Welcome back to Open The Voice Gate! Case (https://twitter.com/_inyourcase) and Mike (https://twitter.com/fujiiheya) are back with an update on the comings and goings of Dragongate.

Case and Mike open this week with a wide ranging discussion of the Dragongate FUTURE class and where they place at this time with comparable rookie classes. They touch on all members on it, including the newly debuting Kaito Nagano. They discuss DG’s stop in Fukuoka (8/21) with the second generation war between Ishin Iihashi and Mochizuki Jr. reaching a new level, the world that is revolving around Ben-K, and the Dream Gate build between Yuki Yoshioka and Eita. They then close out the show talking about Masato Yoshino’s appearance in GLEAT, how they feel about it, their read of the situation and the overall Stronghearts/Dragongate relationship (NOTE: Case and Mike mention this several times during the Yoshino talk but this show was recorded before the GLEAT show on 8/24)

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