August 24, 2022
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan

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Hello, GLEATers! Nice to GLEAT You!

Once again, we are coming up to a hot GLEAT Korakuen Hall. GLEAT remains the neutral ground where all parties (except ONE) feel comfortable co-mingling. We have New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling representation all over this show, some intrigue with Masato Yoshino making a surprise appearance, a new championship being introduced, and what looks like a fun card on paper with some potential stories developing further down the card. 

So come and get ready to GLEAT! 

Takanori Ito & Kaz Hayashi vs. Jun Tonsho & Keiichi Sato (60 seconds)

This is the losers match from the mini G-INFINITY tag title tournament that was held at G PROWRESTLING ver.30 in Osaka. 60 seconds are a very cool unit that features three talents I like a lot in Tetsuya Izuchi, Keiichi Sato and Jun Tonsho. The latter of which I’ve been a big fan of since his Wrestle-1 days and I’m glad to see him signed. Takanori Ito has not been handling losing in the big spot very well lately, he needed a pep talk from T-Hawk after losing to Yuji Nagata at GLEAT ver.3. Afterwhich, T-Hawk proceeded to beat him to advance to the finals of this tournament. Harsh. Ito didn’t take well to this embarrassment and pushed Kaz Hayashi away after the match. I’m hoping all these losses are leading somewhere with Ito and I hope we are getting there soon. I think Kaz Hayashi takes the fall in this match and hopefully, Ito kicks his head in after the match and Ito gets a fresh coat of paint. Prediction: Jun Tonsho & Keiichi Sato 

Yu Iizuka vs. Minoru Tanaka 

As we’ve seen with Takamori Ito & Kaz Hayashi. The young GLEATers have been getting pissy

after all of the losses they’ve been taking and like youths do, they are blaming their parents. To my knowledge, there’s been no direct build to this match and it feels more like an effort to get both guys on the card. This one could go either way, Tanaka hasn’t been shy about putting guys over, but in a class of losers in GLEAT, Yu Iizuka is the team captain. This is a real 50/50 but I’ll give it to Tanaka. Maybe we’ll get a pissed-off youth stable with Ito, Soma and Iizuka soon. Prediction: Minoru Tanaka 

Lidet UWF Rules
Michino Miyagi & Maya Fukuda vs. Chihiro Hashimoto & Mika Iwata

Fresh signee Maya Fukuda and long-time signee Michino Miyagi are coming off a hot loss to the Chihiro Hashimoto and Tomoka Inaba team at G PROWRESTLING Ver.30. I don’t expect much to change here, but maybe they’ll surprise me. Always love seeing Big Hash, even if she’s decimating the GLEAT Joshi division. Prediction: Chihiro Hashimoto & Mika Iwata

Hayato Tamura (Bulk Orchestra) vs. Dan Tamura vs. Rising HAYATO

Rising HAYATO has been appearing in GLEAT on and off for a while now, and it’s always a pleasure to see him. I haven’t seen much of Dan Tamura in a while but I believe he’s now gone out from under SUWAMA’s wing and is doing his own thing. Good on him. Hayato Tamura is looking for a bounce-back performance here losing his last two big singles matches with Tetsuya Izuchi and Hirooki Goto back-to-back. I expect Hayato Tamura to pick up a win here to get back into the G-REX race. Prediction: Hayato Tamura 

Flamita, Check Shimitani & Quiet Storm (Bulk Orchestra) vs. Shigehiro Irie, Issei Onitsuka (#Stronghearts) & Soma Watanabe 

Flamita is returning to Korakuen Hall for the first time since July 2017 where he was a member of Tribe Vanguard, taking on the first interaction of Natural Vibes. How things have changed. 

Since then, Flamita has turned heel, become demonic, BULKED up and had a brief alliance with Super Dragon in PWG. What a world. Flamita made his debut for GLEAT on the very newsworthy G PROWRESTLING Ver. 30 show. Where he teamed up with his new Bulk Orchestra brothers to defeat this same Soma, Stronghearts team + Minoru Tanaka. I enjoyed the sequences with Flamita and Soma during that match and think the two of them could have a hell of a singles match given the opportunity. Flamita pinned Soma there and I expect a similar result in this match. Prediction: Bulk Orchestra 

Tetsuya Izuchi (60 Seconds) vs. Kento Miyahara

If you’re going to have outside guys come in and beat your signed talent it might as well be the ace of that promotion doing it. Tetsuya Izuchi has been protected since signing with GLEAT and defeating former HEAT UP brother Yu Iizuka in under 60 seconds. Hence the name of his unit. Izuchi has only been defeated by El Lindaman, in his G-REX title challenge, and Daijiro Matsui, in his debut. Outside of those two losses he hasn’t lost a fall in a singles match. I expect that to change here. Izuchi is coming off of a Lidet UWF rules match against Seichi Ikemoto, where in a surprising twist, the young guy actually won! Wild stuff. This is a really big spot for Izuchi and I hope he’ll look somewhat competitive against Miyahara before eating a knee and a shutdown German suplex. Prediction: Kento Miyahara 

G-INFINITY Tag Championship
KAZMA Sakamoto & Ryuichi Kawakami (Bulk Orchestra) vs. CIMA & T-Hawk (Stronghearts)

Well, this match has certainly picked up in interest. During the G PROWRESTLING Ver. 30 show, it was announced that Masato Yoshino would be appearing at the following Korakuen Hall event. At first, we were told that he would be doing commentary for the tag title match, but we now know that he will also be presenting the champions with their brand new tag team titles, much like Kenta Kobashi did with the G-REX title. Yoshino’s decision to show up in GLEAT amid a number of reports of unrest in the Dragongate locker room has raised a few eyebrows from fans and it’ll be interesting to see if this is a one-off deal or if we’ll see more appearances from the Speed Star. 

The match itself is nothing to sleep on either. Stronghearts are the most consistently great unit in the company, bringing a world-class level of polish to every match they are involved in. Sakamoto and Kawakami are the two most notable members of Bulk Orchestra and we are far beyond the days of considering KAZMA a meme wrestler. I expect this to be good and to be worked with a different style from the main event. Although I think Bulk Orchestra could use a big win here and that the Stronghearts stuff has the potential of getting stale with everyone on top. It would surprise me if they missed the opportunity to see Masato Yoshino in the ring, holding CIMA and T-Hawk’s hands high as he presents them with the new G-INFINITY tag team titles. Prediction: CIMA & T-Hawk

G-REX Championship
Douki vs. El Lindaman © 

This is El Lindaman’s fifth defense of the G-REX championship. After Douki defeated El Lindaman during the Best of the Super Juniors tournament this year, a few people wondered if perhaps we’d see Douki make his way over to GLEAT for a G-REX Title match. Both men are coming off of a hot tag match at G PROWRESTLING ver. 30 that also included Yoshinobu Kanemaru and Yu Iizuka. Douki picked up the submission victory on Iizuka in that match and has all of the momentum heading in Korakuen. I’m not sure if this match was ever actually the plan when Douki beat Lindaman, but Douki is a pretty flexible guy so I’m sure it wasn’t a hard compromise to meet regardless. Douki has recently impressed me a ton in some of his other big matches. Especially in his match with Taichi from the JTO TAKATaichiMania show in January. I am prepared to call one of the most emotional matches of the year. Lindman continues to be the top guy on the brand defending his G-REX title in two great matches recently with Shigehiro Irie and Tetsuya Izuchi, and traveling to Singapore where he defended it once again in SPW. I don’t see his reign ending to an outsider like Douki but I expect the reign to end sometime soon – perhaps to a freshly heel Takanori Ito. Prediction: El Lindaman 

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