The Flagship Podcast is back BUT with a twist this week!

Joe is temporarily on the shelf due to his turgid larynx, so Rich is bringing on two special guests.

In the first half of the show, Rich was joined by Joe Gagne (Five Star Match Game / @joegagne) to discuss the life & career of Antonio Inoki, more AEW in-fighting, fallout from Andrade & Sammy Guevara, what to do with Andrade if you’re Tony Khan, WWE Extreme Rules, NJPW’s Declaration of Power & more!

In the show’s second half, Rich was joined by Scott Edwards (@ScottEWrestling) for a JOSHI segment. That’s right! Joshi on The Flagship. Scott and Rich discussed STARDOM’s 5 Star Grand Prix finals, the rise of Giulia, and STARDOM’s growing importance in puro and this weekend’s TJPW’s Wrestle Princess III show.

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