes it even more special.” -STRIGGA

The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. The United Empire (Kyle Fletcher, Mark Davis & Will Ospreay)

Overall Points: 69
Total Votes: 17
% of Ballots: 8.13%
Highest Vote: 3rd

It’s amazing that this is a match that was broadcast on free, U.S. television. By rights, it’s the sort of match one could easily highlight on a Pay Per View, and yet, we got to watch it on a Wednesday night, on a given Dynamite broadcast. Unbelievable. If there’s one complaint to make about this match is that the picture-in-picture breaks do no justice to American fans of the Dynamite broadcast, as there is so much delicious detail lost during commercial breaks. Not just visually, but as the commentators continue to engage the match, even while the show has gone to commercial – something that international fans of the show via FITE, get to enjoy.

This was before all of the scandals that would take place in the wake of the All Out PPV – and so, the energy we get from the Elite is notably different than we’ve seen from them in the later half of the year. There was more of an enthusiasm coming off of the Elite, as Kenny Omega had just returned after his time off to heal from surgery. They had the air of something to prove, but more in the context of reestablishing themselves after time off, and it added a certain exuberance to this match. As well, we were in the early stages of the Kenny Omega/Will Ospreay rivalry, which this match does an excellent job of planting seeds for what is yet to come for these two competitors.

While this match does have a few execution missteps, they’re minor. Instead this match encapsulates the potential of when the uppermost eschelon of AEW crosses over with their counterparts from NJPW. It’s an exciting sort of magic not found elsewhere in the world of pro wrestling.” -Reuel Castillo

Miyu Yamashita vs. Miu Watanabe

Overall Points: 70
Total Votes: 13
% of Ballots: 6.22%
2 First-Place Votes

The story of this match is really the story of Miu Watanabe, the 23 year old, pop idol, powerhouse of TJPW. Calling Miu’s run in the Princess Cup this year a “Cinderella story” is selling the young Watanabe’s talents short. From the start she was a favorite, maybe not to win, but still had a large swelling of support behind her. In her 5 year career, Miu has created a name for herself as an upbeat, energetic, and hard working member of the TJPW roster. Every opponent she has found herself in the ring with she’s proven herself worthy of being there with, and despite her sugary, high energy entrance music, or her always present smile, Miu Watanabe may be one of the hardest working and most underappreciated Joshi working today.

To put into words how emotionally charged and important this match felt is hard. To try and explain to someone what this match meant for TJPW fans watching it is harder. Miu has had success before with her tag partner, Rika Tatsumi, having won the Tag Team belts a few times, but as a singles wrestler it’s always been a struggle for Watanabe to make it to the finish line and claim gold. As the Princess Cup continued on the thought that Watanabe was going to bring home the cup swelled, and this match was the biggest roadblock for her yet. Her opponent, the “Pink Striker” Miyu Yamashita is the ace of TJPW. A brutal striker known for her skull crushing kicks and fluid and precise movements. The odds were stacked against Watanabe from the moment the match was official.

What Miu loses in striking and maneuvering she makes up for in raw power. This match is the tale of Yamashita continually striking down Watanabe, and Watanabe refusing to stay down out of the pure strength of heart that you’d expect from her. It’s these continued crushing blows that brings out the monster in Watanabe. The match devolves from a Veteran and Rookie to monster vs monster. Watanabe, a screaming, tenacious, machine abosrbing blow after blow and returning them back twofold each time. Yamashita, a demon, her killing intent in her eyes piercing her opponent like a bullet from a gun. The tension so thick you couldn’t even cut it with a knife.

This is the crux that makes this match so special. A side of Miu that we rarely see, a young woman with everything to prove and fighting to keep her dream alive agaisnt insurmountable odds and, in the end, through her own strength of will overcoming those odds to pull off the biggest win of her career. The moment the 3 count falls and Miu breaks down into tears, you can help but feel those same feelings of overwhelming joy after watching the hell she went through to reach it.

If there is one TJPW you watch in your lifetime, this is the one to watch.” -AKittyCat

Tetsuya Naito vs. Will Ospreay

Overall Points: 71
Total Votes: 13
% of Ballots: 6.22%
Highest Vote: 2nd

This match seems to have been somewhat overlooked in the wake of Ospreay’s effectively perfect G1 final match with Okada and the also excellent Naito/Ospreay rematch at Battle Kingdom, but for my money this G1 semi-final represents Ospreay’s finest moment in his jaw-dropping 2022 campaign apart from the former match, and the best showing Naito’s had since his long-awaited defeat of Okada at the Dome in 2020. Built around a classic “take five to give one” King’s Road template, Ospreay had to endure his older opponent’s targeted brutalizing of an already injured neck, waiting for Naito to tire himself out in order to find the perfect opening for a lethal Hidden Blade and Stormbreaker combo.

Everything which makes both men compelling in-ring figures was on full display here, from Ospreay’s indefatigable belief in his own ultimate destiny at the top of New Japan, to Naito’s veteran targeting of a more impetuous opponent’s weak spot (I couldn’t help but flashback to his wars of attrition with Ibushi here) with cavalier cruelty. Factor in Naito’s come-from-behind story across the whole tournament and both men’s history with Okada, who’d punched his ticket to the finals just minutes before, and this match became a thrilling nail-biter. Say what you will about the four-block format, but the drama it lent to the tournament’s penultimate match helped to restore a good portion of the excitement which has been lacking in COVID-restricted iterations of the G1.” -Bruce Lord

Adam Page & The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)

Overall Points: 75
Total Votes: 16
% of Ballots: 7.66%
1 First-Place Vote

This match was too good to be lost to history. There was too much here for this to be a footnote. The work was excellent, a great sign of what these trios titles were going to bring. Another chapter was added to the long story between The Elite and Hangman, who shunned the Bucks in favor of the Dark Order in this tournament. Hangman accidentally hitting the Buckshot on Silver and winning the match for The Elite in the process would probably have led to some great promos and more hurdles to the eventual Elite reunion. But three hours later, a guy got mad, instigated a fight, and sent whatever was planned here straight to hell. Despite that, this match was fantastic and deserves to be remembered.” -Suit Williams

Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta

Overall Points: 87
Total Votes: 25
% of Ballots: 11.96%
Highest Vote: 4th

A one sided trilogy. Yet one of the best. Yuta loses all three of his matches with Mox but grew with each one. First match was a squash but this one he ends up taking Mox to the limit. Baptised in the blood of battle, Yuta go from Best Friend to BCC. Growth.” -Franky DeJesus

Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida

Overall Points: 91
Total Votes: 24
% of Ballots: 11.48%
Highest Vote: 3rd

Hayter and Shida pulled out a banger on a random Wednesday. Let the women main event more!” -Kristen Ashly

Voices of Wrestling 2022 Match of the Year
(Full List)

PlaceMatchDatePromotionOverall PointsTotal Votes% of BallotsHighest Vote
1FTR vs. The Briscoes12/10ROH134414368.42%1st
2FTR vs. The Briscoes04/01ROH83011755.98%1st
3Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay08/18NJPW7699143.54%1st
4Adam Page vs. Bryan Danielson01/05AEW6509244.02%1st
5The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. Blackpool Combat Club05/29AEW5808741.63%1st
6Kazuchika Okada vs. Will Ospreay01/05NJPW4796933.01%1st
7Syuri vs. Giulia12/29Stardom4576129.19%1st
8Jun Kasai vs. El Desperado09/12JTO4015827.75%1st
9CM Punk vs. MJF03/06AEW3615928.23%1st
10FTR vs. The Briscoes07/23ROH2594421.05%1st
11Gunther vs. Sheamus09/03WWE2344622.01%1st
12Kazusada Higuchi vs. Konosuke Takeshita09/25DDT2092913.88%1st
13Will Ospreay vs. Michael Oku01/29RevPro2073516.75%1st
14Death Triangle vs. The Elite11/19AEW1823717.70%2nd
15Will Ospreay vs. Orange Cassidy06/26AEW/NJPW1783516.75%1st
16Z-Brats vs. Kung Fu Masters07/30DG1762612.44%1st
17FTR vs. Aussie Open10/16NJPW1352511.96%1st
18Swerve In Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed09/04AEW1202511.96%1st
19Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes06/05WWE1142210.53%1st
20Will Ospreay vs. Tetsuya Naito11/05NJPW1142110.05%1st
21Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Go Shiozaki01/01NOAH103188.61%1st
22Shingo Takagi vs. Will Ospreay08/06NJPW100199.09%2nd
23Mayu Iwatani vs. KAIRI11/20NJPW/Stardom99188.61%1st
24Shingo Takagi vs. Kazuchika Okada01/04NJPW98178.13%2nd
25Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Kingston03/06AEW97199.09%1st
26Jamie Hayter vs. Hikaru Shida12/21AEW912411.48%3rd
27Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta04/08AEW872511.96%4th
28Adam Page & The Dark Order vs. The Elite09/04AEW75167.66%1st
29Tetsuya Naito vs. Will Ospreay08/17NJPW71136.22%2nd
30Miyu Yamashita vs. Miu Watanabe08/13TJPW70136.22%1st
31The Elite vs. The United Empire08/31AEW69178.13%3rd
32MUSASHI vs. Fujita Hayato07/10Michinoku Pro6594.31%1st
33Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Tomohiro Ishii05/01NJPW64146.70%2nd
34Villano IV vs. Pentagon Jr.10/15AAA63115.26%2nd
35Starlight Kid vs. AZM02/23Stardom62146.70%1st
36Tam Nakano vs. Giulia10/01Stardom58115.26%2nd
37Stuka Jr. vs. Atlantis Jr.09/16CMLL56125.74%2nd
38Josh Alexander vs. Mike Bailey12/08Impact Wrestling5483.83%1st
39Jon Moxley vs. Will Ospreay04/16NJPW52104.78%3rd
40Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair04/02WWE49104.78%2nd
41Sami Zayn vs. Johnny Knoxville04/03WWE4973.35%1st
42Bryan Danielson vs. Daniel Garcia08/17AEW4883.83%1st
43Jon Moxley vs. Biff Busick03/31GCW47125.74%2nd
44Mayu Iwatani vs. Giulia01/29Stardom4794.31%3rd
45Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Will Ospreay03/21NJPW45115.26%4th
46El Lindaman vs. Shigehiro Irie05/18GLEAT4594.31%2nd
47Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes04/02WWE4562.87%1st
48Cody Rhodes vs. Sammy Guevara01/26AEW44115.26%4th
49Konosuke Takeshita vs. Tetsuya Endo03/20DDT4362.87%1st
50Shingo Takagi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.03/26NJPW38125.74%4th
51Yuki Yoshioka vs. Masaaki Mochizuki12/06DG3883.83%1st
52El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Rey Fenix10/15AAA3883.83%2nd
53CM Punk vs. MJF02/02AEW3852.39%1st
54Kazusada Higuchi vs. Naomi Yoshimura07/03DDT3252.39%2nd
55Villano IV vs. LA Park04/30AAA3052.39%1st
56Alex Shelley vs. AC Mack01/21ACTION3052.39%2nd
57Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk09/04AEW3031.44%1st
58Astronauts vs. Strong BJ07/09BJW2962.87%3rd
59El Phantasmo vs. Robbie Eagles05/26NJPW2873.35%2nd
60Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar07/30WWE2862.87%4th
61Drew Parker vs. Masashi Takeda11/24FREEDOMS2831.44%1st
62Hamuko Hoshi & Nanae Takahashi vs. Dropkickers05/22Ice Ribbon2820.96%1st
62Maikol vs Teo Griffin08/28Legion Nueva Era Argentina2820.96%1st
64KAI vs. Susumu Yokosuka05/05DG2741.91%3rd
65Miyu Yamashita vs. Mizuki01/04TJPW2662.87%2nd
66Tomohiro Ishii vs. Ren Narita10/26NJPW2562.87%3rd
67La Jarochita vs. Reyna Isis09/16CMLL2552.39%3rd
68Syuri vs. Utami Hayashishita11/19Stardom2452.39%4th
69The Elite vs. Death Triangle11/23AEW2452.39%4th
70The Elite vs. Death Triangle12/28AEW2273.35%3rd
71The Jericho Appreciation Society vs. The Blackpool Combat Club06/29AEW2262.87%4th
72Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito02/20NJPW2241.91%4th
73Aussie Open vs. The VeloCities05/22RevPro2231.44%2nd
74Kento Miyahara vs. Yuma Aoyagi05/15AJPW2231.44%2nd
75Asahi, Hamuko Hoshi, Ibuki Hoshi, Kaho Matsushita, Kiku, Nao Ishikawa, Rina Amikura, Saran, Yappy, Yuko Sakurai & Yuuki Mashiro vs. Dropkickers04/23Ice Ribbon2220.96%1st
76Giulia vs. Suzu Suzuki10/01Stardom2141.91%3rd
77Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel07/01Impact Wrestling2131.44%1st
78Natsupoi vs. Tam Nakano06/26Stardom2131.44%2nd
79Dragon Kid & Kzy vs. Knesuka04/07DG2120.96%1st
79Takashi Sugiura vs. Masato Tanaka06/04ZERO12120.96%1st
81Jordynne Grace vs. Masha Slamovich10/07Impact Wrestling2041.91%2nd
82Starlight Kid vs. Giulia08/27Stardom2031.44%3rd
83Bryan Danielson vs. Jon Moxley03/06AEW1941.91%2nd
84FTR vs. The Young Bucks04/06AEW1852.39%3rd
85Suzuki-gun vs. Suzuki-gun12/23NJPW1831.44%1st
86Laredo Kid vs. El Hijo del Vikingo10/23AAA1720.96%1st
86Calvin Tankman vs. Jay Malachi05/27DPW1720.96%1st
88Josh Alexander vs. Alex Shelley08/12Impact Wrestling1720.96%2nd
89Mike Bailey vs. Konosuke Takeshita06/10West Coast Pro1662.87%6th
90Suzu Suzuki vs. MIRAI08/11Stardom1631.44%4th
91JD McDonagh vs. Joe Gacy vs. Carmelo Hayes vs. Axiom vs. Grayson Waller12/10WWE1631.44%4th
92The Young Bucks vs. The Lucha Brothers06/03AEW1631.44%5th
93Roman Reigns vs. Logan Paul11/05WWE1541.91%4th
94Biff Busick vs. SLADE02/04Beyond1541.91%6th
95Alex Colon vs. Rina Yamashita08/13GCW1531.44%4th
96Suzu Suzuki vs. Tomoka Inaba12/19JTO1531.44%5th
97Michael Oku vs. Luke Jacobs07/23RevPro1520.96%1st
98Death Triangle vs. United Empire08/24AEW1441.91%5th
99Yumehito Imanari vs. Shigehiro Irie08/13DDT1431.44%4th
100Claudio Castagnoli vs. Zack Sabre Jr.06/26AEW/NJPW1431.44%5th
101Miyu Yamashita vs. Shoko Nakajima03/19TJPW1431.44%6th
102SW3RVE vs. Nick Wayne02/26DEFY1420.96%4th
103Kazuchika Okada vs. Jay White06/12NJPW1420.96%3rd
104Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita12/09AEW1410.48%1st
104Titan vs. Suicida09/30CMLL1410.48%1st
104Joel Bateman vs. Ritchie Taylor02/05DMDU1410.48%1st
104Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda vs. BULK Orchestra10/09GLEAT1410.48%1st
104Alpha Wolf vs. Dragon Bane vs. Ninja Mack04/29NOAH1410.48%1st
104Fuminori Abe & Shigehiro Irie vs. Violence Is Forever10/12wXw1410.48%1st
110El Soberano Jr. vs. Templario07/29CMLL1341.91%5th
110Mike Bailey vs. Bandido03/31WrestleCon1341.91%5th
112Jurassic Express vs. The Young Bucks vs. reDRagon03/06AEW1320.96%3rd
112Calvin Tankman vs. Alex Coughlin04/08DPW1320.96%3rd
114Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter11/19AEW1241.91%7th
115Jake Lee vs. Yuma Aoyagi05/04AJPW1231.44%5th
116Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jon Moxley06/26AEW/NJPW1231.44%5th
116Kaito Ishida vs. Tetsuya Izuchi10/09GLEAT1231.44%5th
118Yuka Sakazaki vs. Miu Watanabe08/14TJPW1220.96%3rd
119Kazusada Higuchi vs. Yukio Sakaguchi10/23DDT1220.96%4th
119Suzuki-gun vs. UNCHAIN12/19JTO1220.96%4th
121Dax Harwood vs. Will Ospreay06/15AEW1220.96%5th
122Sammy Guevara vs. Andrade El Idolo vs. Darby Allin03/04AEW1141.91%6th
123Tyler Bate vs. Trent Seven09/01WWE1131.44%3rd
124El Mesias, Kenny King, Lince Dorado, Matt Taven, Oraculo, Robbie Eagles, Rocky Romero & Tiger Mask vs. Atlantis Jr., El Soberano Jr., Mistico, Stuka Jr., Templario, Titan, Ultimo Guerrero & Volador Jr.08/19CMLL1131.44%4th
125Adam Page vs. Adam Cole03/06AEW1131.44%5th
125Shoko Nakajima vs. Yuka Sakazaki10/09TJPW1131.44%5th
127Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Yoshiki Inamura08/07ZERO11120.96%2nd
128Syuri vs. Risa Sera05/28Stardom1120.96%3rd
129Daisuke Masaoka, Jun Kasai & Masashi Takeda vs. ERE07/19FREEDOMS1120.96%4th
129Saya Kamitani vs. Starlight Kid07/09Stardom1120.96%4th
131Arisa Nakajima vs. Tsukasa Fujimoto04/29SEAdLINNNG1120.96%5th
132Flamita vs. Bandido09/23Big Lucha1020.96%2nd
132Kazuchika Okada vs. Zack Sabre Jr.04/09NJPW1020.96%2nd
132Shoko Nakajima vs. Rika Tatsumi07/09TJPW1020.96%2nd
135NEXTREAM vs. NEXTREAM05/14AJPW1020.96%3rd
135Los Ingobernables de Japon vs. Kongo01/08NJPW/NOAH1020.96%3rd
137Claudio Castagnoli vs. Konosuke Takeshita (08/06 - AEW)08/06AEW1020.96%4th
138Arisa Nakajima & Hikaru Shida vs. Ibuki Hoshi & Tsukasa Fujimoto05/22Ice Ribbon1020.96%5th
139Chris Jericho vs. Tomohiro Ishii11/23AEW941.91%7th
140Chris Jericho vs. Action Andretti12/14AEW931.44%4th
141Ben-K vs. Yuki Yoshioka12/25DG931.44%6th
142Tomohiro Ishii vs. Minoru Suzuki04/16NJPW920.96%4th
143Kazuchika Okada vs. JONAH08/07NJPW920.96%5th
143Hideki Suzuki vs. Kaito Kiyomiya09/03NOAH920.96%5th
145CM Punk vs. Dustin Rhodes04/20AEW920.96%6th
145The Usos vs. The Street Profits07/02WWE920.96%6th
147Villano IV vs. Psycho Clown06/18AAA910.48%2nd
147AC Mack vs. Masha Slamovich03/04ACTION910.48%2nd
147Kyle O'Reilly vs. Rey Fenix05/18AEW910.48%2nd
147Biff Busick vs. Brody King03/19Circle 6910.48%2nd
147YAMATO vs. Yuki Yoshioka05/11DG910.48%2nd
147GENTARO vs. Yasushi Sato03/19Dream Fighter Wrestling910.48%2nd
147Honor No More vs. Impact Originals06/19Impact Wrestling910.48%2nd
147Maikol and Gint Giovanna vs CLS11/21Legion Nueva Era Argentina910.48%2nd
147El Desperado vs. Hiromu Takahashi06/03NJPW910.48%2nd
147Jay White vs. Tama Tonga10/10NJPW910.48%2nd
147Chris Brookes vs. Kid Lykos10/15PROGRESS910.48%2nd
158Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii09/04AEW841.91%7th
159Orange Cassidy vs. Katsuyori Shibata11/04AEW831.44%6th
159Imperium vs. The Brawling Brutes10/08WWE831.44%6th
161CM Punk vs. Jon Moxley08/24AEW831.44%7th
162Eddie Kingston vs. Tomohiro Ishii05/14NJPW820.96%4th
163Tomohiro Ishii vs. Taichi07/17NJPW820.96%5th
163Kenoh vs. Kaito Kiyomiya01/01NOAH820.96%5th
165Samoa Joe vs. Darby Allin12/07AEW820.96%6th
165Hiroshi Tanahashi & Kazuchika Okada vs. Kaito Kiyomiya & Keiji Muto01/08NJPW/NOAH820.96%6th
167Jon Moxley vs. Chris Jericho08/10AEW820.96%7th
168Jurassic Express vs. The Young Bucks06/15AEW810.48%3rd
168Abdullah Kobayashi vs. Daiju Wakamatsu08/14BJW810.48%3rd
168Yuki Yoshioka vs. Eita09/19DG810.48%3rd
168Shawn Kemp vs. Chase Holliday vs. Joe Lando vs. Lucky Ali vs. Jay Malachi08/13DPW810.48%3rd
168Marcius Pitt vs. Gavin McGavin01/08EPW810.48%3rd
168Kyoko Kimura vs. Jungle Kyona05/23Hana Kimura Memorial810.48%3rd
168The Motor City Machine Guns vs. Aussie Open09/22Impact Wrestling810.48%3rd
168Conurbardo vs CLS07/17Legion Nueva Era Argentina810.48%3rd
168Kazuchika Okada vs. Tetsuya Naito05/01NJPW810.48%3rd
177Will Ospreay vs. Nick Wayne06/19GCW731.44%8th
177Taichi vs. DOUKI01/10JTO731.44%8th
179Kazusada Higuchi vs. Tetsuya Endo08/20DDT720.96%6th
179El Lindaman vs. DOUKI08/24GLEAT720.96%6th
181El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Bandido12/28AAA720.96%7th
181Will Ospreay vs. Ricky Knight Jr.08/21RevPro720.96%7th
181Arisa Nakajima vs. Riko Kaiju05/13SEAdLINNNG720.96%7th
184Adam Priest vs. Anthony Henry12/02ACTION710.48%4th
184Swerve In Our Glory vs. The Acclaimed09/21AEW710.48%4th
184Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett vs. Darby Allin & Sting11/19AEW710.48%4th
184CM Punk & Jon Moxley vs. FTR02/09AEW710.48%4th
184Yuki Yoshioka vs. YAMATO11/06DG710.48%4th
184The Kings Of The District vs. The Production07/02Enjoy710.48%4th
184Julian Ward vs. Michael Morleone vs. Taylor King12/17EPW710.48%4th
184Sami Callihan vs. Steve Maclin vs. Moose09/23Impact Wrestling710.48%4th
184Christian Rose vs Jeremy Wyatt04/29Journey Pro710.48%4th
184Gint Giovanna vs Ricky Rocca10/23Legion Nueva Era Argentina710.48%4th
184Virus vs. Makabre10/16Lucha Memes710.48%4th
184Tomohiro Ishii vs. Shingo Takagi03/07NJPW710.48%4th
184Keiji Muto vs. Kaito Kiyomiya07/16NOAH710.48%4th
184Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Masa Kitamiya01/16NOAH710.48%4th
184The 0121 vs. The Sunshine Machine vs. The Smokin' Aces06/25PROGRESS710.48%4th
184Hazuki vs. Saya Kamitani08/28Stardom710.48%4th
200Eddie Kingston vs. Jun Akiyama11/19AEW631.44%8th
201Josh Alexander vs. Frankie Kazarian11/18Impact Wrestling620.96%6th
201Saya Kamitani vs. Tam Nakano03/27Stardom620.96%6th
203Adam Page vs. Lance Archer02/09AEW620.96%8th
203Katsuhiko Nakajima vs. Hideki Suzuki04/08NOAH620.96%8th
205Anthony Henry vs. Adam Priest01/21ACTION610.48%5th
205Chris Jericho vs. Bandido09/28AEW610.48%5th
205Mistico vs. Atlantis Jr.05/27CMLL610.48%5th
205Calamari Drunken Kings vs. ASUKA & MAO05/22DDT610.48%5th
205Miyu Yamashita vs. Miyuki Takase06/11DPW610.48%5th
205Andrew Everett vs. Bojack01/15DPW610.48%5th
205Bryan Keith vs. Mike Bailey12/16Freelance610.48%5th
205Jordynne Grace vs. Masha Slamovich11/18Impact Wrestling610.48%5th
205Josh Alexander vs. Eddie Edwards10/07Impact Wrestling610.48%5th
205Cami Love vs Chuck Dixon08/31Legion Nueva Era Argentina610.48%5th
205Teo Griffin vs Aerial Van Go vs Solar Sanchez vs McKiller12/12Legion Nueva Era Argentina610.48%5th
205Fred Rosser vs. Gabriel Kidd02/19NJPW610.48%5th
205Hiroshi Tanahashi, Kazuchika Okada & Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Suzuki-gun & Yoshiaki Fujiwara03/01NJPW610.48%5th
205Kazuchika Okada vs. JONAH10/10NJPW610.48%5th
205El Desperado & Master Wato vs. Hiromu Takahashi & Taiji Ishimori11/05NJPW610.48%5th
205Mike Bailey vs. Bandido01/29PWG610.48%5th
205Mercedes Martinez vs. Willow Nightingale04/01ROH610.48%5th
205Travis Huckabee vs. Adam Priest06/19SUP610.48%5th
223FTR vs. The United Empire vs. Roppongi Vice06/26AEW/NJPW510.48%6th
223Dragon Dia vs. Takuma Fujiwara03/05DG531.44%9th
224Jon Moxley vs. MJF11/19AEW520.96%7th
224Syuri vs. ASUKA05/23Hana Kimura Memorial520.96%7th
224KENTA vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi01/05NJPW520.96%7th
227Adam Page vs. Konosuke Takeshita05/18AEW520.96%8th
227Las Fresa de Egoistas vs. Ayame Sasamura & Riko Kaiju09/22SEAdLINNNG520.96%8th
229Timothy Thatcher vs. Wheeler YUTA08/21Beyond510.48%6th
229J-Master vs Striker05/16Catch Argentino510.48%6th
229MAO vs. ASUKA05/01DDT510.48%6th
229Jon Moxley vs. Tom Lawlor04/30DEFY510.48%6th
229Shingo Takagi vs. Taichi12/19JTO510.48%6th
229Jun Kasai & Tomoaki Honma vs. Suzuki-gun05/06JTO510.48%6th
229Tomohiro Ishii vs. Jay White07/23NJPW510.48%6th
229Taichi vs. Shingo Takagi04/25NJPW510.48%6th
229Katsuyori Shibata vs. Ren Narita01/04NJPW510.48%6th
229Kaito Kiyomiya vs. Timothy Thatcher11/10NOAH510.48%6th
229Maya Yukihi & Rina Yamashita vs. Miyuki Takase & Ryo Mizunami05/20NOMADS510.48%6th
229Dominic Garrini vs. Daniel Makabe08/06Scenic City510.48%6th
229Starlight Kid vs. Natsupoi02/01Stardom510.48%6th
229Mayu Iwatani vs. Starlight Kid10/01Stardom510.48%6th
229Syuri vs. Mayu Iwatani03/27Stardom510.48%6th
245Alex Shelley vs. Anthony Henry05/06ACTION420.96%8th
245BULLET CLUB vs. Dudes With Attitudes06/26AEW/NJPW420.96%8th
245Hartley Jackson vs. Mizuki Watase12/27DDT420.96%8th
245Jonathan Gresham vs. Chris Sabin01/08Impact Wrestling420.96%8th
245Juice Robinson vs. David Finlay07/26NJPW420.96%8th
250Natural Vibes vs. GOLD CLASS03/05DG420.96%9th
251Adam Cole vs. Dax Harwood05/11AEW410.48%7th
251Darby Allin, Sting & The Hardys vs. AFO03/23AEW410.48%7th
251Luchasaurus vs. Jack Perry11/19AEW410.48%7th
251Cash Wheeler vs. Dax Harwood04/27AEW410.48%7th
251Calamari Drunken Kings & DISASTER BOX vs. The 37KAMIINA & ASUKA06/12CyberFight410.48%7th
251Jungle Kyona vs. Masha Slamovich09/10GCW410.48%7th
251Josh Alexander vs. Eric Young06/19Impact Wrestling410.48%7th
251J-Master vs Francisco Rolon07/17Legion Nueva Era Argentina410.48%7th
251Kazuchika Okada vs. Jeff Cobb07/16NJPW410.48%7th
251Tetsuya Naito vs. Zack Sabre Jr.03/27NJPW410.48%7th
251EVIL vs. Tama Tonga05/01NJPW410.48%7th
251Juice Robinson vs. Ren Narita10/08NJPW410.48%7th
251Taichi vs. Jay White08/13NJPW410.48%7th
251Trey Miguel vs. Alex Shelley11/12REVOLVER410.48%7th
251Mina Shirakawa vs. Thekla01/29Stardom410.48%7th
251Hikaru Sato vs. Keita Yano09/19Tenryu Project410.48%7th
251Pom Harajuku vs. Max The Impaler08/13TJPW410.48%7th
251Hyper Misao & Nodoka Tenma vs. Marika Kobashi & Raku vs. Hikari Noa & Yuki Arai vs. Magical Sugar Rabbits vs. Hakuchumu02/28TJPW410.48%7th
251KrackerJak vs. Lochy Hendricks05/27WrestleRock410.48%7th
270Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia09/07AEW310.48%8th
270Jeff Hardy vs. Darby Allin05/11AEW310.48%8th
270Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita07/13AEW310.48%8th
270Brody King vs. Darby Allin08/10AEW310.48%8th
270The Young Bucks vs. Swerve In Our Glory vs. Team Taz07/13AEW310.48%8th
270Team Mexico vs. Team World10/28CMLL310.48%8th
270Niebla Roja vs. Titan04/22CMLL310.48%8th
270Atsushi Kotoge, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Yoshiki Inamura vs. Burning & Kazusada Higuchi06/12CyberFight310.48%8th
270ASUKA & MAO vs. Harimao07/24DDT310.48%8th
270Kevin Blackwood vs. Jay Freddie06/18ESW310.48%8th
270Rina Yamashita & Toru Sugiura vs. Los Mazisos06/05GCW310.48%8th
270T-Hawk vs. El Lindaman02/22GLEAT310.48%8th
270Guido el Demoledor vs Lucio12/12Legion Nueva Era Argentina310.48%8th
270Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson vs. Will Ospreay05/14NJPW310.48%8th
270Kazuchika Okada vs. El Desperado03/02NJPW310.48%8th
270Yoshinari Ogawa vs. Kaito Kiyomiya02/15NOAH310.48%8th
270Alex Shelley vs. Bandido05/29Prestige310.48%8th
270Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jungle Kyona10/30Prestige310.48%8th
270Cara Noir vs. Spike Trivet06/25PROGRESS310.48%8th
270Mike Bailey vs. Buddy Matthews07/03PWG310.48%8th
270Gabriel Kidd vs. Francesco Akira01/29RevPro310.48%8th
270Swerve In Our Glory vs. Shane Taylor Promotions12/10ROH310.48%8th
270Chihiro Hashimoto vs. ASUKA07/10Sendai Girls310.48%8th
270Saya Kamitani vs. Himeka08/21Stardom310.48%8th
270Sakura Hirota vs. Miyuki Takase vs. Alfred Necklenpurg08/13WAVE310.48%8th
270Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens & The Brawling Brutes vs. The Bloodline11/26WWE310.48%8th
270Bron Breakker vs. JD McDonagh vs. Ilja Dragunov10/22WWE310.48%8th
270Seth Rollins vs. Cody Rhodes05/08WWE310.48%8th
270Mad Dog Connelly vs. Jake Lander04/30ZERO1 USA310.48%8th
299Eddie Kingston, Shota Umino & Wheeler Yuta vs. Minoru Suzuki & The Jericho Appreciation Society06/26AEW/NJPW220.96%10th
299Maika & MIRAI vs. Aoi & Tomoka Inaba09/12JTO220.96%10th
301Laredo Kid vs. Taurus vs. Fenix vs. Bandido vs. El Hijo del Vikingo06/18AAA210.48%9th
301Kento Miyahara & Takuya Nomura vs. Cyrus & Shuji Ishikawa12/07AJPW210.48%9th
301Natsumi Sumikawa vs. Miku Aono10/30AWG210.48%9th
301Mari & Miku Aono vs. Kouki & Natsuki08/12AWG210.48%9th
301Kazusada Higuchi vs. Yuki Ueno12/29DDT210.48%9th
301Emi Sakura vs. Mizuki08/13DPW210.48%9th
301Alexander Otsuka, Katsushi Takemura, MAZADA & Nobuyuki Kurashima vs. Hisamaru Tajima, Sanshu Tsubakichi, TAMURA & Yutaka Yoshie12/01Dradition210.48%9th
301Daisuke Sekimoto, Shuji Ishikawa & Yuji Hino vs. Daichi Hashimoto, Kazusada Higuchi & Yuma Aoyagi06/15Fortune Dream210.48%9th
301Mei Suruga vs. Yuna Mizumori09/15Gatoh Move210.48%9th
301Gringo Loco & Los Vipers vs. Arez, ASF & Komander12/16GCW210.48%9th
301Psycho Clown vs. Gringo Loco02/05GCW210.48%9th
301Trey Miguel vs. Steve Maclin01/08Impact Wrestling210.48%9th
301Mickie James vs. Deonna Purrazzo01/08Impact Wrestling210.48%9th
301Deonna Purrazzo vs. Rok-C01/13Impact Wrestling210.48%9th
301Adam Priest vs. Mad Dog Connelly07/11IWTV210.48%9th
301CLS vs Team Dojo10/23Legion Nueva Era Argentina210.48%9th
301Cíclope & Lobo Blanco vs. Damián 666 & El Mago01/30Lucha Libre Vanguardia210.48%9th
301Ryusuke Taguchi vs. SHO05/25NJPW210.48%9th
301Lance Archer vs. Kazuchika Okada08/16NJPW210.48%9th
301Satoshi Kojima vs. Kenoh07/16NOAH210.48%9th
301Hideki Suzuki & Timothy Thatcher vs. Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura07/16NOAH210.48%9th
301Charli Evans vs. Cara Noir01/15Resurgence210.48%9th
301AZM vs. Mei Suruga04/29Stardom210.48%9th
301Liam Lacey vs Zakk Archer06/18Tasmanian Championship Wrestling210.48%9th
301Magical Sugar Rabbits vs. Saki Akai & Yuki Arai07/09TJPW210.48%9th
301Maki Ito vs. Alex Windsor07/09TJPW210.48%9th
301Vinnie Massaro vs. Naomichi Marufuji vs. Xtreme Tiger vs. Misterioso11/19West Coast Pro210.48%9th
301Fuminori Abe vs. Masha Slamovich10/04wXw210.48%9th
329Tomohiro Ishii vs. Adam Cole04/22AEW110.48%10th
329Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho09/14AEW110.48%10th
329Bryan Danielson vs. Matt Sydal05/27AEW110.48%10th
329PAC vs. Orange Cassidy10/12AEW110.48%10th
329Wardlow vs. MJF05/29AEW110.48%10th
329Maya Yukihi, Mayumi Ozaki & Suwama vs. Team 200kg & Shuji Ishikawa12/25AJPW110.48%10th
329Kento Miyahara, Ryo Inoue, Takuya Nomura & Yuma Anzai vs. Kosei Fujita, Ryohei Oiwa, Yuji Nagata & Yuto Nakashima10/02AJPW110.48%10th
329Black Generation vs. Sky Team, Bandido, Ciclon Ramirez Jr. & Gravity03/25Big Lucha110.48%10th
329Eruption & Kazuki Hirata vs. Pokotan & Gota Ihashi11/05DDT110.48%10th
329DISASTER BOX vs. The 37KAMIINA02/27DDT110.48%10th
329Bojack vs. Diego Hill06/03DPW110.48%10th
329Tony Johnson vs. Ray Lyn vs. Killian McMurphy vs. Big Game Leroy vs. David Lawless vs. Edith Surreal vs. Mr. Grim vs. Pretty Boy Smooth vs. Calvin Couture vs. O'Shay Edwards vs. Devon Monroe vs. Tyler Klein vs. Erica Leigh vs. Jordan Blade vs. Zeke Mercer vs. Eel O'Neal vs. Cowpoke Paul vs. Billy Dixon vs. Sazzy Boatright vs. ??? vs. Angelo Carter vs. Paris Sahara vs. Perfect Perkins vs. The Unwilting Tatiana vs. Yinza12/17Enjoy110.48%10th
329Mike Bailey vs. Lee Moriarty04/09Enjoy110.48%10th
329The Untouchables vs. Freos Finest09/03EPW110.48%10th
329Team Bandido vs. Team Gringo01/23GCW110.48%10th
329Tetsuya Izuchi vs. Yu Iizuka03/05GLEAT110.48%10th
329El Lindaman vs. Kaito Ishida12/30GLEAT110.48%10th
329Axel Tischer vs. Marius Al-Ani01/09GWF110.48%10th
329Ace Austin vs. Kenny King vs. Andrew Everett vs. Mike Bailey vs. Trey Miguel vs. Alex Zayne06/19Impact Wrestling110.48%10th
329America's Most Wanted, Heath & The Good Brothers vs. Honor No More07/01Impact Wrestling110.48%10th
329The Briscoes vs. BULLET CLUB06/16Impact Wrestling110.48%10th
329Team Legion vs Team Catch11/21Legion Nueva Era Argentina110.48%10th
329Adam Brooks vs. Mitch Waterman03/12MCW110.48%10th
329Shane Taylor vs. Bryan Keith07/16New Texas Pro110.48%10th
329Shingo Takagi vs. YOSHI-HASHI07/23NJPW110.48%10th
329Minoru Suzuki vs. Bad Dude Tito09/05NJPW110.48%10th
329El Desperado vs. Hiromu Takahashi01/04NJPW110.48%10th
329Shingo Takagi vs. Taichi06/12NJPW110.48%10th
329Dan Maloney vs Mark Trew08/12PURPOSE Wrestling110.48%10th
329Yuka Sakazaki vs. Masha Slamovich07/03PWG110.48%10th
329Dan The Dad & Jake Manning vs. Infrared09/17REVOLVER110.48%10th
329Wheeler Yuta vs. Daniel Garcia07/23ROH110.48%10th
329Oedo Tai vs. STARS05/05Stardom110.48%10th
329Saya Kamitani vs. MIRAI05/28Stardom110.48%10th
329JJ Storm vs Aaron Lynch vs Liam Lacey12/17Tasmanian Championship Wrestling110.48%10th
329Shoko Nakajima vs. Hyper Misao01/04TJPW110.48%10th
329Sanshiro Takagi vs. Hyper Misao03/19TJPW110.48%10th
329Miyu Yamashita vs. Thunder Rosa07/09TJPW110.48%10th
329Suzu Suzuki vs. Hikaru Shida08/14WAVE110.48%10th
329Kevin Blackwood vs. SB KENTo11/19West Coast Pro110.48%10th
329Starboy Charlie vs. Titus Alexander08/19West Coast Pro110.48%10th
329Steve Austin vs. Kevin Owens04/02WWE110.48%10th
329Carmelo Hayes vs. Ricochet09/04WWE110.48%10th
329Bianca Belair vs. Becky Lynch vs. Asuka06/05WWE110.48%10th
329Lunatik Xtreme, Ovett Jr., Super Boy Jr. & Venganza vs. Amnesia, Chucho el Roto, Lunatik Fly & Osiris05/15Zona 23110.48%10th