The 2022 Flagship Awards will run through the end of December, and into the beginning of January, culminating with Wrestler Of The Year. We will loosely follow the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Awards categories and standards. The highly scientific process used to determine the winners is Joe’s 100% objective, inarguable opinions.

The biggest L of 2022 was taken by the detractors (and there were A LOT of you) who were certain Forbidden Door was going to be a failure of a show.

Despite a seemingly unending series of injuries, negotiation hang-ups, and changed plans which essentially forced Tony Khan to tear up the original card and build an entirely new show from scratch, Forbidden Door was not only quite easily the best bell-to-bell show of the year, but a big business success as well. The show drew over 16,500 fans, good for a million dollar gate, with PPV buys exceeded nearly all expectations, prompting Tony Khan to immediately add Forbidden Door to the AEW PPV calendar as an annual event.

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