Our match of the week is Road Warriors vs Killer Khan & Super Strong Machine on June 5, 1986 from Osaka, Japan (AJPW).

This is actually two matches, which break down into three distinctive brawls, equaling one wild and insane riot which is more of an angle than a match.

The scheduled match is the Road Warriors vs Shunji Takano & Super Strong Machine. Takano (brother of George Takano), as you may have guessed by his “Calgary Hurricanes” warm up gear, is fresh off his latest stint in Calgary. He had done a longer excursion in Calgary a couple of years earlier, but when he returned from this latest trip, instead of returning to New Japan, he was part of the contingent of wrestlers who jumped to All Japan as part of Riki Choshu’s Japan Pro Wrestling start up, which began as its own promotion, but was eventually absorbed into All Japan. Super Strong Machine was Takano’s tag partner in New Japan (along with Hiro Saito, they formed a trio called the “Calgary Hurricanes”), and was another one of the wrestlers who left New Japan for JPW with Choshu. After the the JPW/Choshu vs All Japan feud ran its course a couple of years later, Takano was part of the JPW crew who remained with All Japan, while Choshu, Strong Machine, Saito, and others returned to New Japan.

The Roadies destroy Takano before the bell, resulting in a no contest. Killer Khan comes out to a big pop, and ends up replacing Takano, working in street clothes. The Road Warriors are completely out of control here, destroying everyone in sight, resulting in another no contest. Choshu comes out to attempt to restore order, and catches a beating from Khan and Strong Machine for his troubles, as around this time Choshu’s Ishin Gundan group had been feuding with Calgary Hurricanes.

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