REVOLVER Tales from the Ring
September 17, 2022
Horizon Events Center
Clive, Iowa

Watch: FITE

It’s been a great year for REVOLVER, who, for the most part, have been putting on stellar shows in front of hot crowds. Can they continue this Saturday?

“Swerve in Our Glory” Shane Strickland & Keith Lee Vs. “The Crew” Rich Swann & Matthew Palmer

Coming off a hot AEW PPV match with the Acclaimed, “Swerve in Our Glory” will bounce to their next PPV match with the momentum of a well-oiled machine. I’m a big fan of Swann, but not too familiar with Palmer, although, from the little I’ve seen, his Victorian Monster Hunter gimmick is over with me, brother. Tag team matches in the main event will always be harder to sell, but if you had to pick four guys who can keep audience energy up at this late stage, then it’s these four.

The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Vincent) Vs. The Rascalz (Trey Miguel, Zachary Wentz & Myron Reed)

Hey…wasn’t there another guy who was in the Rascalz? Dez something, right? Wonder what happened to him…anyway, my wrestler of the year for 2022 has been Trey Miguel. He’s always good, but he has grown into one of the world’s top juniors this year with a string of classics featuring the silky smooth innovation that has become his calling card. So you might think I’d be disappointed that he’s not in a singles match on this card, but these Rascalz matches are a chance to watch a group of genuine friends have fun, and it almost feels a bit like therapy for everyone involved. Stylistically, Taven, Bennett and Vincent are at the opposite end of the spectrum, but there’s a sort of meat and two veg approach to their wrestling: there’s little spice, but it’s filling and cozy and leaves you satisfied. Will opposites attract?

JT Dunn © vs. JesSICKa

Inside every wrestling reviewer there are two wolves. The first wolf says wrestling is a pseudo-sport, and kayfabe is not something to be messed with lightly. The second wolf says this is just entertainment and if you believe Irish whips, stop complaining. Your reaction to this match will depend on which wolf you feed.

I can see why this match-up might have people shaking their heads, but remember that JesSICKa (fka Havok) is a REVOLVER mainstay and over with the faithful. In a sense, she’s like Yuna Manase in Ganbare, the almost-veteran who, in many ways, embodies the spirit of the promotion. Dunn is a great shit-kicking old-school heel, and I’ve enjoyed his work so far as Champ. This match will sink and swim based on crowd reaction, and I imagine it won’t be a classic, but it may make you crack a smile or two.

Josh Alexander © vs. 1 Called Manders

Ok, I’m not a fan of these Impact World Title matches on non-Impact shows, because it doesn’t make sense in Impact’s kayfabe when their shows revolve around people having to win the right to challenge Alexander. What did Manders do to get a shot? Alexander’s been having the run of his life in the past two years, and he’s become that dude who can put on a four-star match with just about any wrestler. I haven’t seen much of Manders, but for someone who’s been plying his trade in AAW and other indies for the past few years, this could very well be his chance to step up and mark his name on the list of best-unsigned talents. For that alone, this match is going to be watchable.

Speedball Mike Bailey © vs. Chris Bey vs. JD Griffey vs. Gringo Loco vs. Billie Starkz vs. KC Navarro

Again, why make this for the X Division title? It just spoils the ending. Well, maybe there’s a minuscule chance that Bey could win it, but you could almost buy that the likes of Billie Starkz could post a fluke upset if the title of another company wasn’t on the line. But there is 0% chance that 4/6ths of this lineup are winning. I guess REVOLVER’s logic is that having this be a title match means it’s a bigger deal, but it doesn’t. It just ruins the tension.

Regardless, This is probably going to be an epic clusterfuck of MOVEZ and trainwreck dives, and if that’s your cup of tea, then you can’t go wrong with this,

Jake Crist vs. Joel Bateman

I’ve said before that I think Jake Crist is probably one of the most underrated talents on the indies these days and has a stylistic repertoire that is rivaled by few. He’s been leaning towards deathmatches this year, and for someone who generally doesn’t like that genre, I thought his match with Alex Colon at Once Upon a Time in Iowa this January was very entertaining. Don’t know anything about Joel Bateman, but this is probably the match to see if he lives up to his American Psycho namesake.

PCO vs. Crash Jaxon vs. WARHORSE vs. Fulton

Not a fan of plunder, but this could be mental given the wrestlers involved. We all know PCO is a maniac, and Fulton is one of the best big men on the indies, but keep an eye on Crash Jaxon, who is a big ol’ barrel of man having a bit of a breakout year in Revolver and has been picking up quite a few wins on PPV.

Infrared vs. Dan The Dad & Manscout

I love this match-up. Infrared is a snotty-nosed junior tag team, and Dan the Dad and Manscout will almost certainly be infuriating them with their brand of slapstick antics. I get that some people don’t like comedy in wrestling, but I sometimes think it’s because they haven’t seen good comedy. Last time I saw Manscout and Dan at REVOLVER they had the crowd in the palm of their hand and hopefully, this will be a great palate cleanser of a match after one of the weapons matches.

Final Thoughts

With two marquee tag matches and two weapons matches, this show’s match order will be an art form to get right. Nevertheless, there’s a good variety on this card and Revolver’s production is a step up from your average indie. Tales from the Ring looks like it’ll be another notch on REVOLVER’s list of great shows this year.