As all of us know, wrestling is very entertaining, which is why it gathers so many viewers to watch matches.  Every fight is full of fun and exciting moments. This already explains why there are so many films and series about this subject.

Wrestling is not the only sport that has inspired movies. Even races like Bass Pro Shops Night Race could be used as inspiration for an entertaining film. Still, since wrestling gathers so many viewers and fans all around the world, it’s not surprising that this sport has especially inspired so many movies. But what are the most exciting wrestling films? Let’s find out.

Wrestling has many legendary moments

Even if you miss a match, and end up only reading a review afterward, you must have noticed how entertaining the fights are. All of them are full of exciting moments, but still, some of them are even more legendary than that.

Some fights and even specific moments are remembered forever in the wrestling world. Due to the nature of wrestling, this will never stop happening. There will always be some moments that will make the match legendary.

The legendary family has an inspiring story

Talking of legendary, the 2019-film “Fighting with My Family” is based on a fantastic story of a legendary wrestler. It is based on English professional wrestlers Paige or Saraya-Jade Bovis. The movie’s cast is full of stars, and in the leading role is Florence Pugh, who has certainly done her job playing Paige incredibly well.

If you want to watch a real feel-good movie about wrestling, this is it. The characters are fun, and you can empathize with them easily. This makes the whole movie-watching experience a real delight, and you even might shed a tear or two at the end of it.

The wrestling movie that wins them all

“Fighting with My Family” might be a great feel-good movie that lights up anyone’s day, but there is one legendary wrestling movie that is well-known all around the world. This is obviously the 2008-film The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke.

The Wrestler has received some criticism from the wrestling community, but it should still be mentioned. In the end, this movie even won the Golden Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival. This makes the film outstanding in many ways, even though it’s certainly not a feel-good movie.

It’s not surprising that filmmakers keep on getting inspired by wrestling

As we said, it’s not surprising that filmmakers are so interested in the wrestling world. Even the matches are so entertaining, that watching them feels like watching a great movie. Therefore it only makes sense that so many movies and even series about wrestling have been done.

This will certainly keep on happening also in the future. The wrestling world is full of fascinating people and characters, so we can only assume that they will keep on entertaining us also in films. As long as the films are made well, we are not going to complain about this!