AEW Full Gear 2022
November 19, 2022
Prudential Center
Newark, New Jersey

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AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Semifinal
Brian Cage vs. Ricky Starks/Lance Archer

Suit: This match is to determine who faces Ethan Page in the Tournament Finals, moved to Dynamite due to Starks’ injury throwing off the timeline. …now that I typed that out, that makes this result pretty easy to guess. Can he be Stroke Daddy on the Buy-In? Now that’s a question. Prediction: Ricky Starks

Abraham: Rampage still has not happened, so I’m going with the belief that Ricky Starks will beat Archer, and I think he will get the win here too. Starks will have a competitive match against Cage, but he will move on to the finals of the Eliminator tournament. I predict that Starks will win the whole tournament, so we’ll see. But on this night, he will be the big winner.
Prediction: Ricky Starks

Steel Cage
Luchasaurus vs. “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Suit: This leg of this feud presumably comes to an end inside a steel cage, the fifth cage match in AEW history. Jungle Boy has shown a lot of ass in this feud, constantly getting beaten or beaten up by his former running buddies. This has to be where he gets his shine. These two have very good chemistry together in the ring, so I have no questions about how good the match will be. I’m just about ready for all parties to move on until we can get the Christian match. Prediction: Jungle Boy

Abraham: This is an example of a feud that has been moving with the pace of a glacier, but has been enjoyable and I think they have done a good job extending it and dealing with Christian’s injury. The steel cage stipulation is well deserved and I think both men will kill it and have a great match. While Jungle Boy’s promo situation is a work in progress, his intensity and believability that he hates Luchasaurus and Christian can still be felt. Jungle Boy will pin Luchasaurus in the ring and then proceed to go after Christian, whenever he is healthy enough to come back. Prediction: “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry

Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal vs. Sting & Darby Allin

Suit: wee woo wee woo, walk and brawl, guitar shot, no sell, Scorpion Deathlock. Five stars, no notes. Prediction: Sting and Darby Allin

Abraham: I’m all in for a midcard match involving Jeff Jarrett as long as he is out of my TV for a couple of months. So far I have been loving his segments and I enjoy that he even has his TNA theme.

This match will be fun as hell and I have to admit that the former TNA watcher in me will pop for the Jarrett and Sting portion of the match. Hopefully we get Sting receiving a guitar shot that he will not sell. New audiences need to see that. Still, Jarrett and Lethal will win and we will probably get a gimmick revenge match on one of the special Dynamites. After that, hopefully we will not see Jarrett for a couple of months, but since he is Jarrett and he always wins, he will probably become one of the mainstays on Dynamite and we’ll hate him. So let’s just enjoy this now before it becomes tiresome. Prediction: Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal

Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. vs. Saraya

Suit: There are a couple points of interest for this match, one of which is seeing how Saraya can go in her first match in almost five full calendar years. Saraya was a pivotal figure in the WWE women’s division resurgence in the same way that AJ Lee was. While they thrived mostly in a pre-Revolution™ WWE, they set the stage for the fans to believe that the women were worthy of the spotlight. Her match with Emma for the NXT Women’s Title was the first major women’s match to receive buzz and acclaim in WWE in years. She set the template that the Four Horsewomen would use to explode the popularity and opportunities for women in that company. But now that the standard for mainstream women’s wrestling has risen, it will be interesting to see how Saraya’s work fits in alongside that of a Toni Storm or a Hikaru Shida.

The other point of interest will be the fan reaction. Saraya has come into the company hammering home familiar talking points, like how the division needs a revolution and that Britt Baker is only a star because she was chosen to be one. However, the crowd hasn’t really gone with her there. Britt Baker is an AEW original, and after stumbling out of the gate, she has grown into a genuine homegrown star and one of the most popular people in the company. Meanwhile, Saraya walked in and acts like she’s the savior this promotion needs, even though most people weren’t asking for one. And now after Britt’s promo on Dynamite, the company seems to be banking on the Jersey crowd being on Britt’s side. Either way, this is going to be a match that has the crowd hot, and that may make up for any rust that Saraya still has. Prediction: Dr. Britt Baker

Abraham: From an in-ring standpoint, no one can guess how it will go since we still don’t know how far Saraya can go. Either this match will be horrible, or it will be a fun short brawl since they hate each other. Saraya has been a bust on AEW and in my opinion has been part of two of the worst segments in Dynamite’s three year history. This match will show if Saraya will be worth having on this roster and what her contributions can be.

Also, Baker has to win this match. She is wrestling a woman that was injured and retired and it will be stupid to have Saraya win. I know it’s her debut, but the optics and Baker being the star of the division has to give her the loss. Saraya can slowly build up to her win against Baker next year. Prediction: Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.

AEW TNT Championship
Wardlow© vs. Samoa Joe vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

Suit: BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING MEAT. This is what At Billy Corgan thought his main event at the NWA show was this past weekend. This started as an issue between Wardlow and Hobbs, with Hobbs laying out the champion and wanting a title match. Then Joe interjected himself after a few minor instances of Wardlow disrespecting him. This is a simple equation here. The big money match is Joe vs. Wardlow. I think we get that match for Joe’s ROH TV Title at Final Battle. My belief is that Hobbs will capitalize on those two focused on each other and slip out of the back door with the TNT Title. This has a chance to be a really unique and fun three-way match, while also getting a new name in the title mix. Prediction: Powerhouse Hobbs

Abraham: Big boys beating the hell out of each other! Hell yeah! While I would prefer a one-on-one match between these guys, I don’t mind a midcard big boys slapfest in the middle of the show. Hobbes keeps beating Wardlow and with Joe’s betrayal, I think we are in for a really fun and intense match here. Wardlow will come out of this as the champion since I don’t think he will lose the TNT title just yet. This will probably lead to a match against Hobbes on a special Dynamite and a match against Joe on the ROH PPV. If this is a preview of future single matches between these men, I’m all for it. Prediction: Wardlow

AEW TBS Championship
Jade Cargill © vs. Nyla Rose

Suit: While I was ready for Jade to do something different, I don’t this this feud has been good. It is an interesting idea of someone being a nuisance that Jade can’t get rid of, but Nyla isn’t over enough to pull it off despite her charisma. Nyla will put up more of a fight than Jade’s previous challengers, but the result will stay the same. Jade retains, and the streak continues. Prediction: Jade Cargill

Abraham: The never ending feud. I really don’t know how long this has gone on, but it feels like Nyla has had that title for like three months. Jade even has a replacement title that she takes to public appearances, so who cares. Hopefully this is short and I wish for Jade to do something different after this show. Prediction: Jade Cargill

ROH World Championship
Chris Jericho © vs. Bryan Danielson vs. Claudio Castagnoli vs. Sammy Guevara

Suit: While this match came together seemingly just to get these guys on the card, it has a good chance to be the match of the night. Jericho’s run as ROH World Champion has been stellar, as his 2022 resurgence continues. Guevara has gotten a bit of his cache back after a good 2-match series against Bryan Danielson. And the Blackpool Combat Club contingent are two of the best wrestlers on the planet. This has no reason to be anything less than great. As far as the winner goes, I believe Jericho will retain going into Final Battle on December 10th. This match will likely help set up his challenger for that show, but there’s no reason to end the Ring of Jericho story before then. I think the recently-absent Daniel Garcia will get involved and cause Danielson to lose, giving them a reason to have a match for the Pure Title on that show as well. Prediction: Chris Jericho

Abraham: Chris Jericho’s run as ROH champion has been amazing and easily a highlight of Dynamite for me. Happily for those enjoying it, this will not be his final night as ROH champion since I think his run will conclude on December’s Final Battle 2022. Hopefully we get more former ROH champs against Jericho before that date.

On the topic of this match, we have four great wrestlers so I think this will go well. I hate four ways, but I trust the talent involved and we have interesting stories running here. Not only we have the Jericho run, we have a pissed off Danielson trying to get the title, a pissed off Claudio trying to get revenge, both Danielson and Claudio mad at each other, and then we have Sammy as the prick trying to prove himself and see if he will go against his mentor’s wishes. Obvious winner, interesting match. Prediction: Chris Jericho

AEW Women’s World Championship
Toni Storm © vs. Jamie Hayter

Suit: This has a strong chance of being the strongest AEW women’s match this year. Jamie Hayter has gotten a surprising groundswell of support since her title match at All Out, all from simply being a strong worker in-ring. While some sides of the fandom have panicked that a potential Hayter/Britt Baker feud has lost steam, they haven’t noticed that she hasn’t taken a fall since All Out. Jamie Hayter winning the title here could be a launching point into a prolonged feud with a jealous Baker for the title. While Storm has only been champion since All Out, it doesn’t feel like there are any future challengers (outside of a healed-up Thunder Rosa) that are as hot or as interesting as a Hayter title run could be. While I wouldn’t be surprised if Storm retains, I think they pull the trigger and go with Jamie Hayter as champ. Prediction: Jamie Hayter

Abraham: I’m conflicted about the result of this match. Hayter is having a lot of momentum, she has genuinely won the fans with her hard work and great matches. Anytime she is on the screen she pops and is an example of the cream rising to the top. Storm has been a good champion and can still keep having great matches and have a lengthy title run. My heart wants Hayter to win the title and have a lengthy run with it, with a program with Baker alone ready made. Yet, on this night I think Storm is retaining and will keep the title until Rosa comes back and they stop this interim nonsense. This will be a hard fought match and probably one of the show’s highlights. Prediction: Toni Storm

AEW World Tag Team Championship
The Acclaimed © vs. Swerve In Our Glory

Suit: We are living in a world where The Acclaimed are the hottest team in wrestling. I was live at All Out when I saw these two teams lock up the first time, and it was legitimately one of the best matches I have ever been in the building for. It was an electric atmosphere that would have been the talk of the weekend if it weren’t for, well, you know. While the rematch at Grand Slam wasn’t as good, it gave us the moment of the Acclaimed winning the tag team titles and scissoring until the cows came home.

Now we’re at the rubber match, and there’s a few ways this can go. Swerve has been an outright heel as of late, breaking Billy Gunn’s fingers and hurting Bowens’ shoulder on Dynamite. Does Keith Lee go along with it and work together with Swerve, or will he stick to his morals and cause a rift? I think AEW could use a team sticking together, and Lee and Swerve would have a very strong dynamic as a heel team. While The Acclaimed are hot right now, they could be just as hot doing their thing without the titles. Swerve In Our Glory get the tag team titles back on this show. Prediction: Swerve In Our Glory

Abraham: The Acclaimed is so over that even when they have never ending birthday celebrations, the segment does not die. They are so over that they are retaining, especially considering that SIOG will probably disband after this match. Swerve has gone way too much to the dark side and unless Lee decides finally that he is cool with his partner kidnapping Billy Gunn and their lack of coordination, I think this will be it for them. Their past two matches had the perfect atmosphere and I think that the decision for the Acclaimed to win the belts on the second match was the correct one. They will retain until they face FTR either on “Winter is Coming” or “Revolution.” Prediction: The Acclaimed

AEW World Trios Championship
Death Triangle © vs. The Elite

Suit: The clock has hit midnight, and the Elite will turn back into pumpkins or something on this show. I didn’t really get the clock thing, but what I do understand is that three of AEW’s top stars are back after an unexpected absence. The easy thing to do here would be to put the titles back on the team that was never expected to not have them in the first place and that’s what I expect to happen here. Death Triangle have done an admirable job in running with the titles, but some cracks have formed within the team. As it turns out, PAC is a little bit of a bastard and enjoys using the ring bell hammer to cheat. Penta and Fenix don’t. While I don’t think this will lead to the complete dissolution of Death Triangle, I do think they will go their separate ways for a while after this show. This also has clear Match of the Year potential. Not only is it six of the best wrestlers in the world in a style they all excel at, not only is it two of the best feuds in company history reconvening in one match, it’s going to be an extremely motivated Omega and the Bucks champing at the bit to return to their spots at the top of the company. The Elite will win, BTE will return, and everyone will rejoice. Prediction: The Elite, The The Elite

Abraham: The triumphant return of the Elite will happen on this show, and I’m happy that it was announced. They will probably steal the show and they will definitely be the champions at the end of the night. What more can be said about a match involving six of the best wrestlers in this company? The main cause of Death Triangle’s loss will probably be the in-fighting inside the group since Penta and Fenix do not accept Pac’s cheating ways. This will bring an interesting dynamic, I hope the match does not focus too much into Pac cheating, and I have to say that I’m excited for this. Prediction: The Elite

AEW World Championship
Jon Moxley © vs. MJF

Suit: There is a ton of intrigue going into this match, both in terms of result and where these guys, particularly MJF, go from here. MJF has made it clear in both his words and his actions that he wants to wrestle this match straight up. No Dynamite Diamond Ring. No help from anyone. For the first time in his life, MJF has been pushed to prove himself as the wrestler he has proclaimed himself to be since day one in AEW. The question is, does anyone buy it? MJF has been the slimiest snake in AEW since he showed up. He cost Cody the chance to ever be AEW World Champion. He tried to destroy the Inner Circle from the inside. He tried to keep Wardlow under his thumb. There’s absolutely no reason to trust this man.

There are so many ways people have predicted that MJF would swerve us on this show. He could use the Diamond Ring. His dismissal of The Firm could have been a ruse the whole time. Maybe his interactions with William Regal were a red herring, and Regal is on his side. But the biggest swerve of them all is staring everyone right in the face. What if MJF…just wins the title clean? What if he does exactly what he said he would do and beat Jon Moxley with no shenanigans, no foreign objects, no help? What if MJF is as good as he says he is, and establishes himself as the top name in AEW? There are several fresh matchups for him as World Champion. He’s arguably the most over guy in the company, both by reaction and business metrics. And winning clean here would firmly (no pun intended) solidify him as the top name in the business going into his proverbial contract year. After the outright turmoil of the past few months, the biggest statement AEW can make regarding their future would be to loudly and definitively make Maxwell Jacob Friedman the face of pro wrestling. Prediction: MJF

Abraham: The match where we will finally have an answer to the following question: will Jon Moxley finally have his vacation?

I have liked the development of the story of the shit stirrer MJF finally (ugh) cashing the chip to prove himself 100% against Moxley…well, 100% him, a little less Moxley. I’m not completely into the idea that MJF’s beatdown by the hands of The Firm worked, but at least it was revealed without much pomp and circumstance that it was all a ruse.

While the build-up has been MJF battling with his confidence and taking into heart what Regal and Moxley say about him, and Full Gear might seem like the stage where he will finally prove that he can be the world champion, I don’t think that this will be it. Moxley will retain the belt, and not only that, MJF’s cheating ways will be the reason for his loss, be it an interference or weapon shot gone wrong. No vacation time for Moxley or championship for MJF just yet. Prediction: Jon Moxley