Conor McGregor remains the biggest name in the most popular mixed martial arts promotion, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Notorious remains a fans’ favorite, and not many UFC-themed discussions take place without the Irishman’s name popping up. Followers of MMA want to see McGregor back in the octagon to see if he can claim a third world championship belt. He’s certainly good enough, but he has missed many recent developments from the promotion since he last competed.

It will never be a challenge for McGregor, but recently we have seen an increasing number of fighters, ex-fighters and pundits slating the UFC for their low pay with bouts outside of the main card not generating much cash. The big fights continue to pay the big pay cheques, as we saw at the weekend when Khamzat Chimaev knocked out Nate Diaz. But the millions of dollars shared between the two gladiators dwarfs what the rest of the fighters receive.

McGregor doesn’t need the money, despite living the most lavish lifestyle we have ever seen from an MMA fighter or professional from any other respected combat sport. Will he be willing to shed the pounds needed to get back down to his fighting weight, or will the shrewd Irishman see his future elsewhere as he goes on the hunt for bigger prize money? He has a challenging decision to make, and finding the answer won’t be easy. But what are his options, and which one do you believe he should take?

What’s the latest with Notorious?

If you pay any attention to following the lives of professional fighters outside of their sport, or perhaps you enjoy keeping tabs on the rich and famous, stealing a glance at their new super yacht without looking too jealous, then Conor never disappoints. This is a working-class fighter who knows how to make noise and generate attention. Like he did when stepping onto his luxury super yacht under sun-drenched skies. There seems to be more talk about his topless pics, dancing, and enjoying a party lifestyle. Some might even argue that he has already retired by sipping champagne and enjoying life.

Combat sports are all about sacrifice, living right and being humble for what you have achieved in life. But none of that describes Conor. Don’t let that distract you from the fact he does countless hours of charity work every year and always seems available for a selfie with fans or to talk about his next move. He’s certainly not modest and has been living a life that isn’t healthy enough to lift him back into the octagon. He has some decisions to make, and the answers he provides will confirm if he wishes to leave a legacy behind in the sport or if he has made his millions and wants to walk off into the sunset.

He’s not a man who chooses to hold his tongue too often and has made many tantalising and teasing remarks regarding his next fight. He seems like a man who still has some life left in his tank and wants to firmly put that loss in his last bout to the back of his head. If we decide to believe Conor and take it that he’s not retired, what are the likely next moves for McGregor, and where could he go from here? Following Rhonda Rousey into WWE is a strong runner at this stage, and it would tick a few boxes for an ageing warrior. Let’s look at the pros of McGregor’s next fight being under the WWE promotional banner.


We have seen many top names from combat sports move into WWE but with mixed results. The move seems to suit Conor perfectly as he is already a famous fighter with a huge following; many would switch to professional wrestling for a chance to watch their man in action.

His wrestling background puts him a few steps ahead of other fighters who have made the crossover, including Tyson Fury and Floyd Mayweather Jr. The format would also be easier on his injuries, including the horror leg break that forced the end of his last match when he was stopped before the eyes of the watching world.